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Part One of the Arbchat

<ajt> ok ZeroUser 
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<Pokchu> Ok
<ajt> this is the place to air your issues
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* Pokchu changes topic to 'IN SESSION: ZeroUser doesn't like how we depict furries.�'
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<ZeroUser> oh hi
<ajt> ok
<ajt> so this is the place to talk
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<ajt> about issues you have
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<ajt> this is the palce to talk
<ajt> about issues you have
<ajt> ZeroUser
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<ajt> ok?
<ZeroUser> 1 darkfox is a very close freind of mine and the reason he acts the way he does is due to some serious RL problems
* ajt sets mode: +v Hoveround
<Pokchu> What are his problems?
<ajt> like what kinds of propblkems?
<ZeroUser> parental problems, mental abuse, and the such
<ajt> my father crippled me
<ajt> I am bound to a wheelchair
<ZeroUser> his parents are doing htat to him mentaly
<Pokchu> he has a weak mind then
<ZeroUser> no
<Hoveround> ZeroUser what does that have to do with him blanking pages on ED
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<Hoveround> or you blanking pages
<ZeroUser> i have the same problem
<Hoveround> for that matter
<Hoveround> that is not how wikis work
<ZeroUser> thats my doing 
<Pokchu> Zero: help us better understand this abuse
<ZeroUser> also the furry page is just platantly mean
<ZeroUser> blatently*
<Pokchu> um
<Pokchu> it's accurate
<Hoveround> blatantly  fyi
<ZeroUser> not really
<Pokchu> no, really
<Hoveround> ZeroUser please show examples of inaccuracy
<ZeroUser> lol i dont have the best spelling, sorry
<Pokchu> why do you think it's innaccurate
<ZeroUser> because i was in the fandom for years and i noticed some of whats there but alot of it isnt as serious as its depicted
<Pokchu> why did you choose to become a furry Zero
<Hoveround> ZeroUser please show examples with more specificity
<Pokchu> was it because you couldn't make any friends in real life?
<Hoveround> Pokchu lets try and stay on track
<ZeroUser> i have RL friends
<Pokchu> yeah ok
<Hoveround> specific examples of inaccuracies on [[darkfox]]
<ZeroUser> hmm im not really a furry persay but i do partake in the fandom to a point
<Hoveround> or [[furry]]
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<Pokchu> I'm sorry, continue
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<Hoveround> ZeroUser - how would you define a furry
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<ZeroUser> there are differnt levels of beig a fur actualy
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<Hoveround> ZeroUser so on some level, you are a furry
<ZeroUser> i like the anthro animals, that bout it
<Hoveround> "partaking of the fandom", in our definition, = furry
<ZeroUser> in SL all i do is wear the AVs and that bout it
<Hoveround> ZeroUser - I want you to  answer this truthfully as we have IP logs and your current hostname
<Hoveround> and this is important
<Hoveround> are you DarkFox
<Pokchu> So if you're not as much of a furry as you claim you are, why are you so upset over our furry article
<ZeroUser> thnen you have the people that are so involved they go to the extent of body modification
<Hoveround> ZeroUser, are you DarkFox, please confirm this
<ZeroUser> because i know alot of furs and i have respect for the fandom completely
<ZeroUser> um, no im not
<Hoveround> site sysops, can you do an ip match to the page blanking of [[darkfox]] 
<Hoveround> and match it to ZeroUser's current hostmask?
<Hoveround> thanks
<Hoveround> ZeroUser please state how you would like to resolve this matter
<Hoveround> be clear
<ZeroUser> the blanking is done through a random proxy
<Pokchu> Hover: what would that accomplish? we know this is the same guy that blanked [[Darkfox]]
<ZeroUser> that was me i use proxies alot when im surfing, lots of bad scripts out there
<ZeroUser> just remove the page
<DLB> that is not an acceptable resolution
<Pokchu> Zero: Why should we?
<DLB> this is a give and take situation
<Pokchu> Convince us to.
<ZeroUser> ok then make them provide a more accurate depiction of him
<ZeroUser> i hate things that are 1-sided
<DLB> Zero: well, could you give us information that would allow us to make a more accurate depiction of him?
<ZeroUser> there is a reason he acts like that, if they want to post provide that in it just dont a completely hatefull flame
<DLB> or perhaps he would like to be interviewed for his article
<Hoveround> can you be detailed about his reasons for his character?
<DLB> have you talked to him about this whole situation?
<ZeroUser> i doubt it, you can ask him though
<DLB> like: did you do this yourself? or did he ask you to do this
<ZeroUser> i did this ut of respect for my friend because i know what hes going through and this isnt helping
<Hoveround> are you talkng to him now?
<Hoveround> like, on IM ?
<ZeroUser> i dont have his im, i contact him through my freinds list on SL
<Hoveround> �i move to issue a summons for Darkfox to join #arbchat
<Hoveround> will someone second the motion
<Pokchu> I second that motion
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<DLB> i second'd
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<Hoveround> motion carried
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<Pokchu> BURK, you could just ask for voice
<Pokchu> if you have something to say
<DLB> BURK: and dont fag things up if you do
* DLB sets mode: +v BURK
<Hoveround> ZeroUser - We herewith issue for a summons for Darkfox to join #arbchat
<Hoveround> to speak on his own behalf
<BURK> ok yes darkfox must be here
<ZeroUser> ill tell him next time i see him
<BURK> as we can not trust the words of a vandal
<DLB> would you mind seeing if he is OL on SL?
* DLB sets mode: -v BURK
<ZeroUser> he just pops on SL from time to time, hes taking a break and playing WoW
<Hoveround> �i move we adjourn until darkfox is able to join and verify his identity
<ZeroUser> wich is the worst idea ever IMO but im not gona stop him
<Hoveround> anyone to second?
* ChanServ sets mode: -o DLB
* ChanServ sets mode: +v BURK
<BURK> hoveround i would second but i think we need to question zerouser on his affinity with the accused
* ChanServ sets mode: +v cirrus
<Hoveround> motion withdrawn
<ZeroUser> ask away
<Hoveround> i agree burk
<BURK> zerouser why did you do this
<ZeroUser> aint got nothing to hide
<BURK> dont say out of respect or anything like that
* Pokchu sets mode: +o DLB
<ZeroUser> why, because darkie is close to me, i know whats hes dealing with 
<cirrus> ZeroUser: you will blank an article for your friends wellbeing, but will not stop him playing WoW. I question your motives
<ZeroUser> well its more like i cant stop him
<Pokchu> What did you think you were acccomplishing by page blanking anyway?
<Hoveround> ZeroUser are you located in the UK
<ZeroUser> and trying to will just upset him further
<Pokchu> A page blank can be reverted in five seconds
<BURK> zerouser how exactly does this interfere with darkfox
* ChanServ sets mode: -o DLB
<BURK> its not like this is on the front page of ed
<BURK> so no one but those who google him constantly know of it
<ZeroUser> true but some how he sawit and this upset him greatly
<Pokchu> ZeroUser, please convince us that Darkfox is deeply disturbed and mentally abused by his parents, and he's not just an emo kid vying for attention
* ChanServ sets mode: +o DLB
<BURK> zerouser if he saw it why didnt he take any action himself?
<cirrus> pictoral/textual proof requested
<BURK> yes and no photoshoping 
<Hoveround> ZeroUser the issue here is that this is all hearsay
<BURK> as i have seen many pixels
<Hoveround> we dont even conclusively know that he has an issue with page
<ZeroUser> i can try but i try not to pry to much into ppls lives, what i know is from what hes told me
<Hoveround> is there an email or chat log where he expresses his feelings on he page?
