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Somewhere in warhead testing ground known as Japan, a couple of guys made a crossover between Saw, Ace Attorney, and Battle Royal that was also a dating sim.



The original game was developed by Spike, whom you might remember for doing those Dragon Ball Z fighting games you played on PS2 as a kid. The people at Spike got the inspiration for the game after watching Saw, but thought of the kooky idea of replacing Jigsaw with a bear...thus, the concept of the game was born.

After many attempts of even getting the game finished, the games was released in 2010 in Japan for the PSP. Since it was a Japan-only game, it never caught the eye of various people in the U.S. of A. until some Something Awful goon named "orenronen" made a "let's play" thread about the first game which caught the eyes of weeaboos seeing it as the second coming of Phoenix Wright. Eventually the game became so popular it got offically released for the Vita in english to the delight of weebs everywhere.


What is there to say about the non-existent "plot"? Basically, you're this one guy who is enrolled in this one school who kidnapped other students for a killing game... and that's all that matters.


The game is the most generic game ever; all you do is roam around a 3D environment, exploring until something happens, then followed by The People's Court at four, and it goes on, and on, and on.

The game states that it has "beautiful" art, when really, it's just typical 2D art you see in other visual novels.


Why bother? We mean, the characters are just carbon copies of each other in each sequel. Lazy developers say ("Oh, we need new characters! Ooh, I got some!") and that's how they are.

The Sequels

Somehow, in 2014, a sequel was released upon the masses. It's pretty much exactly the same game as the original, but... this time you're on an ISLAND!!1. They sure keep upping the ante, don't they? Another sequel was released in 2017. Same shtick as the first, moving on. Between the two games came a third-person, spin-off of sorts, nobody liked it.

The Anime

Because no Japanese video game would be complete without one nowadays an anime was released in 2013. The show itself is pretty much unbearable; showcasing cheap animation and a standard of voice acting that would make even Tara Strong blush.

A second, more original anime, was conceived a year later. This time, the Jew producers at the animation studio decided to split the second anime in two, with the only differences being the plot.


The general review is "THIS GAEM IS AWSUM!!!!!!!!!" but not everyone said this is true. Common Sense Media, who reviewed the sequels, considered the game "too violent for kids". While this is true, it's just Common Sense being typical "this is innapropareat!!!".

Regardless, it has received better reviews than most anus scum to come out of Japan's ass.

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