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A typical response demanding mercy
Long hair and black hoodies make you cool
Ben ortiz in (what he thought was) a fursuit

Darkfolf A.K.A. Benjamin Ortiz from Spring Hill, Florida, is an emo drama furfag who yiffs with other furfags on the shitty electronic games service called Steam. Darkfolf is also the fascist dictator of the pointless steam group called TSoD, The Shadow of Death. Darkfolf is the cock sucker of Renard the Rapist whom he harbors in Second Life. Which is, without doubt, the worst thing since sliced Hitler.

How to recognize the REAL Darkfolf

He is so hot
  • He tries to sound smart in his constant rambles about people he thinks are pieces of shit but often makes spelling mistakes thus making himself look like a fucktard in the process.
  • Tell him you are a furry just for the porn. He'll babble on about how sick minded and stupid furries are and will give you a long rant on what actually makes you a furry.
  • Say PILLS HERE and he'll take credit for his shitty fad, which isn't exactly funny in the first place.
  • Be on his friends list for more than a week and he'll send you picture of his small pindick.
  • Don't worry about seeing him in School, he doesn't go. (By his own words he said "I get bullied alot" LUL)
  • You may have seen him the last time you were put into the loony bin.
  • He bears striking resemblance to the movie Troll 2
  • He is emotionally hurt by certain strings of letters, such as "I never loved you, signed, Daddy" and "If you where never born I could eat all the ice cream I ever wanted"
  • He cannot process information bearing strings of 3 or more letters
  • You would receive a better attention span and ability to concentrate out of a burning child
  • You want him to become said burning child
  • His spelling.... How wonderfully creative it is
  • He's convinced he's not emo yet wears a hoodie.


Bens latest victim of bestiality

Darkfolf became a furfag around the tender age of 15. Soon after he met a Snorlax named Jake, who he typesexed with up to the point where they became boyfriends IRL. This happened to my friend once, and after that he said that his balls shrunk down a lot. So eh, Folf's might be shrinking... sorry :(

Recently Darkfolf has been going through his accounts, changing avatars and descriptions and talking about how he isn't a furry anymore. This is plain bullshit as furry is a dominant fetish. Anyone who joins the fandom cannot leave. Ever. Even if they try, it will be stuck with them until they die. Don't be fooled by Darkfolf's supposed hate for furries; He is still DarkFolf by nature and only wants to get out the hole he dug on the way to ED.

Finally realize what a dumb fuck you are for being one and screwing every animal you saw?


—Darkfolf talking to himself

Still furfagging it up round several sights, especially within the furfag community of DeviantArt, he's still fucked up on his sexuality.

I'm so finished with trying to find out what sexuality. Love is love right? Well there you go.


— Darkfolf commenting on his sexuality

He even goes after lesbians. Even though they prefer tits over his small furry penis.

Story Writing

He likes to write fan fictions, This happened to my friend once, and after that he said that his balls shrunk down a lot. So eh, yours might be shrinking... Sorry :(... however instead of video games or movies, it's about himself. One great fanfiction of his that got rave reviews is about him struggling to get an internet connection, while his mom is working on calling a single cop to break down his door and point a gun for no reason. Not only would this not ever happen IRL, but the cop would most likely be fired for being absolutely fucktarded, or opened fire on Folf.

I was talking to grenzethebuddha And gmangeorge About our newest project "Joe Library The moive: Trailer" but that has to be fucking delayed a fuckton just because my mom felt as if i was doing bad things on the internet such as: Sex phonecalls, Showing my dick on cam, Doing alot of other shit that i dont fucking do at all, I just talk to my friends on skype and make gmod videos, And anyone who fucking knows me well enough would know that i dont get into that kinda discusting shit. To be perfectly honest im sick and tired of my mom's entire family siding with her just because she fed them a fuckton of lies about me, "WAhh my son is suicidal" And heres the best fuckin part. She called the police that same day saying exactally this "My son locked himself in his room and is cutting himself and about to commit suiside, He is in need of severe medical atention" A few minutes later a fucking police officer breaks down my door and woke me up from my nap i was taking, due to me staying up all night the previous night, But anyway the officer breaks down my door and points a gun at me and im like "Can i help you?" He yells at me to get up, He cuffs me and sits me down in a chair in the living room, When i had realized why they were here, I said "Why in the living hell did my mom say that" They said they didnt know.


—Darkfolf's fanfiction

There are no typos at all.

To be honest. I think the one thing keeping me from changing my avitar and name is just trolling. I like to make furries feel all war an cozy, then nail them to a wall by telling them how gross their fettish is. Then they throw "RHH FURSAQUSION HIPPOCRATE!!" I just find it funny really.