<Pokchu> What?
<Hoveround> Pokchu, i will clarify
<Pokchu> no
<cirrus> ZeroUser: what has he told you?
<Pokchu> I mean What? at Zero
<BURK> zerouser you say that you try not to pry and here you are
<ZeroUser> ill ask him next time hes on, i log everything simce im paranoid like that so that isnt a problem
<Pokchu> How do you know that he's not just trying to get attention?
<Hoveround> so you havent already asked?
<Hoveround> and if so, please paste the log
<Pokchu> You're now acting like you don't know the extent of it
<cirrus> ZeroUser: if you log everything, do you have any logs now?
<Hoveround> of his response
<BURK> you vandalized a page on ed, then claim you have no contact with the aforementioned darkfox
<Pokchu> and you're just going by his word
<ZeroUser> he doesnt want attention, he pushes people away and isolates himself, its not atention
<Pokchu> see
<BURK> then no one would know of him
<BURK> and the page wouldnt exist
<Pokchu> that's an attention grabbing technique
<cirrus> you said you are close to him, this is paradoxical
<Hoveround> �i move that ZeroUser immediatly provide evidence darkfox is aware of the page and it has affected him
<cirrus> seconded
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<BURK> yes
<BURK> seconded
<Hoveround> motion carried
* SECOND is now known as ninjagumby
<ZeroUser> he didnt leave his room in SL for an entire week once untill i pulled him out to a sandbox to shoot shit
<Pokchu> because then people think that he is trying to push them away, and they try to help him
<BURK> preferably photographic evidence of the accused with a sign saying "IHBTBED"
<Pokchu> LOL
<cirrus> "i have aspergers syndrome!"
<ZeroUser> lets see if i can find my chat logs
<BURK> zerouser if hes on secondlife i will find him myself
<cirrus> ZeroUser: thank you
<BURK> would you rather i find him
<BURK> or would you rather you find him
<ZeroUser> good luck finding him
<Hoveround> let ZeroUser pull the chatlogs (or type them hastily in notepad)
<eppigy> His room in SL?
<Hoveround> so we can see evidence of any effect the page has
<eppigy> what the fuck does that mean?
<DLB> eppigy: you can have virtual pieces of property and shit on second life
<eppigy> jesus
<DLB> in other words, he didn't leave his e-room or irl-room for a week
<ZeroUser> hes part of a family that owns alot of land and a very large house, we all have a room
<eppigy> awesome
<BURK> eppigy yes the advancement of internets disease in this case is terribly advanced
<DLB> Zero: what do you mean family?
<ZeroUser> hes got one of the biggest in the house
<DLB> you mean on second life?
<Pokchu> You're family?
<eppigy> ZeroUser: you mean on the internet right?
<ZeroUser> yes
<eppigy> ok
<Pokchu> E-family
<eppigy> please specify that
<Hoveround> Pokchu  - e-family
<eppigy> it is not reality
<Pokchu> Hoveround: hivemind
<ZeroUser> its more of an RP family but thats how we are twards each other
<BURK> zerouser where is said family and what are the names of these family members
<Hoveround> indeed, pok
<BURK> zerouser 
<BURK> have you ever met him in person
<BURK> talked to him on the phone
* ZeroUser is now known as CrimsonWings_Eun
<CrimsonWings_Eun> thats my SL name
<DLB> why do you have an online RP family?
<Pokchu> um
<CrimsonWings_Eun> just call me crim
<Pokchu> ok
<DLB> ok crim
<DLB> why do you have an online RP family?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> thank you
<DLB> np
<Hoveround> permission from arb to contiue referring to him as Zerouser
<CrimsonWings_Eun> because it gives me something to waste my time on
<BURK> crim, do you know of internets desease?
<Pokchu> Crim, all you need to do is provide sturdy evidence that Darkfox is deeply mentally disturbed
<Pokchu> and the article goes
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i wont respond if you do
<Pokchu> Otherwise he's just being an attention whore
<CrimsonWings_Eun> lol leave me alone for a sec to dig my logs
<DLB> i agree with pokchu
<BURK> yes, a picture of slit writsts, him holding antidepressants
<Pokchu> ok
<BURK> maybe in a diaper with a gun to his head
<DLB> half the people claiming mental illness etc on the internet are just attention whores
-> *BURK* lol
<DLB> and in that case totally deserve an article
<Pokchu> DLB speaks truth
*BURK* pokchu i need you to rewrite his article
*BURK* make up shit
*BURK* whatever
*BURK* but we need to front page it
<DLB> moar like 99% really
-> *BURK* I'm not into making up shit, but sure, I can try making it lulzier
<BURK> this is truth
<BURK> zerouser having a house in sl dosent mean one is mentaly disturbed
<BURK> it means one is a potential threat to the aryan race, but not mentaly disturbed
<Hoveround> CrimsonWings_Eun - please provide those logs now
<BURK> we need evidence
<DLB> BURK: hold plz, he's digging for logs
<cirrus> ninjagumby is requesting voice
<DLB> so he says anyway
<Hoveround> ok
<CrimsonWings_Eun> yea i know but if your there to talk to him and observe his actions you would understand
<DLB> how can you tell what his actions etc are really when all you are looking at is an avatar?
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun  we dont know where he is
<Hoveround> what we need to observe now is any solid evidence having a page on ED has affected him at all>
<BURK> if he was here
<BURK> we could observe his actions
<BURK> and then we might take the article down
<DLB> or if you were to show us where he resides in SL we could see for ourselves
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ill tell him you want to talk next time hes on
<DLB> even interview him if he wants
<cirrus> ninjagumby /r/ voice
-> *BURK* I bet my life savings that this ends in the article just getting longer and lulzier
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun do you think we are retarded?
<BURK> we arent
<BURK> we are resmarted
<BURK> we know better then that
<ajt> I am retarded
<Hoveround> this is going in circles. i'm going to motion again for an adjournment
<DLB> ajt: im sorry :(
<ajt> Hoveround: good idea
<ajt> tell fagly faggerson to produce the furry
<Hoveround> ajt is that a second
<DLB> second'd
<BURK> ajt you take pills for that tho rite?
<ajt> and we will start again
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im just answering questions
<Hoveround> motion is carried, arbchat will adjourn
<Pokchu> So yeah, get Darkfox in here
* ninjagumby has left #arbchat
<Hoveround> until darkfox can respresent himself
<ajt> I have a question for you fagly faggersone
<cirrus> and provide chatlogs
<ajt> just how fucked up are you?
<BURK> ok i nominate the page be revised
<CrimsonWings_Eun> darkie has since moved out to allow another resident to use the room while hes away
<BURK> and front paged
<cirrus> BURK: yes
<Hoveround> seconding that motion
<BURK> until said furry appears in arbchat
<Pokchu> Crim: Away where
<ajt> yeah
<ajt> this archat is concluded
<Hoveround> motion carried. [[darkfox]] to be frontpaged
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i said hes taking a break from SL to play WoW
<Pokchu> you made it sound like he was away on vacation
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun why dont i want to believe you?
<cirrus> can anyone find him on WoW?
<BURK> also 
<BURK> what is his wow name
<CrimsonWings_Eun> not sure what his WoW name is but i can ask
<cirrus> please do
<CrimsonWings_Eun> aint a problem
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun what is your wow name
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i dont play wow on the official servers
<BURK> and how are you communicating with said furry
<CrimsonWings_Eun> we communicate through SLs offline messaging system
<Pokchu> he seems to have deleted his myspace and taken down his FA submissions
<CrimsonWings_Eun> really? thats bad
<cirrus> BURK: can you communicate with him through similar system?
