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Lol and the whole world lol's with at you.

Unfortunately we are having some issue with “some” miserable people from U.S. (with this it’s far from us to offend any U.S. citizens we know that not everybody is like them), they’re actually taking Daniele’s pictures from the site to modify them and make fun of our little Daniele on their blogs! This is a shame!


—Gianni Fiorenza, just now learning how the intarnet works

Daniele Fiorenza, AKA Joker Kid, is an Italian boy transsexual suffering from Anorexic Down's Syndrom (Also referred to as Keppen-Lubinsky Syndrome Fiorenza's Syndrome). In addition to rendering him mute, this condition also makes him look fucking hilarious, and frighteningly akin to The Joker from The Dark Knight movie. Instead of locking this grotesque sin against the natural order in a dark basement like they should have, his family maintains a website chock full of lulzy photographs of the abomination as if they were actually proud of pushing the bawling skinbag out of the mother's obviously cursed twat.

His parents, however, were operating under the false assumption that the internets is a happy place where everyone's feelings are respected and validated. It comes as no surprise then that the proud parents were shocked, SHOCKED, when they discovered that photos of their son had exploded across the internet into a wide variety of lulzy photoshoops and macros.

Trouble In Paradise

While Daniele's image was passed around the internet like a cheap whore from website to forum to image board, it inspired an increasing number of photoshoops from bemused users of the interbutts. These shoops, while possibly in bad taste, fall under Fair Use in US Copyright lawl, and therefore can be created and inseminated disseminated freely. Daniele's parents, being un-intelligent un-washed Guidos (as if there are any other kind), have difficulty grasping the basics of the English language, let alone tl;dr US Copyright codes. After recovering from their initial near-fatal butthurt attack, the bumbling wops began a barrage of frivolous DMCA take down notices. Eventually they set their greasy sights on Live Journal, and proceeded to whine to the corrupt Russian Oligarchy that runs LJ that these posted images were their intellectual property. Assuming that preventing lulz would help their child heal in some way; they further trolled several LJ communities, berating their members as being terrible, terrible people and how they were all going to hell. They were, naturally, quickly shown the door out.


The Plot Sickens

In short order, one of the maintainers for the Lj-favicon.png WTF_Stupid community was told by the Communists at Live Journal that they had received a DMCA take down request from two swarthy people smelling strongly of Ouzo and rancid meat that's Greeks, stupid. In response to the formulaic request notice sent by Live Journal, Lj-favicon.png Kandi_Panties responded with the below letter.

Serious Fucking Business
Dear Kim,
I do understand this; however, my reply was simply informing you that this community is in no way in violation of the Copyright Act and in fact, the claim does not have any substantiated evidence that would support Section 512(c) of the Copyright Act. I know the notices are sent out whenever there is a possibility as LiveJournal must err on the side of caution; but, in this case, the claim in merely a person feeling that a photograph of her brother should not be used in an artistic expression. This photo is available on many websites and is not considered to have any expectation of privacy due to the fact it is available and posted by the original photographer on multiple open forums. The artist of said photo-manipulations is not claiming that the photographs are her/his own, as that would violate copyright law; but is claiming the manipulations as an expression of commentary/parody and covered by both the First Amendment and "fair use" clause. Said photo, after being introduced to the internet, can now be equated with any internet popular photograph and is open for commentary, which will not violate infringe upon their copyright. The easiest way of explaining this is comparing it to any picture on a public domain that has been turned into a "macro" or tool of parody or commentary on the internet. This instance is less of a matter of copyright and more of a matter of personal taste and the disdain for the use (however legally sound it may be) by the original complainant. I appreciate your prompt reply and hope to get this matter solved briefly.:
Thank you,
Lj-favicon.png Kandi_Panties

tl;dr? LiveJournal is caving in to frivolous DMCA take down requests because they are too lazy to look into the matter themselves.

DMCA 2: Electric Boogaloo

Original art depicting living people is now copyright infringement

Shortly after this incident, LiveJournal continued their cocksucking rampage of frivolous DMCA and TOS violation punishments. The community Lj-favicon.png wtf_danielle, which had been created as a depository for lulzy photoshops of Danielle, was summarily curb stomped by lj abuse. "As this is in violation of the LiveJournal Terms of Service, Section XVI (http://www.livejournal.com/legal/tos.bml), the community has been suspended. It will not be reinstated. Note that future accounts created for similar purposes may result in the suspension of all your accounts."

The following day on July 16th, lj abuse continued to flip its shit and suspended the community Lj-favicon.png wtf_inc2 for an image of Danielle which was featured on its profile page. Unlike other previously used images, the photo in question was actually an original piece of fan-art drawn by Lj-favicon.png American_Midol. In response to the suspension, they responded to lj abuse with the following.

"Dear LiveJournal Hyper Monkey Abuse Force,
The individual filing this specious complaint had an objection with one image titled "Joker_shop", which was removed well before the July 14th deadline. I then replaced it with a drawing which I did myself. The drawing did not use even a small part of the original image, though that would have been allowable under the Fair Use Doctrine (which is a good read. You should take a look at it between journal cleansings).
I am not sure how an individual can claim that another's original artwork belongs to them, based on the subject matter. But it certainly opens up a lot of possibilities!
So on behalf of our entire community, I'd like to thank you for protecting no one in particular from the horrible specter of cartoon art. I hope we can count on your diligence when something really objectionable shows up, like an opinion we don't share.
To assist you in your duties, I propose we all start compiling lists of things we find offensive on LJ, and then falsely claim copyright. LJ will have no other choice but to give over the poster's personal information so we can show up at their house or call them, or they'll have to take their own work down. It's a good system, and I'm sure no one will ever abuse it.
Lj-favicon.png American_Midol"

Dr. Keppen

A page dedicated to Dr. Keppen, she is one of the doctors that discovered my syndrome


—Danilol's Website

You don't need a motherfucking PHD to see that this kid has something wrong with him, so it's pretty retarded to claim that anyone "discovered" that this kid had some sort of disorder. Also, instead of giving the disease some long-ass scientific name that noone would care about, or naming it after THE KID WHO HAPPENS TO BE SUFFERING FROM IT, this douche, along with whoever the hell Lubinsky is, decided to make a name for themselves by claiming the disorder to be their own. Thus, we can only conclude that Dr. Keppen stole the glory for herself, after which she photographed some 'necessary' pictures of the boy, which she whored around the Doctors office for some major lulz, and that one of said professional medical staff probably lurks on LJ. Denizens of the internets don't stand for these kind of moral injustices, and thereby feel that something must be done to rectify this insult. Therefore, anonymous will not rest until this scourge of God is hitherto referred to as Fiorenza's Syndrome, Facelulzicus fuckedupitis, or some other socially appropriate moniker.

And who the fuck is Lubinsky anyway and why is his/her name second? Didn't he/she contribute enough? Food for thought indeed.

Fan Artz

Naturally, you are encouraged to shoop the ever-loving fuck out of this kid's pictures. After all, turning someone into a macro is the best (legal) way the internet can show its love.

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