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Darkfalz in his natural habitat.

The tyrant of Usenet, Darkfalz, was an Austrian troll back during Web 1.0 who posted fair minded views on women and society on random newsgroups such as aus.tv consistent with his Fritzl blood and focusing on his main thesis, which explored the question "Why won't anyone secks me?"

The Gospel of Darkfalz

On Africa

In countries that are starving due to overpopulation, nature is trying to take care of that by killing people off. When rich countries interfere all we do is keep the poverty cycle going and prolong the suffering.

As for AIDS, just let it spread and let them die. By all means educate people on how to avoid contracting the disease, but keeping a black person with no conscience alive just so he can spread it to more people is ridiculous.

If we took a HARD LINE approach to AIDS, by euthanising or quarantining every person with the virus, we'd stamp it out in one generation. But nobody has the balls to do that



On Women In Sports

It never ceases to amaze me how women (sports and general alike) can delude themselves into thinking they can take on a man... until it actually happens. A chick take two or three kickboxing lessons and suddenly thinks she could beat the shit out of any man she meets, when in reality, she'd last all of 5 seconds before being hauled off to the hospital. It's just funny.



On Women As Security Guards

She had no business in that line of work in the first place... Women with power/authority seem to end up seriously abusing it almost without exception. In this case someone died as a result.

Sure the guy was a scumbag, but he didn't deserve to be shot in the face for what he did. More or less in cold blood. She basically killed him because he proved how utterly inadequate she, as a woman, was as a security guard without resorting to firepower.



On Women who like Bad Boys

Women want to have their cake and eat it too. They think they have have the right to go for a good looking womaniser and still have him be faithful and treat her right. They know he WON'T, but that's not the point. They feel enTITled to it. This is why it's still HIS fault and not hers when he does exactly what she knew he would do all along.





On Women who date Fat Guys

Rail-thin chicks would probably want to shack up with huge guys for protection, particularly if those chicks were into screwing other people over for drug money. You know, kind of an anti-Guido.



On Women As Friends

HER: I'm having this problem with my boyfriend, he's always....

YOU: Your choice, your problem. Piss off.



The Reality

While at first Darkfailz appeared to be a prophet for men across the innertubes, it soon came to light this was not the case as he had been posting on Usenet groups such as alt.support.shyness and alt.support.loneliness.

Excerpt from "Oh shit, a girl just touched me!"

Once I accidentally touched a girl's hand, and a jolt of electricity raced up my spine. Just that extremely brief skin on skin contact. I've never forgotten it.



Much heartbreak occurred amongst the troll community and Darkfalz soon disappeared sometime in 2004 into the Usenet ether to most likely be an hero. However all fair minded Australians nevar forget his original impact on the newsgroups.

A woman isn't "hot" just because she isn't obese and obscenely ugly. "Hot" seems to apply to every woman who is under 200 lbs and knows how to put makeup on. For men, of course, the criteria for being "hot" is extreme:

You must be tall, rich, well dressed, athletic, caucasian and very good looking. That's fucked up.



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