-> *BURK* the only way we can add more to the article is by getting more information out of Zero here
<BURK> cirrus likely
-> *BURK* we must pretend that he is our friend
<BURK> ill fire up second life later 
<BURK> and search for him
-> *BURK* and that giving us info will get the page taken town
<cirrus> BURK: affirmative
<Pokchu> tell you what Crim
<CrimsonWings_Eun> um burk
<Hoveround> just a reminder guys, arb has concluded, feel free to hang around but here are the resolutions passed today:
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im pretty sure he doesnt respond to random IMs
<Hoveround> �1. Adjournment until Darkfox appears in #arbchat
*BURK* pokchu we already tried that
<Pokchu> Crimson, you're making a lot of excuses
*BURK* he just went in circles
<Hoveround> �2. Effective today, [[Darkfox]] to be Article of the Now
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun that wont stop me
<cirrus> Crimson: if this is as serious as you say it is, he should respond
* DLB changes topic to 'Arbchat Adjourned until Darkfox appears in #arbchat�'
* Hoveround was kicked by Pokchu (shut up�)
<CrimsonWings_Eun> feel free, just saying
<BURK> like i said 
<BURK> either you find him
<cirrus> chat to move back to #ed
<BURK> or i do
<CrimsonWings_Eun> thanks for kicking that guy
<Pokchu> The article stays until you provide information
<Pokchu> And proof
<Pokchu> Simple as that
<Pokchu> We'll be waiting.
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i left him an offline, weither he responds or not is up to him
<Pokchu> Ok
<Pokchu> Make sure not to leave #arbchat
<Pokchu> and inform us as soon as he responds
<Pokchu> I'm going to go get Lunch
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ill try not to, my internet is pretty fucky
*BURK* you dont understand the idea behind "offline messaging" do you
*BURK* you leave a message and in a couple of days someone picks itup
<DLB> if you lose connection just rejoin
*BURK* we got nothing
*BURK* but a handful of lulz
<CrimsonWings_Eun> okies
* DLB sets mode: -mi
<CrimsonWings_Eun> feel free to hit me up on SL for anything
<DLB> will do
<DLB> thank you for participating in arbchat, your cooperation is appreciated
<CrimsonWings_Eun> my logs are huge
<CrimsonWings_Eun> my last local chat log was 32megs
* OneUser is now known as Autistic
<CrimsonWings_Eun> lol hey darkie doesnt live that far from me XD i could call him if i wanted
* Hoveround has joined #arbchat
<cirrus> Crimson: please repeat that last statement for Hoveround
* ajt has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun do it
<Hoveround> up arrow enter plz
<DLB> lol hey darkie doesnt live that far from me XD i could call him if i wanted
<DLB> i move for a conf session
<emoskank> CrimsonWings_Eun, find out what server and name he is for wow, I will try to convince him to play a healthier game like second life
<tcgiant> oh shit
<DLB> BURK: no, we have a new conf line
<DLB> emoskank: shut up
<DLB> now
<DLB> hover: what do you think about a conf session with darkfox crim and a few other of us?
<Hoveround> i'd say a panel of 4 ediots
<DLB> if crim can get dark on the line that is
<Hoveround> including one with sysop privs
<DLB> iawtc
<CrimsonWings_Eun> shh darkie is on SL
<DLB> oh, ok
<DLB> well let him know what is up
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i am
<CrimsonWings_Eun> you guys know a web based irc client?
<Pokchu> uh yeah
<Hoveround> http://www.ircatwork.com/
<Hoveround> is the easiest
<Hoveround> and best
<CrimsonWings_Eun> that wotks
* IRCTest has joined #arbchat
<cirrus> IRCTest, are you the furry going by the name Darkfox?
<Hoveround> no that was me
<Hoveround> checking something
<cirrus> Hoveround: oic
<cirrus> lulz
<Pokchu> shucks
<CrimsonWings_Eun> his mom is bitching at him again
* ajt has joined #arbchat
<Pokchu> what did he do
<CrimsonWings_Eun> he will be back in less then an hour he says
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:02]  CrimsonWings Eun: dakie
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:02]  CrimsonWings Eun: cmere we need to talk
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:09]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: its my mom man i gotta go
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:09]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: you forget my freakin age
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:09]  CrimsonWings Eun: tel, her to hold on
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:09]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: im only 17 so my mom is the boss =/
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:09]  CrimsonWings Eun: lol im 19 and mines still the boss
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:09]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: ill be back in less than an hour
<cirrus> arbchat is open all night
-> *cirrus* Holy shit, 17?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> "[15:06]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: everyones going to believe her even the new people
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:06]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: she'll make another
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:06]  DarkFox588 Kazakov: so dont bother
<CrimsonWings_Eun> [15:06]  You: and it will be deleted proptly
*cirrus* apparently
<CrimsonWings_Eun> SL needs a better wat yo copy hisory
<CrimsonWings_Eun> way to*
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i relayed his message
<Hoveround> if he can get in here now
<Hoveround> we wont data mine
<Hoveround> or make him article of the now
<CrimsonWings_Eun> dude shut up
<Hoveround> this has now become about establishing his identity as uniquely different from yours
<Hoveround> because there is talk of you being darkfox yourself
<cirrus> CrimsonWings_Eun: it is unwise to disrespect those presiding over an arbchat
* Pokchu sets mode: +b *!*@l0ld0ngs-9BE4D858.dyn.iinet.net.au
* Timer 1 activated
* Timer 1 halted
* Hoveround was kicked by Pokchu (christ shut up�)
<CrimsonWings_Eun> just ban him
*Hoveround* :(
<Pokchu> I did
<CrimsonWings_Eun> thanks
-> *Hoveround* the grownups are talking
<cirrus> CrimsonWings_Eun: you are in no position to be giving orders around here
* IRCTest has quit IRC (Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)�)
*Hoveround* exfuckingcuse me?
<Pokchu> and neither is Hover
<CrimsonWings_Eun> didnt mean it as an order, sorry
<cirrus> touche
-> *Hoveround* just chill out for awhile and don't speak like you're head honcho
<CrimsonWings_Eun> who is that guy anyways?
*Hoveround* i never at any point said i was the head honcho
*Hoveround* and i sure as hell didnt want cirrus giving that impression
<CrimsonWings_Eun> aparently he kicked me from #ed
-> *Hoverhound* I said don't speak LIKE you're head honcho
<cirrus> it is irrelevant
<CrimsonWings_Eun> agreed, just wondering
<Pokchu> Anyway
<CrimsonWings_Eun> yes?
<Pokchu> We shall continue to wait for the return of Darkfox
<CrimsonWings_Eun> agreed, my eyes are hurting i need to get away from my PC
* Hoverround has joined #arbchat
<CrimsonWings_Eun> dear god not again
<CrimsonWings_Eun> damn
<DLB> it's ok crimson: he will play nice
* DLB sets mode: +v Hoverround
<CrimsonWings_Eun> he better
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun this arbchat is so everyone has a chance to discuss the page in question. it isnt a slinging match and we all 'preside' over it, not just me r the ops. 
<Hoverround> i hope that clears things up
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ou have been nothing but annoying so why should i listen to you?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> you have contributed nothing to this chat other then headaches
<anomic> who the fuck are you, CrimsonWings_Eun?
<anomic> stop being a little bitch already
<DLB> anomic
<DLB> shut up
<DLB> now
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im stating a point, not whining
<BURK> crimson the same could be said for you
<BURK> you have given us nothing realy
<cirrus> anomic: Crimson is half of the subject of this arbchat
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun anyone has right to table motions in arbchat the fact mine were seconded is all i need to point out in defense of your "statement"
<anomic> cirrus: k. i took a short nap. has there been any good drama in the past 30 minutes?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> not really
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im waiting for darkie to return
<anomic> your name is cirrus now, is it?
