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This article was made by furfags about furfag politics. It will make you feel dirty inside.



—Darkfox, in Arbchat

<CrimsonWings_Eun> *facepaws*

Possibly one of the most dramatic little out there, Dark fox has caused much stress among the furry fandom, most notably due to his extremely large inferiority complex. This leaves him to always be excessively emo and whiny whenever someone speaks to him. Dark fox is 17 and so this apparent ass burgers is quite possibly just a concentrated case of teen angst.

Another reason why he's so emo is that he has no confidence in his work and himself. Due to his lack of confidence, he bitches and moans about the artists better than him; he even comes up with utter bullshit like "all the artists better than me make fun of me", which obviously isn't true because no one wants to communicate with him in the first place.

On several occasions he has caused much e-drama between several other members of the fandom. In his own little world there is something called the "circle of celebfurs" or something like that in which only the most popular furries communicate amongst themselves, and not anyone else who is a "normal fur" as he puts it.

A solution to Dark fox's problem would be to just disappear off the face of the earth. He is nothing but a parasite; the lowest scum of the furry fandom. Infact, he beats himself up so much it's almost cruel for others to do so.

He has decided to become an hero, as noted in this message.

Hope you guys got what you wanted. I'm taking Tarah's advice. Hope you feel happy. You'll never see me again come next Monday. Out of all the pack i thought you would of seen what Tarah was doing was bad.


—dark fox, .

He didn't leave his room in SL for an entire week on Dark fox "playing" Second Life.


I enjoy stalking people, especially when I know I can get away with internet harassment!


—How to sum it up with what he says, .


On July 16th, 2007, an Arbchat was held after Crimson decided he would be accomplishing something by blanking this article. The arbchat ultimately went nowhere, and ended up giving birth to a new meme, *facepaws*. The transcript can be viewed here.

[-+]Darkfox Whining

Dark says:
so yea, hope you got what you wanted

Flare Husky says:
I didn't want anything i am sick of the shit you pull though

Dark says:
sure. You always hated me i know, cause Tarah wouldn't allow you to be a friend of mine anyways

Flare Husky says:
You keep blaming other people for you being pissed off

Flare Husky says:
I didn't hate you nor do i hate you

Dark says:
anyone associated with her are basically at fault for being snobbish assholes

Dark says:
i did nothing wrong

Flare Husky says:
If i hated you i could go to ED right now and posted all the shit you have said

Dark says:
she just randomly hated me cause i found out that she was a snob

Flare Husky says:
She isn't snobbish nor is she an asshole

Flare Husky says:
she doesn't hate you

Dark says:
yes she is

Dark says:
and yes she does

Flare Husky says:
she just got sick of you trying to make her look like an ass

Dark says:
she tells everyone to hate me so you know what

Flare Husky says:
No she doesn't

Dark says:
ill die

Flare Husky says:
she doesn't mention you period

Dark says:
nothing matters im not a fur so basically she get what she wants and the world becomes rid of me

Flare Husky says:
News flash Tarah's world nor anyone else's revolves around you

Dark says:
and yes she does

Dark says:
i have someone on the inside

Flare Husky says:
she doesn't care what happens to you

Dark says:

Dark says:
she will keep me from going to cons and al lthat shit

Flare Husky says:
She doesn't care what you do

Dark says:
so bye

Flare Husky says:

Flare Husky says:
she doesn't go to them

Flare Husky says:
Nor would she even know what you look like

Flare Husky says:
you make this shit up in your head

Flare Husky says:
first it was Luca Shoal

Flare Husky says:
 now it is her

Flare Husky says:
Take the blame for your own damn problems

Dark says:
dude shes the fucking griefer

Dark says:
so you know what

Dark says:
be a damn manipulated minion of hers

Flare Husky says:

Flare Husky says:
you are so sad it isn't funny

Dark says:
leave me the fuck alone you ass

Flare Husky says:
you are the ass

More Darkfox Whining

Pity art because he sucks so bad.

From: Xan Cyberfox
Date: Oct 10, 2007 4:50 PM

Since my life doesn't matter anymore to anyone, im going to Iraq once i build up muscle and graduate high school. Even though tarah , liel, and you all hate me, id still fight in the war to know that even they dont like me, i still like them, and i would literally die for them. Hopefully nobody will miss me when i leave. Its only a matter of who wants me to go and who will do the useless of keeping me here. Id go with what everyone wants me to do...

From: Tidal The Blue Wolf
Date: Oct 10, 2007 5:01 PM

Frankly your life will always matter to your friends. I would prefer you not to go to iraq unless it is what you really want to do. I don't hate you but you pushed a button of mine that few are brave enough to do and it always ends the same way. Nothing will change until you learn to be you and really only care what you think. Stop letting others dictate your life and control your emotions. Your inferiority complex seems to know no bounds.

From: Xan Cyberfox
Date: Oct 10, 2007 7:27 PM

well if you all didn't hate me i wouldn't have the need to feel infirmity. Tarah just likes being the center of attention and loves to show off her status over everyone else. Its called Idealization of her is what im doing, as in im thinking shes a lot more than everyone else thinks. Though nobody will speak up and say shes realy self-centered (accordign to one of ur guys's pack) because she would do to them what she has done to me.

