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David After Dentist is a shitty video displaying some fat nerd drugging his son, grabbing a camera and cashing in on the results. It, unsurprisingly, took off like wildfire on the PooTube and every faggot with no friends wanted in on the action. The popularity of the video has resulted in profits being made by the dipshits at knowyourmeme.com and the father involved in the drugging of the child. Oh, did we mention the bumper-stickers?

Admittedly, watching a drugged kid talk rabid trash is a pretty interesting concept. Unfortunately, a plague of unfunny jumped onto this humorous video before it even had a chance to ascend the ranks of "hey did you see that thing on the internet..."

Within days, variation videos were posted all over YouTube, starring anything and anyone ranging from hot chicks, bored college nerds and Darth Vader -- or was that Chad Vader?


The original video

Charlie Bit My Finger... WTF??

Now the prick father is trying to turn the incident with his drugged out kid into another moronic "Charlie Bit My Finger" craze in order to get his own 5 minutes of fame. However, what Charlie didn't know is that he now has aids and will die. Problem solved.

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