<cirrus> anomic: what Maxipad said
<Hoverround> anomic  - CrimsonWings_Eun is either a concerned friend of [[darkfox]] who wants a page reoval, or [[darkfox]] himself
<Hoverround> we're waiting for some kind of verification
<anomic> Hoverround: so he's a fgt?
<cirrus> this has yet to be 100% confirmed
<anomic> but confidence is high?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> whats not confirmed?
<Hoverround> anomic this is #arbchat, not some faggery daggery doo slinging match. call him a faggot on #ED if you need to :P
<anomic> kk
<CrimsonWings_Eun> whats wrong with being gay?
<DLB> Crimson: nothing
<DLB> i am
<CrimsonWings_Eun> same
<DLB> we just do this for the lulz
<CrimsonWings_Eun> heh
<anomic> we're all faggery daggery doo boys
<DLB> hoveround is also a fgt irl
<anomic> from the jew-infested catskill mountains
<DLB> kekekke
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i ahve my reasons for being what i am
<DLB> anomic: lol halturner
<cirrus> we have many gay people on #ed
<Pokchu> a lot of us are fgts Crimson
<DLB> and a few are even furfags
<cirrus> we embrace all as long as they are not jackasses
<cirrus> do we have any niggers?
<Pokchu> cirrus: sheneequa
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i try not to be
<DLB> sheneequa
<BURK> cirrus sheneequa
<DLB> and ribo is a chink
<CrimsonWings_Eun> please dont use the n-word
<BURK> and some of the GNAA are confirmed to be irl gay niggers
<cirrus> ED is an equal opportunity employer
<DLB> BURK: srsly?
<cirrus> BURK: lulz
<DLB> crim: we make fun of everyone here
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun  you were being a jackass a few minutes ago
<Pokchu> Crimson: take nothing seriously
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun whats wrong? dont like a black man saying that word?
<DLB> no exceptions
<Hoverround> dlb do u liek ribo
<CrimsonWings_Eun> hmm then i guess its ok
<cirrus> DLB: ED is not racist! we offend every minority group equally!
<anomic> CrimsonWings_Eun: we can save you from the clutches of homosexuality, and the magnetic pull of the cock
<anomic> all you need is prayer!
<cirrus> and lulz
<Pokchu> lol
<anomic> yes, and lulz
* Sheneequa has joined #arbchat
* ChanServ sets mode: +qo Sheneequa Sheneequa
<Pokchu> hey Sheneequa
<Hoverround> wow
<cirrus> speak of the devil!
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i like cock....
<BURK> speaking of niggers
<Hoverround> you say the N word
<Hoverround> and then 10 seconds late
<Hoverround> r
<cirrus> SHAZAM!
<Pokchu> <3
<DLB> "There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless."
<BURK> lol
<BURK> full metal jacket
<DLB> fuck yea
<cirrus> yes
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun where are you from son?
<Hoverround> aww dude level 14 full metal jacket
<Hoverround> URGGH
<Hoverround> AWWRRGH
<Sheneequa> DLB: I just watched the end of that
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i want some pie
<Sheneequa> I watched the beginning of it while waiting for my flight
<DLB> i love the first part, the second part is meh
<DLB> nice
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun we dont fucking care
<CrimsonWings_Eun> all my mom has is brownies
<Pokchu> BURK is right
<Pokchu> we don't really care
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ok ok sorry
<Pokchu> Important life lesson: Always consider the possibility that what you're about to say is irrelavent to others' interests
<CrimsonWings_Eun> true...
<Sheneequa> that lesson is relevant to my interests
<Pokchu> good to hear
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun how old are you?
<Pokchu> BURK: he said 19 already
<CrimsonWings_Eun> and hoveround here is no real way to prove ones identity on the internet, i could use my PSP to log into this irc and act like im darkie
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im 19
<Pokchu> Sheneequa: please ban SoulOfRights for page blanking
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun you could. in fact thats what a few of us are expecting you to do
<CrimsonWings_Eun> or i could use a proxy, or spoof my ip, or a whole buch of other things
<anomic> DLB: full metal jacket is pretty sweet. but i do question the decision to have the best scene in the movie as the very first scene
<CrimsonWings_Eun> na im not a moron
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun that is true
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun - do you have a DA profile yourself?
<anomic> BURK: i'd say that remains to be seen
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i have a very uniqe way of talking and syping, i would get caught
<CrimsonWings_Eun> typing*
<CrimsonWings_Eun> DA?
<anomic> CrimsonWings_Eun: being unable to type properly isn't "unique"
<Pokchu> Deviant Art
<Hoverround> deviantart
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ya ya i do
<Hoverround> may we see
<anomic> supplies!
<CrimsonWings_Eun> sure
<Hoverround> this will help prove you arent dakfox
<DLB> linx plox
<Sheneequa> hey guys what's going on here
<CrimsonWings_Eun> dear god dont use plox
<DLB> Sheneequa: lolarbchat
<Hoverround> Sheneequa  case ummary
<DLB> ploxploxplox
<cirrus> Sheneequa: Crimson blanked [[Darkfox]] and now we are arbchatting
<DLB> a plox on both your houses!
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun  is requesting page removal of [[darkfox]]
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i quit playinf flyff because the GMs used it all the time in the global messages
<BURK> sheneequa we caught our little freind here in the process of blanking darkfox
<Hoverround> as darkfox is his 'friend' on second life and part of his e-family
<BURK> flyff?
<Hoverround> we are waiting for darkfo to make an appearance himself
<BURK> what is flyff?
<Hoverround> to give us his views on the ed page bout him
<cirrus> flying yiff?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> hmm
<BURK> cirrus sounds likely
<CrimsonWings_Eun> http://flyff.gpotato.com
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i think thats it
<Sheneequa> CrimsonWings_Eun: only the actual subject can request removal
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun  - please link us to your DA page
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i need to bookmark my DA
<BURK> hmm... so you are an animu freind in addition to being a furry
<BURK> feind*
<CrimsonWings_Eun> http://azure-wings.deviantart.com/
<Hoverround> just give me your da username
<Hoverround> i can look itup yself
<Hoverround> ok
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i ahve it in my SL profile
<Sheneequa> guys do not fuck with him he plays second life okay
<cirrus> ok, this looks legit
<CrimsonWings_Eun> lol SL is what keeps me from going off the deep end
<CrimsonWings_Eun> whats legit?
<cirrus> the DA
<Hoverround> you said you lived in the uk
<Hoverround> near darkfox?
<DLB> legitimate, as in you are not just a sock of Darkfox
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun playing sl isnt a sign of not having gone off the deep end
<cirrus> we need to verify these things
<CrimsonWings_Eun> when did i say that?
<Sheneequa> never
<Sheneequa> but we had to confirm
<Sheneequa> kk? kk!
<CrimsonWings_Eun> the reason i dont have ats is because i can never remember the passes
<CrimsonWings_Eun> alts*
<Sheneequa> we're sure
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun - dlb pasted a line from the chat earlier
<Hoverround> where you said you lived near darkfox
<Hoverround> please confirm or deny
<CrimsonWings_Eun> oh
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ye he lives in the state next to mine
<Hoverround> but his profile says he is from the UK
<CrimsonWings_Eun> it does?
<Hoverround> it does
<DLB> yes
<DLB> it does
<Hoverround> what state are you in
<CrimsonWings_Eun> *facepaws*
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i live in Ky
<BURK> facepaws?
<Hoverround> so what state does he live in
<CrimsonWings_Eun> you know what facepalming is?
