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Registered Sex Offender

Drama Llama Daniel Llamas or TORA, Growly, and AlmightyTora, is a danger to society from Panorama City, California who dresses like a popular children's cartoon character. After serving time for lewd or lascivious acts with a minor and subsequent shunning by the fandom for outing its members as deviant predators, he continues to use his cute mascot costume as bait for underage furfags. If this had happened before the popularization of the furry fandom, during a more reasonable era, Growly and everyone like him would have been curb stomped by an angry mob and left in a ditch to rot.

What Doesn't Rape You...

In 2000, Tora and his now ex-partner were contacted by a teenage boy, to which he sent a nude image of himself, the teen also solicited Mr. Llamas for sex but was turned down multiple times due to his age. However, in March 2001, Tora's older partner convinced him that they should meet up with the teen at a hotel. TORA said that while he "refused to do anything," he made the mistake of sleeping in the same room, while his partner had sex with the teen without his knowledge.

Several months later, Tora found himself under arrest, facing numerous counts of sexual contact with the 14-year-old. After months of objections to a guilty plea, he eventually plead "no contest" to one count of "lewd or lascivious acts with a child 14 or 15 years old," serving over two years of a three-year sentence. On his release in April 2004 he spent another three years under parole restrictions, after which he rejoined the fandom.

I don't mind about age, hun

Since, he has found himself trolled by 4chan and lulz.net. Including a thread that posted several screenshots of him soliciting a minor on AIM.

Since then, I have tried to get back into the furry community and show that I am not the monster which the registration site claims me to be


—Because furries aren't monsters

Tora Is a Pedophile And Doesn't Afraid Of Jail

Despite the fact that he was arrested and served jail time, Mr. Llamas is still spotted flirting with obvious minors at Fur Cons. Anthrocon 2009 had Tora working at their registry desk where he had full access to all of their personal information. He was also seen flirting with clearly marked minors (Minors wear ID tags indicating they are underage) and even got busted trying to sneak a 17-year-old into a mature party, and yet he's still being accepted as staff to many future cons.


Tora was banned from Furaffinity in 2009 when it was discovered he was sexually soliciting a minor via Private Notes. A shitstorm started in the shouts section before staff was forced to post a warning that anymore users who posted on the page would be suspended.

... your response was "Don't be afraid to tell me. I won't report ya if you're not "of age" yet." and "Heh... you should just show me. I won't tell. XD" [...] if it were /just/ the conviction that's one thing... but we have notes between you and user where he admits he is 16 and he you are discussing him going down on himself with his "yoga" even *AFTER* he notifies you he is a minor.


—Dragoneer banning Tora

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