From: Tidal The Blue Wolf
Date: Oct 10, 2007 10:20 PM

1. I don't hate you. Trust me if I hated you you would know. 2. No she doesn't she tries to avoid attention and thinks people that think she is a cleb fur are stupid. There is no such thing. She hates cliques and such 3. She does no such thing. 4. She isn't self-centered i don't know who is telling you this and frankly i don't care. If someone wants to be a coward and not tell her what they think to her face they are pathetic. 5. She has done nothing to you.

ok i can see 1.


2. She does hate me because she does idolize herself and likes to make herself look better at the expense of making others look down.

3. She has already, hard proof on that hate page.

4. There is such thing as status, hence comes popularity contest is all what the fandom has become.

5. She is self centered because she didn't even care about wind. There is more that you don't know because she wouldn't tell you. Your gullable to her and she makes you think shes a nice sweet loving gal but in reality she isn't.

6. She has done a lot to me. Take for example my former friends, like u. She would not let any of you or anyone on her 450+ friend list befriend me, she wouldn't allow it.

Not to mention this thing was supposed to be about liel from the start. He was just a wuss and ran off to the most popular fur to tell her. He knows that if she hated me the fandom would follow her in her footsteps. Theres a lot you cant see here.

And maybe she should take her own advice when she says, For those who want to harrase other furs then grow up.

She must really be occupied with liking me cause why else would she goto such troubles to destroy my life completely? this isn't just an online argument, shes turning friends against me that were eventually going to be my real friends. Also shes making it so i cant goto fur con since she knows hook-ups.

So yea think about that, and ill tell u what, ill apologize to Tarah if she promises to stop destroying me.

From: Tidal The Blue Wolf
Date: Oct 11, 2007 3:43 PM

2. No she doesn't I don't know why you say that I am around her and the groups I know better

3. Yet you have no proof she did such a page

4. Well frankly I don't buy into that. There are plenty of people that aren't popular that are quite happy in the fandom.

5. I know everything that happpend between her and wind since i talked to them both. Wind is the one that broke up with her and there is a lot more too that. Before you go spouting rumors check your facts.

6. She doesn't care who befriends you. I befriend you and she didn't say a thing. Nor would she to anyone else. I don't know why you have this conspiracy in your head or where it came from but it is getting redundant and annoying.

No you are saying it is liel's fault she hates you. Yet earlier you said she corrupted everyone. She doesn't know anyone at cons she has never been to one. If you want to go to one go. She isn't doing anything to you. Please dark go to a therapist and get help.


Artwork on his homepage. The way it was meant to be displayed.
UN Dark Fox 588 (6:58:02 PM): dude if anyones the griefer here its u
UN Dark Fox 588 (6:58:21 PM): but you know what
UN Dark Fox 588 (6:58:39 PM): i don't care
UN Dark Fox 588 (6:58:49 PM): cause im not a show off like all of u
InuyashaTom (6:59:30 PM): yet you are the one that keeps brining us up
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:00:02 PM): rofl its cause you guys like to show off
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:00:09 PM): u aren't nice to anyone but you pops
InuyashaTom (6:59:58 PM): Dark I don't hate you but I am washing my hands of you
InuyashaTom (7:00:08 PM): we ain't showing off anythying
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:00:31 PM): dude you hate everyone that isnt an ass like liel
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:00:34 PM): yea you are
InuyashaTom (7:00:13 PM): you just keep messaging me
InuyashaTom (7:00:20 PM): Liel isn't an ass
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:00:42 PM): you know why?
InuyashaTom (7:00:25 PM): and I don't hate anyone
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:00:54 PM): dude him and tarah are the most assinine people ive ever met
InuyashaTom (7:00:34 PM): well that isn't true there are two peole
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:01:09 PM): you all have been destroying my life since all this shit started
InuyashaTom (7:00:56 PM): no we haven't
InuyashaTom (7:01:03 PM): You chip away at your own
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:01:24 PM): tarah is just a snobbish bitch and liel is at fault for being with her
InuyashaTom (7:01:09 PM): lulz
InuyashaTom (7:01:12 PM): You are sad
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:01:37 PM): and your brainwashed just like all the others in ur cult
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:01:43 PM): its all a popularity contest
InuyashaTom (7:01:26 PM): Now see that is where you cross the line you fucker
InuyashaTom (7:01:28 PM): go whine elsewhere
InuyashaTom (7:01:34 PM): no one wants to here your shit
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:01:58 PM): lol ill get back at all of you
InuyashaTom (7:01:39 PM): and no one believe you lies you make up
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:02:03 PM): lies huh
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:02:10 PM): yea it just so happens you guys grief everyone
InuyashaTom (7:01:51 PM): Yeah lies and conspiracy theries
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:02:21 PM): you guys dont talk to non people who arent artists
InuyashaTom (7:02:03 PM): Yet I have so many more friends
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:02:30 PM): you mean cult members
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:02:33 PM): all brainwashed
InuyashaTom (7:02:12 PM): Most taht aren't artist
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:02:39 PM): all of u are destroying the fandom
InuyashaTom (7:02:18 PM): yeah sure that is what they are
InuyashaTom (7:02:24 PM): yeah keep thinking that
InuyashaTom (7:02:33 PM): I really don't care
InuyashaTom (7:02:41 PM): You just want attention and I am done giving it to you
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:03:17 PM): i wouldnt be fighting if liel and tarah werent such assholes and you too damn blind to see that they flaunt themselves all over the place
InuyashaTom (7:02:57 PM): message all you want I am done reading them and respoonding
UN Dark Fox 588 (7:03:24 PM): fine whatever 

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