* BURK hears CrimsonWings_Eun ruffling a map
<Sheneequa> facepaws
<Sheneequa> ahahahaha
<CrimsonWings_Eun> yea
<Sheneequa> *headdesk*
<BURK> oh i know what it ment
<Sheneequa> same thing as headdesk
<BURK> gimppalm
<Sheneequa> you are doing it wrong
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun which state does Darkfox live in
<Hoverround> which is next to KY
<Hoverround> and definitely isnt in the UK
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im not give out info bout him, ask him dirently
<Hoverround> we would, �if he were here
<CrimsonWings_Eun> just be patient
<Sheneequa> ahahha
<Sheneequa> Hoverround dude
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun you said you had nothing to hide
<Sheneequa> I just read an article about a girl in NZ selling her virginity for 25K
<DLB> hahahha
<Sheneequa> is prostitution legal in NZ?
<DLB> score
<cirrus> Sheneequa: lulzy no?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i dont but he may not whating ppl knowing what state he resides in
<Hoverround> im not in NZ
<Homicide> Oh snap, it's unmuted
<Sheneequa> Hoverround: yes but you should still know >:(
<Hoverround> but it probaly is
<Homicide> Good, I been waiting a while to say this.
<Homicide> Fucking rofl.
<Homicide> That is all.
<DLB> <3 homicide
<Hoverround> you can get a huge polynesian tranny for NZ$50 on K Road after dark
<DLB> right to the point
<Hoverround> so i hear
<DLB> Hover: hahahaha
<DLB> enjoi ur herpes
<BURK> crimson do you have any idea how many people in an ajoining state would have the nick darkfox?
<BURK> and if we havent found him yet
<BURK> we arent as likely to
<BURK> what state
<CrimsonWings_Eun> lol AFK mom bitching at me
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun did your parents done it to you?
<cirrus> i think what we have here is an acute case of teen angst
<Hoverround> aree you sure you dont live in OH
<Hoverround> the area your internet provider covers?
<BURK> el oh el
<Hoverround> fuse.net = cincinnatibell.com
<cirrus> Hoveround: you are a true EDetective
<Hoverround> "i'm not a moron", cirrus ;)
<cirrus> Hoveround: trutH!
<cirrus> with a capital H
<BURK> hmmmm...
<BURK> i notice our furry little friend likes icelyon
<Sheneequa> *facepaws*
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun  please tell us why you are dialed in via Ohio
<Sheneequa> GOT UR ISP BITCH
<Hoverround> yet you claim to be from KY
<CrimsonWings_Eun> because cincinatti bell provided to both northrtn KY and ohio
<Hoverround> what is the dialup number you are using
<Hoverround> so we can verify that
<CrimsonWings_Eun> isnt dialup
<CrimsonWings_Eun> tis DSL
<Sheneequa> Cincinatti Bell is a company not just for the city
<Sheneequa> Hoverround lol
<Sheneequa> Hoverround lol
<Sheneequa> Hoverround lol you idiot
<CrimsonWings_Eun> that too
<CrimsonWings_Eun> and my DA profile says the US
<Hoverround> fuse.net however is a signifier for a specific product type
<Hoverround> in this case, dialup
<CrimsonWings_Eun> hove stfu, you dont know what you talking about
<CrimsonWings_Eun> fuse provides both dialup and high speed
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun hoveround is a trusted and respected member of encyclopedia dramatica
<BURK> you are a vandal
* Sherrod has joined #arbchat
<BURK> please show some respect
<Sherrod> someone catch me up!
<Hoverround> Sherrod  will pvt u
* tcgiant_ has joined #arbchat
<CrimsonWings_Eun>     *  Status: Member
<CrimsonWings_Eun>     * Abstract Artist
<CrimsonWings_Eun>     * Male/United States
<CrimsonWings_Eun>     * Idle
<CrimsonWings_Eun>     * Deviant since May 17, 2007, 11:56 PM
<Sherrod> Hoverround: thx
* tcgiant has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer�)
<BURK> sherrod furfag here says he blanked his furfag buddies page
<Pokchu> Sherrod: ok
<Pokchu> PM?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> -_- im not a furfag
<BURK> to keep the mental trauma from ruining him
<cirrus> CrimsonWings_Eun: sadly, your DA says different
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im looking atm my own DA and that a copy and paste
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun tell me, did you make this image: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/55905978/
<CrimsonWings_Eun> uh huh
<cirrus> furry confirmation 100%
<Hoverround> so gay
<Hoverround> + furry drawing
<Hoverround> =furfag
<BURK> hoverround this is truth
<Sherrod> i have a question
<CrimsonWings_Eun> hey thats josi
<Sherrod> CrimsonWings_Eun: are you a homosexual?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> yes
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i made that pic for him as some hart for his SL home
<BURK> and do you at least draw furrys
<BURK> and wear a furry av in second life
<CrimsonWings_Eun> na those are edited screenies from SL
<Sherrod> wait... you wear a fursuit in SL?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> what i  think there cute
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ya
<BURK> that is a confirmation of both being a furry and a homosexual
<BURK> so by definition you are a furfag
<cirrus> you are thusly pronounced a furfag
<Sherrod> wow
<Sheneequa> straight furries exist
<Sheneequa> they are just not true furries
<BURK> sheneequa truth
* Sheneequa sets mode: +o Sherrod
<CrimsonWings_Eun> they do but are only bout 15% of the fandom
<cirrus> Sheneequa: i know at least one
<cirrus> and he is cool
* eppigy has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal�)
<CrimsonWings_Eun> i know 3
<DLB> cirrus: does not compute
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun so you no longer deny being a furry
<Sherrod> CrimsonWings_Eun is telling a lot of lies
<CrimsonWings_Eun> the reason i wear an furry AV in sL is because i think there cute, thats about as deep as my involement in the fandom goes
<cirrus> CrimsonWings_Eun: do you believe that furries are being unfairly prosecuted for their "obsession"? the common term being "fursecution"?
<Sherrod> which is quite against the spirit of the arbchat process
<Sheneequa> CrimsonWings_Eun
<Sheneequa> at one point
<Sheneequa> in the arbchat
<Sheneequa> you said *facepaws*
<Sheneequa> Now
<Sheneequa> why would a human say facepaws
<Sheneequa> Humans do NOT HAVE PAWS
<Sheneequa> you are a furfag who uses faggy emotes, QED
<DLB> also: since you are not humans, you are not protected under the geneva conventions
<DLB> hence fursecution is aaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwright
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun tell me, do you believe that jews flew 2 jet liners into the world trade center towers on september the 11th 2001
<DLB> BURK: i know i do
<Sheneequa> don't forget one into the pentagon
<DLB> and a random field
<DLB> just for the lulz
<BURK> dlb no 
<Sheneequa> and brave AMERICANS wrestled the controls away from the plane headed for the white house
<Sherrod> and one  into an undergorund bunker in pennsylvania
<BURK> aryan warriors fought back
<DLB> hahaha
<DLB> irlol'd
<CrimsonWings_Eun> racist much?
<cirrus> for truth and justice!
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun SAY YES OR NO
<cirrus> Crimson: we speak only the truth
<Sheneequa> CrimsonWings_Eun: it is not racist at all
<Sheneequa> Germans did the holocaust right?
<Sheneequa> is that racist against Germans?
<Sheneequa> jews did wtc
<Sheneequa> it is truth
<Sheneequa> also they prolly did the holocaust too
<BURK> just like how you are a furfag
<CrimsonWings_Eun> im not a fur i just like the AVs
<BURK> 1 + 1 = 2
<BURK> its simple to understand
<cirrus> I'm not gay, i just like sticking my penis in men's asses
<Sheneequa> -1*-1=-1
<Sherrod> CrimsonWings_Eun: what is your purpose for this arbchat?