—Darkfolf's mentally challenged attempt to spell.


Darkfolf took credit for a fad video named "What happens when Louis gets his pills". Another furfag known as Thay cracked his youtube account by asking Darkfolf's online boyfriend Jake the big black dragon to give him the password for Darkfolf's YouTube Channel. Like the retard he is he listened to him, gave him the password, and then logged in and deleted the video (as well as a lot of other accounts of his). Darkfolf used the same exact password for everything.

Death Of TSOD And His Privacy

Eventually folf lost his sanity and went batshit crazy from being hacked and trolled. He went and uploaded a video of some guys cock from 4chan and proceeded to pretend he got hacked and a picture of "his" cock was uploaded to youtube. He then proceeded to upload softcore porn and then turn his account into a fake porn account right before placing the blame on some user named Grenzethebuddha

The blame backfires however when Darkfolf changed his email address after a scalefag hacked his email and sent a picture of his real cock to all of his contacts as punishment for his shitty attempts to frame a user. Laughter was added while some of his irl contacts beated him at school for being a camwhore.

HNNO: Truth

Not long in late December of 2009, Darkfolf decided to make a shitty username on youtube and talk to himself he then escalated into making a character named HNNO which soon enough became the better side of what he was. He then used this account to gain Internet points since he cannot troll for shit.

People ate it up like gullible shits and now darkfolf puts the blame on anyone he sees. Claiming them to be a copy of HNNO. Including YOU!

It did not take long for folf's idea to backfire. When a 12 year old furry took the name and ended up getting him into a typesex convo over second life. Soon enough the shit was found out and folf quickly ran to every cocksucker he knew saying some pedo touched some kid, pointed at some uninteresting fucker and branded him as HNNO.

Currently he now stalks ED hoping to still use the name in order to gain some Internets although it didn't take long for the moron to be caught (since he used an alias he commonly goes by) and have his user page added to the article (as shown at the top of this article) followed by the pain series on his page to witness.

On Friday May 13th, Darkfolf decided to brand the HNNO tag on some furry with absolutely no relation to him and create an account on the baddragon forums. Around June Folfs faggotry was noticed and he was called out. Some of Darkfolfs friends even think he is a sad piece of shit for this.

I'm too nervous of a person to go an ask any guy on the street out, so I'm really big on internet relationships. And, needless to say, I just love cybering. There's something so refreshing about beating off to the collective imaginations of you and your mate. With that said, there's one negative with cybering and that's the fact that you just can't simulate getting plowed by your mate... well, not unless you have a dildo of course!

Still technically being a virgin, I had never known the feeling of having someone inside me. But one night when I was cybering with my current mate at the time, I descided to give it a shot. I went into the kitchen and swiped a parsnip - I'm sure that mother would not notice. The parsnip felt so good inside me, but I still felt I needed more.

So I went to my local sex store, and I picked up a 12 inch black human (I know, so boring) model and a large amount of anal lubricant. That large black cock felt heavenly inside me! And yet still, I felt rather unfulfilled! I knew what I needed - an animal model of dildo. And that's where I found this place!

I ordered a 15 inch seadragon dildo, and when it arrived, I was ready to test it out. Cybering with my mate, I inserted the seadragon into my tailhole and pumped me ass up and down on it. The feeling of the ribs and head made me so excited! My mate told me he was pounding me and that just made me go faster. It got to the point where I was spanking my ass while licking the screen and murring loudly.

That was the best virtual sex I'd had yet. And I have Bad Dragon to thank for it. Even now, I still use the 15 incher, but my favorite is the large horse dildo because of the shape of the head and size of it overall. What I've come to realize is that bad dragon toys and dildos make all the difference when cybering. You should really try using them then when cybering your mate. It truly is an amazing experience.



That's pretty sad/funny


—Darkfolf's friend Thay and his opinion on Folf's faggotry


Soon enough Jake realized that Folf was a complete total furfaggot and pulled the plug on Folf's short lived typesex relationship with Jake (again). Lulz ensued when Folf raged and forced everyone who sucked his E-peen to turn on Jake(again), nothing happened to him however because no one really gives a shit about the furfag's furfaggot.

Folf decided to turn straight(again) because no homosexual male wants to get aids from a mexican(again). He now stalks some ex lesbian bitch like a nigger stalks KFC. HAHA DISREGARD THAT THEY GOT BACK TOGETHER IN UNDER FOUR DAYS. (again)

Darkfolf now goes around ruining relationships for others to compensate for his entire life. (again)

No Effort Method


Image = video

Why be creative when you can be efficient?

Contact the kid here;

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