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Danskunk is a furry who is deemed the 'supposed' Dear Leader of Toronto Furry. He has been involved with numerous reports of furry drama both online and off. He does furry-related poetry and is a classic basement dweller.

...that Danskunk does not belong.
WE know they approve of this article, but they are angered that this guy caused a lot of drama.

The Person

Danskunk is 40 year old, self righteous unemployed Lonely thief and pathological liar currently commiting ODSP fraud and using the money to fund his Islington events or trips to the America and other non-living expenses. He lives in Etobicoke in an appartment with his unemployed gimp pedophile bum buddy and yes man, BungeeSkunk(Ray) and other unsuspecting furries who help pay for Dan and Ray to live there without their own income. He also has herpes and an undisclosed mental condition. In addition, he self medicates by being off his meds and with alcohol instead. He has been involved with a lot of furry drama (to the point where people actually applaud when he doesn't show up to an event), as well as having an illustrious career as a stalker. He will pretend to care and be a friend, long as there is something(money, companionship, sex) in it for him. He had a lot of grandiose ideas of making a fail convention in Toronto. He wanted to try and become convention chair. Everyone voted against him, and the convention is moving ahead without his input. He alone refuses to co-operate with FE. While taking all the glory to himself, he currently hosts the pedo-tastic Islington meets where he attempts to get underaged teens drunk and uses other people to run the meets for him. Don't ever visit Dan or he will subject you to long boring games of Scrabble and Cards while he waits for you to put out. In his own, favorite words. "We aren't really friends. I just know him."

A few chat logs

He has apparently acquired the "gift that keeps on giving" as shown in this shocking ED exclusive IRC chatlog!

<DanSkunk> At least you have your health though. 
<DanSkunk> I have ulcerative colitis and just found out today I have herpes. 
<DanSkunk> shoots self.
<Craven> herpes simplex?  
<DanSkunk> No. New strain -- herpes complex.  
And give it he does!
<@DanSkunk> Well, my parents think I'm having sex with all the guys that visit me.
<+RingtailedFox> are you?
<@DanSkunk> Yes, except the ones I bury under the quicklime.
<+RingtailedFox> good boy!
+RingtailedFox scritches dan

Enjoy that buddy! You thought it was bad when no one wanted to fuck you, and now you've announced to the internet that you've got an STD! Enjoy your Aids and your sad, lonely, pus-filled asshole, dude. Below is some proof of his stalking side:

[22:49] <DanSkunk> Greetings. :)
[22:56] <Mike> er. die in a fire.
[22:56] <Mike> and stop harassing Varka
[22:57] <DanSkunk> I harass no one. I simply seek to spread kindness.
[22:58] <DanSkunk> Stop being so prickly all the time. I don't want to fight.
[23:02] * DanSkunk hugs.
[23:06] <DanSkunk> ?
[23:08] <Mike> And by "kindness" you mean "Herpes Simplex Virus 2" ?
[23:17] <DanSkunk> By a friendly greeting. / I don't know if it's type 1 or type 2. I was hurt very badly finding out I had that. Was bad enough dealing with that, but I had to deal with people ridiculing and rejecting me too. I felt very betrayed by everyone. I still don't know where I got it from or if and how many people are lying about having it. I'm trying to move on.
[23:33] * Mike shows this to all the friends at his party.
[23:37] <DanSkunk> That's alright. You know I don't like to hide my feelings. What did they say?
[23:37] <Mike> so far, they're laughing at you.
[23:57] <DanSkunk> I suppose I can see some comedy in that. It's kinda my own fault for being so trusting. I always want to believe people can be honest and care about each other, and in spite of how much they hurt me, I still hope we might one day realize that we only hurt ourselves by fighting with each other.
Session Time: Wed Oct 22 00:00:00 2008
[00:09] <Mike> did i ever mention that i want you to die in a fire* ?
[00:09] <Mike> * does not imply intent of murder nor arson
[00:11] <Mike> Varka Really, he speaks truths.
[00:29] <DanSkunk> I must be causing you a lot of anguish and stopping you from getting something you want very badly for you to wish me to suffer and be gone. What do you want?
[00:35] <Mike> mostly for you to suffer and be gone
[00:37] <Mike> Varka I think he just wants you to leave he and his mate alone. Is that too much to deal with?
[00:38] <Mike> (AC) Just go away. Please. If you won't do that, then you really deserve further torment.
[00:38] <Mike> (AC) Can you do that?
[00:40] <Mike> (AC) To clarify, going away doesn't mean going away from those you like and love, just getting a bit of distance from those who really don't want it. And believe me, there are plenty. Could you at least start with Mike?

Another classic quote:

(3:57:28 PM) ***rionnipal thinks "hey dan, aren't you still banned from furnet?
(3:57:34 PM) DanSkunk: NO.
(3:58:15 PM) rionnipal: Really?
(3:58:19 PM) DanSkunk: I've got a baseball bat ready for the one that got me banned.
(3:58:25 PM) DanSkunk: *slam*
(3:58:39 PM) DanSkunk: wow...
(4:09:19 PM) DanSkunk: I need some Coke.
(4:09:57 PM) rionnipal: judging by your actions you don't need anymore coke

His other crimes

DanSkunk enjoys placing pornography in his site banner without any warning to the user. His site claims to be PG-13. Please report this to his site host. Lulz will ensue.

And yet I run the biggest furry community in Canada.


—Dear Leader Dan on being fail

This is a blatant lie. He doesn't. He does, however, try to use leadership at furry conventions to try and make himself look good towards the fandom whether or not it be in Toronto.

Since when did you run the furry community around where you live? No wonder allot [sic] of the Torfurs hate you, as you keep trying to stick your nose in things which are not run by you. A specific example of this was when you impersonated staff members at Camp Feral and tried to tell Potoroo how he should run the camp better.


—An anonymous poster speaking the truth

I run a web site with about 450 local furries on it. I obviously have some ability to bring people together if nothing else.


—More lies by Dan

If you want to read more of Dan's misadventures, then by all means go here or here.

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