<DLB> furry + fag = furfag
<cirrus> I'm not racist, I just hate niggers
<DLB> Sherrod: to take down [[furry]] and [[Darkfox]]
<BURK> cirrus irlol
<Sheneequa> to take down furry?
<Sheneequa> what
<Sheneequa> what
<BURK> sherrod he blanked darkfox earlier
<CrimsonWings_Eun> actualy i just want the furry section amended
<DLB> he was all butthurt about that and blanked both earlier
<cirrus> Crimson blanked it under the name ZeroUser
<Pokchu> Sheneequa:I think he knows it's not going
<Sheneequa> lololol
<BURK> claiming the "victim" of said article was mentaly disturbed
<Sherrod> CrimsonWings_Eun: if you're not a furry, why do you care?
<DLB> ie: emo attention whore
<CrimsonWings_Eun> because many of my freinds are
<cirrus> you forgot teen angst
<Sheneequa> CrimsonWings_Eun your chances of winning are equal to the chance of surviving WTC
<Sheneequa> 17/3000
<cirrus> LOL
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun is it because your mom only bakes brownies?
<Pokchu> LOL
<Hoverround> CrimsonWings_Eun are you darkfox?
<CrimsonWings_Eun> heh
<Sheneequa> LOL
<Pokchu> Hover: It's pretty obvious he's not at this point
<BURK> pokchu im not so sure
<CrimsonWings_Eun> thank you
<BURK> we dont have darkfoxes DA
<Sheneequa> who is logging this arbchat
<Pokchu> still though
<Hoverround> i remain unconvinced
<cirrus> Crimson: it has been over an hour, where is darkfox?
<Sheneequa> who is logging this arbchat
<Pokchu> Sheneequa: I am
<BURK> shen cirrus
<cirrus> Sheneequa: I have it
<Sheneequa> kk
<Hoverround> there is evidence both ways
<DLB> ditto
<Pokchu> yes
<Sheneequa> when this is done maybe we can snoop out some lol quotes
<Pokchu> get darkfox in here now
<DLB> so we have X3 on arbchatlol
<DLB> shenne: oh there are some gems in har
<cirrus> Sheneequa: I already have one up on [[darkfox]]
<Pokchu> the only way for this to go anywhere is for you to bring in Darkfox
<BURK> shen ooooh we have some
<cirrus> about the SL hugbox
<Pokchu> so get him in here
* Sheneequa is now known as facepaws
* facepaws *
<Pokchu> lol
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun you do understand that you have doomed darkfox unless you bring him here right?
*Hoverround* can u pls unban me from my other hostmask
<DLB> *facepaws*
-> *Hoveround* fine
* Pokchu sets mode: -b *!*@l0ld0ngs-9BE4D858.dyn.iinet.net.au
<DLB> we will just front page that article for as long as it takes to get him here
<CrimsonWings_Eun> meh im trying
* Hoveround has joined #arbchat
<DLB> and make it even moar vicious
* Hoverround was kicked by Pokchu (Pokchu�)
* Hoverround has joined #arbchat
<BURK> we will lie
* Hoverround has quit IRC (Quit: *facepaws*�)
<DLB> haha
<facepaws> kekekeke
<DLB> oh god
<CrimsonWings_Eun> lol hes not even any where near a PC at this point so whats it matter?
<DLB> new meme?
<BURK> we will make up shit you cant even imagine
<facepaws> I love facepaws
*Hoveround* thx
<DLB> iawtc
<Pokchu> lol facepaws
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun it mattered enough for you to delete it didnt it?
* cirrus *facepaws* facepaws
<CrimsonWings_Eun> matters to me because i see it
<BURK> you realize that ed is one of the top ranked sites on the internet right
<BURK> and that now your freinds ed page will be at the top of google
<Pokchu> well
<Pokchu> once it's front paged anyway
*Hoveround* sorry if it sounded like i was being authoritative before, it was actually how i conducted #arbchats which got me permanat ops in #ED in the first place
<DLB> i thought you said he was mentally distressed over the article
*Hoveround* i just hate it when people talk in circles (when it isnt lulzy)
<DLB> and he couldn't come in here and do this himself?
-> *Hoveround* It's okay, ilu still
<CrimsonWings_Eun> parents....
<BURK> and now thanks to you CrimsonWings_Eun he will get even more fursecution
<cirrus> i don't understand
<BURK> and likely suicide with bricks and knives
<cirrus> he was playing WoW earlier and now his parents are angry because of irc?
<cirrus> or am i wrong?
<DLB> who knows
<Pokchu> I vote for Darkfox to be AOTN the 17th and the 18th until Darkfox himself gets here
<Pokchu> all in favor?
<BURK> and they let him have a room in secondlife
<cirrus> seconded
<Hoveround> i second
<BURK> you say that like he owns land
<Hoveround> motion carrier
<Hoveround> motion carried
<cirrus> motion carrier!
<cirrus> release drones
<cirrus> VICTORY
<Sherrod> heh
<Sherrod> you people are like a pack of wolves
<BURK> if he owns land and plays wow, and has the computer and internet connection required for those things
<BURK> that means his parents give him a considerable ammount of money
<CrimsonWings_Eun> he doesnt own lad
<Hoveround> i still want to see verifiable evidence that CrimsonWings_Eun isnt Darkfox
<cirrus> Sherrod: isn't it beautiful?
<BURK> not very likely of abusive parents
<Hoveround> there is NOTHING conclusive presented yet
<CrimsonWings_Eun> its group owned and he part of the group
<DLB> crim: can i have irl pix of you so i can fap to it while reading the logs of this arbchat?
<DLB> crim: can i have irl pix of you so i can fap to it while reading the logs of this arbchat?
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun he still has a wow account
<BURK> and abusive parents wouldnt buy their kid a pc to begin with
<CrimsonWings_Eun> true but GL finding him
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun thanks to you we have his sl name
<CrimsonWings_Eun> and didnt i say he would be back later today?
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun you say a lot 
<cirrus> you said he would be back in an hour
<BURK> but have little to show
<cirrus> it is now an hour
<CrimsonWings_Eun> ones SL name is easy to find
<Pokchu> yes
<Pokchu> I highly doubt that Darkfox really gets abused
<cirrus> it is an acute case of 17 year old teen angst
<Pokchu> yup
<cirrus> mom won't let him stay up to watch avril lavigne videos
<cirrus> and eat brownies
<facepaws> dude every 17 year old in the world has abusive parents
<Pokchu> cirrus: but avril does bubblegum pop now
<CrimsonWings_Eun> whatever
<BURK> CrimsonWings_Eun you dont know abuse
<Pokchu> He probably has no IRL friends, so he pretends to be dark and disturbed so people try to offer him help
<BURK> i have a freind
<cirrus> Pokchu: apparently. i have heard/seen it once
<BURK> who lives in argentina
<cirrus> it was disturbing
<BURK> who has never kissed a man
<Pokchu> cirrus: true
<DLB> and nagas
<BURK> but has been raped 3 times
<Pokchu> lok
<Pokchu> lol
<DLB> lol butt raep
<cirrus> BURK: this is very sad
<Pokchu> I think I know this friend you're talking about
<Pokchu> That is very unfortunate
<DLB> vxp? XD
<DLB> kekeke
<BURK> dlb no fdd
<DLB> that would explain a lot about his faggotry
<Pokchu> DLB: fuhduhduh
<DLB> *facepaws*
<cirrus> LAWL
<Pokchu> LOL
<cirrus> well played
<Hoveround> *facepaws*
* Pokchu facepaws
<DLB> the furry AIDS has infected arbchat
<cirrus> in classic anime style, EVERYONE *facepaws*
<Hoveround> facepaws are the cancer that is killing arb.
