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link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Darkness Shines Darkness Shines (AKA Mark Nutley) is a wikipedo, hater of the First Amendment, and WikiNazi. He claims his username is derived from Moonshine but it actually refers to his favorite gay fudge-packing porn flic. Being a gay, alcoholic & right-wing Muslim makes him a triple nigger for the Muslim community. He lives alone with his mother in a basement somewhere in the middle of England.

He used to troll wikipedia as Last Angry Man and Mark Nutley until he got banned, then created another sock and edited as Darkness Shines. After getting even more piss drunk than usual he admitted that he is banned sockmaster Mark Nutley.

Darkness Shines used to go on ANI witch hunts until he got witch hunted himself. Karma baby.

The world according to Darkness Shine's propaganda


  • Global warming is actually ordained by Allah.
  • In any conflict or massacre, the Muslims are always the victims. If someone disagrees, cry Islamophobia.
  • Which Non-Muslims? Those are terrorists.
  • Darkness Shines is against the right-wing, calling them all fascists and Islamophobic pricks. Except when they are of the most ridiculous type. Then he leads the fight against all commies, especially the UK Labour party, climate scientists & reptilian aliens. Serving the cabal makes wikipedos behave strangely.
  • If getting caught vandalizing or edit-warring on wikipedia, blame your behaviour on alcohol and promise you'll never edit wikipedia drunk again. (It worked 2,700 times until the admins finally had enough).

How to troll Darkness Shines

  • Remind him that he has the longest block log in wikipedia history (even without considering the block logs of his many sockpuppets)
  • Create an account with an anti-Muslim username and tell him that it is the best user name ever.
  • Impersonate Nangparbat by redoing any of their edits. Do this a few days in a row. He will waste his and other wikipedo's time trying to report you.
  • Ask him why he loves Terrorism and 9/11
  • Say "Fuck Allah" (99% success rate!)

How to spot one of Darkness Shine's socks

  • Impersonate Nangparbat by redoing any of their edits. He will try to report you even while he is socking himself or evading his own block.
  • Tell him that he will get free beer if he admits on ANI that he is socking. It worked!!!

Quotes about Darkness Shines

  • We are talking about a person who managed to rack up some thirty separate blocks for disruptive editing and personal attacks in the course of six years (not counting those for socking), and the only person I can remember who managed to get himself topic-banned for disruptive editing in three seperate arbcom-sanctioned areas (climate change, India/Pakistan, and Eastern Europe). We are talking about a person who managed to talk himself out of long-term blocks with promises of good behaviour a full 12 times, and ended up re-blocked or re-sanctioned within a month or two on ten out of those twelve occasions.[1]
  • Isn't this Marknutley? I remember his worthless pestering during the great global warming nonsense of ten years ago.[2]
  • Darkness Shines.... was he one of those political tag team editor types? If so, fuck him and good riddance. That kind of editor wasted more time at ANI and the notice boards than any other.[3]
  • It is my opinion the editor Darkness Shines is an unrepentant POV-pusher who sees the world through the lens of "us" vs. "them", an opinion echoed by other editors at ANI threads and other editors not involved in this dispute (cf. Talk:British Pakistanis). [4]
  • Here is an editor, Darkness Shines who is a persistent POV pusher, typical recidivist who is adept at seeming civil to those who he thinks matter (BTW I don't matter. I am a nationalistic prick according to him)... The remarkable thing is that the block was lifted with claims that are, at best, vague and inadequate. He was unblocked by an admin (i.e. RegentsPark) who was, both the times, deeply involved with him on multiple threads about controversial topics. RegentsPark has, in past, unblocked him several times, no wonder he unblocked him after the first two weeks block, claiming he has changed. Bammm! DS gets blocked again (by Spartaz) within days of his unblock, again two weeks block. RP again amazingly deemed it fit to unblock him even when he again claimed that "this block is bollocks". Right way to appeal blocks?[5]
  • Huge, huge, huge ADMIN FAIL. We've had nothing but problem after problem with Darkness Shines for three fucking years, and it takes this admission to finally get him blocked? This is precisely why admin tools need to be debundled. Admins simply can't protect normal editors who want to get through a single day without dealing with nonsense. . I will not forget the enormous amount of time Marknutley wasted followed by the incredible timesink of Darkness Shines. How many times was Darkness Shines brought here and how many times did admins do nothing? Sorry, but I think the admin institution has served its purpose and no longer benefits the community. It is simply unbelievable that Darkness Shines was allowed to edit here for three years. Yes, and it seems like more admins than editors loved him, considering the groveling I'm seeing on his talk page. I'm not at all surprised, considering that Darkness Shines made the editing environment impossible and had numerous admins to watch his back (see their comments on his talk page if you don't believe me). Once again, we see the admin community doing what they do best. [6]


Darkness Shines was able to get unblocked again and again because he was adept at seeming civil to those who matter.

  • RegentsPark (unblocked Darkness Shines numerous times, blocks those who criticize him for it)
  • Sitush
  • Vanamonde93
  • Gerda Arendt
  • The Cabal

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