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Dongcollectoravatar.jpg ATTENTION!
Danzxoxox is a collector of dongs. Please send Danzxoxox pics of your dong (pics plox), unless you are CP, in which case you can GTFO.

ErmeyPointingAngry.jpg STOP RIGHT THERE, FAGGOT!
ED does NOT need a huge list of absolute nobodies, nor does it give a shit about your petty forum feud with that bitch who doesn't agree with your Zutara OTP. Rather than spreading your butthurt vendetta over to this site, how about you read ED:101 and ED:A User's Guide to Article Building. And while you're at it, how about contributing to some actual drama you fucking idiot?

Pic of the successful troll/stupid whore.
/b/ fails at noticing troll. Epic Fail ensues.

Danzxoxox is some butthurt 16 year old girl/slut who's boyfriend does over 9000 forms of martial arts (Including WRESTLING!!!) She fails in every imaginable way for this and deserves to be relentlessly flamed IRL and via teh internets.

Her myspace was later posted and she politely informed 4chan's /b/ that her computer boyfriend will knock us all on our ass. Her MySpace page is here in case you want to leave her any friendly messages.

The Troll's Quotes

You guys are a bunch of fucking basement dwelling bitches i bet you guys have no lives and sit at home playing Pokemon or some nerd/GEEK thing like that

lol Sohh.com is right this 4chan website is full of Rejects lol! Sorry but its true (WAKE UP CALL HAHA).


I'm feeling in the mood for some geek ass-kicking.

Why don't you add me and tell me what a nerd you are so me and my friends(at school) can laugh at you! Lol and no you cant hack me because my bf is doing computing in a university and he knows all about protecting computer against hackers lol or as you call them HAXORS. Lol wtf is a haxor ? A hacksaw? Plus he does 6 martial arts (including wrestling-fuck with that!)


HAHAHAHA you cant touch me!!!

I live in Australia all u nerds live in America and are fat. You guys spend all your money on games and porn!

As if ..... HA!



pussy cunts!

add me you shits! [email protected]


Danzxoxox Troll /b/.

Danzxoxox is a typical retarded 16 year old girl who is probably fucking obese. She came on to /b/ as a response to an earlier trolling and thought she could actually intimidate /b/. This of course, utterly failed, and the /b/tards and cancerous newfags quickly fought the slut off by posing as her and saying stupid shit, making her all butthurt, of course. When she threatened to send her "boyfriend", /b/ laughed at her stupid ass as anyone else would.

The valiant /b/tards quickly found out her name and her exact location, which basically means she is gonna get some rape. If you do rape the bitch, remember, pics or it didn't happen, niggers. For extra lulz, cum inside the bitch and get her all worked up if she's going to get pregnant or not. Then Falcon Punch her.

The Post

Danzxoxox posted some shit on /b/ about how she thinks they're a bunch of losers (which they are), and they are all overweight nerds who fap to porn (which is true). /b/tards responded quickly and. They started calling her a bitch, telling her to gb2/kitchen, and, being sick fucks, threatening her with raep. Some particularly cancerous newfags even requested it be archived, which was swiftly rebuffed by anyone with more than two braincells. She threatened to sic her boyfriend on the /b/tards, which was laughed at and met with more lulzy responses. At the end, it was all a big pileup of epic fail for the newfags to wallow in.

Of course, like the valiant /b/rothers that they were, they came to ED and made a page about her, posting her Myspace and pics increasing greater chance of epic lulz for the interwebs.

Danzxoxox can be used as a "stressball" if you are having a bad day give her an add and have some fun blasting, you have to be careful because she will get her boyfriend onto you so we advise that you clear your history as clearing your history protects you from /b/tards.

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