<Pokchu> LOL ANIME!!!11/
<cirrus> so, Crimson, I herd u liek Kingdom Hearts
<Pokchu> moar like the lulz that are strengthing arb
* CrimsonWings_Eun has quit IRC (Quit: �)
<Pokchu> OSHI
<BURK> aww
<cirrus> oh shi0
<cirrus> i found out his secret
<Pokchu> Is arbchat over?
<BURK> hi fives all around gaiz
<cirrus> he couldn't handle the truth!
<Pokchu> ^5
<Hoveround> guys
<cirrus> ^5
<Hoveround> we need his AIM name
<Hoveround> ^paws

Part Two: Crimson Returns

* Crim has joined #arbchat
<DLB> welcome back crim
<Crim> PC went boom T,T
<DLB> lol
<DLB> we thought you just quit and left us :(
<Crim> i should in all respects considering
<cirrus> Darkfox is apparently located in Fort Wayne
<cirrus> IN
<cirrus> http://www.frappr.com/?a=constellation_map&mapid=68719910710
<DLB> good man cirrus
<DLB> that's his shitty art alright
<cirrus> cam: just plotting ruination
<cam> exxcellent
<Hoveround> im doing reverse dns atm, one sec gaiz 
<BURK> crim
<BURK> why dont i believe you
<Crim> huh?
<BURK> why dont i believe that your pc quti
<BURK> maybe because it quit and didnt give an error
<BURK> funny
<Crim> na windows forced a restart
<BURK> ru sad crim?
<facepaws> doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo
<BURK> do you need to maintain ur center?
<cam> BURK!
* BURK was kicked by facepaws (I will not have swearing in my arbchat�)
<cam> SHUTUP
* BURK has joined #arbchat
<BURK> srry
<Hoveround> blasphemy?
<BURK> ill try to control myself
<Crim> do whatever im tired of messing with it
<cirrus> i beat u hov ;D
<BURK> but no fyiad by the furry please
<cam> lol
<Crim> hes going to just run away again and i got too much shit in my life to baby him, hes a close freind but even i have my limits of patience
<BURK> crim is ur life tough?
<BURK> not enough pie? :/
<BURK> i used to cut myself because my mom would make me apple pie and not chocolate
<Crim> thats not funny
<BURK> crim remember, its down the road not across the lane
<cirrus> BURK: don't listen to Crim, i think you're funny
<Crim> ahve any of you ever had to deal with some one close to you commiting suicide?
<cirrus> Crim: yes
<BURK> crim yes
<Hoveround> a while ago yes
<Crim> mabe im just too sencative on the subject then
<cirrus> i have had friends of mine murdered, die of drug overdoses AND commit suicide
<BURK> and why i havent attempted suicide i did self harm for a number of years and have a few lovely scars to show for it
<Autistic> Yes
<cirrus> and it wasn't about emo shit either
<facepaws> sencative on the subject then
<facepaws> mabe im just too sencative on the subject then
<facepaws> mabe im just too sencative on the subject then
<BURK> *facepaws*
<facepaws> my brother committed suicide in 2000
<cirrus> this is irrelevant
<Crim> lol never claimed to be the best typist
<facepaws> I do not use it to make myself a victim of the world
<BURK> crim i have a feeling you like to cry and moan on the internet
<cirrus> Crim: you thought it was important enough to blank Darkfox's page, but now you don't care about it
<BURK> but havent realy been through anything
<cirrus> you have very strange allegiance to your friend
<Crim> well in tired, im pissed off and i just dont care
<BURK> cirrus yes
<BURK> and now hes even talking badly about him
<BURK> saying "my patience can only go so far"
<Crim> maybe a kick in the ass will make him realize what i do for him
<cirrus> also, Darkfox still hasn't showed up nor has he shown any reason to require "babying" about the subject
<facepaws> ooh I can't wait til mah chikens heated up
<BURK> crim you dont do anything for him
<BURK> oh no
<BURK> i think i know what happend
<Crim> burk shut up
<BURK> crim here has a crush on darkfox
<Crim> na hes straight
<Hoveround> guys, is KY next to IN
<cirrus> Crim: if you would like us to provide the kick in the ass, provide all darkfox chatlogs to ED for perusal
<BURK> crim exactly
<Crim> and i have a BF
<Hoveround> guys, is KY next to IN
<BURK> hoveround google? O.o
<Hoveround> no fuck google
<Hoveround> learn your own damn country
<Hoveround> lol
<Crim> the reason i dont care any more is because he bitched at me for trying to help and ust left, maybe he will realize how much i help if i just stop trying and leave
<BURK> yes it is 
<BURK> crim
<Hoveround> is OH next to KY also?
<BURK> you dont do anything
<cirrus> Crim: you are making no sense, please prove to us that he bitched at you
<Crim> um hold on
<BURK> you hang out in fucking second life
<BURK> prove to us that you do anything
<BURK> show us logs
<Crim> burk shut up
<Hoveround> uhh no crim
<Hoveround> i am backing burk up
<Hoveround> show us something
<Crim> looking
<Hoveround> all you have done so far is speak on behalf of someone
<cirrus> Crim: provide logs or we shall proceed in ruining Darkfox
<Hoveround> youve been 'looking' for an hour
<cirrus> it will go beyond "untruth"
<Crim> ruin him go for it
<cirrus> people have killed themselves over being ruined
<cirrus> do you really want that on your conscience?
<Crim> lol its just the internet
<Crim> can always just walk away
<BURK> grim
<cirrus> well Darkfox seems to take his internet very seriously indeed
<BURK> we will ruin you too
<BURK> and no 
<BURK> we arent your average trolls
<cirrus> Crim: you have given us more than enough ammunition
<Crim> go
<Crim> fire away
<Crim> im tired of dealinh with his whiny ass
<BURK> crim tell me, 
<BURK> have you ever talked to him outside of the internet
<Crim> no nor do i want to?
<BURK> outside of this little furry clique of yours
<BURK> then you have done nothing for him
* Pokchu is now known as PokAFK
<BURK> but bring ruin upon him by coming here
<cirrus> Crim: you are a basement dweller and are not "friends" with Darkfox at all
<Hoveround> [09:36] <BURK> have you ever talked to him outside of the internet
<Hoveround> [09:36] <Crim> no nor do i want to?
<BURK> and we all know you have an advanced case of internets disease
<Hoveround> you spent so much time trying to get us to remove the page
<cirrus> you "know" him, but have no personal connection to him other than being a fellow furfag
<BURK> there is no way you will just leave the internet
<Hoveround> and now suddenly you're like "go ahead i dont care lol"
<Crim> im done with him
<BURK> it wont be long before we find your phone number and tell your parents about how you like to dress up as an animal on the internet and fuck horsemen
<BURK> crim do you know of sokitwopaw?
<cirrus> we have done it before
<BURK> or duke otterland
<Crim> thats hharassment and you can be sued for it
<BURK> crim lolololol
<cirrus> orly?
<Crim> yarly
<BURK> what court would take it
<cirrus> ED has yet to suffer any lawsuit
<cam> cirrus: no
<cam> There was a law suit once
<cirrus> and would you like it to be legal knowledge that you dress up like an animal on the internet and fuck horses?
<cirrus> cam: oh, why was i unaware of this?
<BURK> also didnt weev go to court with the nathanr drama or something?
