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Pretty fucking gay.
Not strange at all...
15 years ago this shit had to be explained.

The Dancing Baby (also called Baby Cha-Cha) is among the oldest and most famous of internet memes, first popular in the late 1990s.


It was created as an early form of internet pedophilia arousing the cocks of many old men and haXX0rz alike. The world was in shock seeing a 3D baby dance as this technology was all shiny and new, the meme started around the same time Toy Story was released, the first 3D animated movie made. The confusing new realism in l33t graphic technology raised questions like "Where are that baby's parents?" and "How did that baby learn to dance?" from people not knowing the difference between real and make-believe.

Cameo Appearances

The baby was made internationally popular by a show called "Ally McBeal" as a hallucination by some Schizophrenic skeletor named Calista Flockhart. As nobody knew shit about the internets at the time, almost everyone assumed it was the original idea of the writers and applauded their tremendous wit.

The background music for said faggotry was "Ooga-Chaka" by a dance group called "Trubble" which subsequently hit #21 on the UK charts and did well in Australia.

Idea Theft

It can get you tens of millions of views and sell your product.


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