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Darrentmail at his arraignment. Obviously, that is the face of PURE EVIL!

Darrentmail is an IMDb user, often referred to as DT. He hates preps with a passion. He also hates Ice-Ice-Baby with a passion. He is real serious business and was arrested on December 2, 2006. He had many rants posted against "teenybopper preps". DT had also been keeping various weapons like "an AK-47-like semiautomatic rifle, 22 rounds of ammo and a bat with protruding nails" he dubbed the “ugly stick.” In an Oct. 13 online posting, Thompson said he came up with the weapon’s name “because it can (expletive) someone up and make them ‘ugly.’ ”[1] He causes much internet drama and lulz.

More About DT

Widow's peak FTW!!!1
  • He has various weapon collections. He likes to collect AKs,and swords. He, on several occasions, has asked Ice-Ice-Ugly to show up in his town so he can carve her up/rape her.
  • He buys some KILLER SWEET ASS swords at a store called Xswords. LULZ don't they know he is insane.
  • He claims to be a chef even though he is a renowned basement dweller.
  • He totally wants to have buttsex with big-nosed Ice-Ice-Baby.

DT and Preps

He was picked on by preps and was sick of it and bashs them on imdb on the Jesse McCartney boards, thinking he was making a difference. DT has stated that he would like to blow up prep stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and Old Navy. DT also states he is waiting for marriage. LOL, what a fag.

DT and the Jesse McCartney Board

  • DT looms over the Jesse McCartney boards, with his army of anti-preps. Any time someone is identified as a prep, he envelopes them with his same old anti-prep propaganda.

DT's postings to preps

  • "Preps are emasculated pussies, and they picked on me when I was little. Wah Wah Wah! I hate preps! Why didn't my mommy love me? I hate preps!"
  • "I like to drink and smoke, because that is what people are supposed to do. One time I got really drunk and smoked a lot and that was cool."

Typical Darrentmail Post


DT is a Good guy at heart

DT may be whiny and annoying, but is a good guy at heart. (This was added so the psycho doesn't use his swords to chop me up.)

Forget we said that. He is not a good guy and can kill you all.

DT's secret

DT and Osama chatting about how they should kill all teenyboppers

Many on the boards knew that he was a chef at a hotel but little knew of his secret occupation as a member of Al Qaida. Everyone thinks that Al Qaida was against america but they're actually against preps. Apparrently, 9/11 was just a mix-up. They confused the twin towers with a nearby Abercrombie and Fitch store. I'm sure soon DT will run away to Afghanistan and live in Osama's cave until they come up with a perfect way to extinguish the world of preps.


About time coppers! He was a psychopath! HE COULD'VE KILLED US ALL!!!!

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