<Hoveround> oh god
<Hoveround> i can imagine weev in court
<cam> cirrus: because you're insane
<cirrus> cam: ah
<cam> weev: "jews did wtc. that is all"
<BURK> hoveround i imagine it would be lulz
<cirrus> Hoveround: I am lolling
<Hoveround> "all i can say, your honour, is that there is a zionist conspiracy to destroy america. lol dongs."
<cam> LOL
<cirrus> "your honour, i present exhibit a. a dong. its fucking hilarious"
<cam> hahaha
<cirrus> kk, back on topic
<BURK> crim
<BURK> no court would take this
<BURK> remember that you and your furfag freinds are still sexual deviants
<cirrus> Crim: would you really like to involve yourself in a lawsuit that would most definitely include shitting dick niples
<BURK> hell sodomy is illegal in kentucky isnt it?
<cam> FACT: Sherrod generates controversy by simply existing.
<cirrus> cam: only on your planet :P
<cam> truth
<BURK> anyone else notice how crims ip and hostmask changed?
<cirrus> anyway, Crim, I do believe you are seriously underestimating that which is ED
<cam> but really though, how would someone know that Sherrod = Grivinyl without being told or having been in the ED Government
<cam> Disregard the fact that like three people told me straight up
<cirrus> well, you go to [[Girlvinyl]] and it redirects to [[Sherrod]]
<cam> i never go to [[Grilvinyl]] though
<cirrus> you might
<cirrus> i ended up on it once, i think there was a promise of noods
* PokAFK is now known as Pokchu
<cam> good point
<BURK> lol guys
<Homicide> So what's the word?
<BURK> isnt that #ed discussion
<cirrus> Homicide: in the beginning the was the word. and the word was loldongs
<BURK> guys
<BURK> notice how his ip changed?
<cirrus> BURK: this is correct. arbchat is derailing
<BURK>  /whois crim
<BURK> no fuse
<BURK> now tell me crim
<BURK> if your comp crashed
<BURK> and you had to reboot
* facepaws *
<BURK> what happend to your hostmask
<Crim> hmm?
<BURK> now i dont claim to be some high fangled city attourney
<BURK> but your honah when someone leaves dis hear irc and comes back his ip address should match
<Hoveround> umm burk
<Hoveround> it did
<Crim> using a differnt client
<Hoveround> it reverses to the same IP
<BURK> hoveround dude 
<BURK> lol
<Hoveround> i checked with ajt
<Hoveround> you never asked
<Hoveround> and there is some evidence to  back up his claim he is in KY
<Hoveround> there is other evidence that suggests he is in OH
<Crim> im using a web based client as im sure you can tell
<Hoveround> such as the ARIN record for the IP he is connecting on
<Hoveround> but this could be laziness on behalf of cin bell
<BURK> crim and why are you using a web based client now?
<cirrus> beaten
* facepaws sets mode: +a Crim
<Crim> simplicity
* facepaws sets mode: +v Crim
<Crim> didnt feel like fucking with the regular client
<Crim> windows suck i need to reinstall linux
<cirrus> regular clients should not involve fucking
<cirrus> unless you are a whore
<Hoveround> Crim's ip is reporting as located in Cincinnati OH, at Lat 39.0975, Long -84.4720
<Hoveround> but once again
<Hoveround> this could be cin bell laziness
<Crim> it is
<cam> it iz not
<Crim> the net round here is slow as hell too because they wont upgrade to fiber
<cam> ghetto
<Crim> there running on copper
<Hoveround> what town are you in crim
<Hoveround> because theres FIOS right thru KY
<cam> yeah crim, what slum do you dwell in
<facepaws> lol lunix
<cirrus> iawtc
<Crim> brb
<Crim> i need to use the reqular client, pasting shit isnt working properly
<BURK> crim again
<BURK> why dont i believe you?
<Hoveround> nearest towns to that node:
<Hoveround> Hebron KY
<Crim> brb k?
<Hoveround> Florence KY
<Hoveround> Erlanger KY
<Hoveround> and possibly Ft Mitchell KY
* Crim has left #arbchat
<cirrus> hmmm
* ShadowGamers has joined #arbchat
<cirrus> this boy is confusing and annoying me
<BURK> 18:47] <Crim> thats a federal offence
<BURK> [18:47] <BURK> how
<BURK> [18:47] <BURK> you arent a member of the government
<BURK> [18:47] <BURK> nor are you a government office
<BURK> [18:48] <Crim> lol a good freind of mine was a cop for 10 years, bite that
<cirrus> oh shi-
* Crim has joined #arbchat
<facepaws> dude
<facepaws> being a cop's friend
<BURK> oh hai crim
<cirrus> we gonna get the boys in blue on our asses
<facepaws> protects you from EVERYTHING
<cirrus> hi Crim, we were just talking about you
* cam has quit IRC (Quit: PROTIP: Sherrod = Grilvinyl [hence the major suck ups]�)
<Crim> i know
<facepaws> my friend committed murder he was gonna go to jail for 7 years
<facepaws> then they found out the victim was a FRIEND OF A COP
<BURK> crim did the partyvan parked outside my house tell you that i was talking about you?
<facepaws> he was hung that afternoon
<BURK> facepaws such a tragedy :/
* facepaws *
<cirrus> facepaws: i *facepaw* for your friend
<cirrus> Crim: we are hungry and await delicious copypasta
* Autistic has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
<Homicide> I'm logging if anything epic happens.
<Crim> hmmm?
<Crim> oh sorry
* ShadowGamers is now known as Autistic
<Crim> [16:38]  CrimsonWings Eun: is digging some ones personal information just to harass them and degrade their charater illegal?
<Crim> [16:39]  CrimsonWings Eun: some fucktards on the iternet are saying there going to get my phone number and make stupid calls
<Crim> [16:44]  Hoofn Ireton: whaa, why
<Crim> [16:44]  Hoofn Ireton: its illegale yes
<Crim> [16:45]  Hoofn Ireton: fed law
<Crim> [16:45]  CrimsonWings Eun: because their stupid and thy think because there part of an inportant website they can do whatever they want
<Crim> [16:47]  Hoofn Ireton: no one can harras you with phone calls its traceable and fineable
<Crim> [16:49]  CrimsonWings Eun: thanks
<BURK> crim do you have aspergers or attention deficit disorder?
<Crim> lol im major ADHD
<cirrus> makes perfect sense now
<cirrus> Crim: that is irrelevant to the topic at hand
<cirrus> stop wasting our time
<cirrus> we have requested chatlogs between you and Darkfox
<Crim> burk says hes going to call my house and do stupid shit and im proving him wrong
<BURK> crim you havent met my freind feltcho
<BURK> dont worry
<cirrus> Crim: you proved nothing
<BURK> youll meet him soon enough
<Crim> dont worry bout it do whatever with the page
<cirrus> BURK: he is a good man
<BURK> cirrus i know, id feltch feltcho
<cirrus> so Crim, you no longer care about Darkfox or the ruin that you have brought upon him and yourself, correct?
<facepaws> okay now
<facepaws> where is Darkfox?
<Crim> nope, whos dark fox?
<cirrus> Crim: no
<BURK> crim
<BURK> you are truely the lowest form of life
<facepaws> Crim please
<BURK> im an inhuman monster
<facepaws> justify your existance for the channel
<BURK> but im not a weasle like you
<Autistic> Oh god what did I miss
<cirrus> Fail and AIDS
* facepaws is now known as Sheneequa
* Crim was kicked by Sheneequa (why are you here�)
<BURK> shen
<BURK> noooo 
<Autistic> WHY
<BURK> i wanted to talk some more shit to him
<cirrus> he may come back
<Sheneequa> he hasn't said anything funny for like 10 minutes