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The artist and his negroid daughters.

David Černý is a sculptor and an IRL troll from the Czech Republic. After years of having severely pwned his own country on too many occasions to count, Cerny grew bored of trolling the same place all the time and decided to troll all of Europe. He succeeded in January 2009 and received over 9,000 Canadian dollars euro for his hard work, proving the power of old memes - specifically, that successful troll can indeed be extremely successful.

Pwning Europe

Geographically correct view of Germany.

In 2008, Cerny made more money than you by getting 50 grand in grant from the European Council, in return for working with sculptors from the 27 European Union nations, in order to create and exhibit 27 sculptures codenamed "Entropa" to honor those nations. Cerny then tastefully trolled the whole continent by delivering on time, but explaining that he took the instructions to mean that rather than honor the countries, he was supposed to "honor" them.

And that he did. Although, regrettably, the exhibition lacks any trace of mudkips, the black person or 34, the sculptures make up for those shortcomings by depicting each country as follows:

Priests during an erection.

In sounds and images.


Turks pee in this?

While the European Council itself was enthusiastic and wanted to recommission Cerny, the exhibition resulted in massive outcry from several depicted countries (and applause or boredom from the others). All of the butthurt countries claimed to have nothing in common with their portrayals; aiming to prove it, Holland's Dutch Party promptly announced a jihad on Cerny, Germany called him a Jew and threatened to put him in the hot spot, Slovakia tried to bribe him, and Bulgaria was so pissed on off that its words of protest only came out as sounds of gargling. Groups of Irish patriots were also concerned with the fact that Cerny did not include the UK - "them fookin' English bastards got off easy like!".

Reacting to that, Cerny issued an apologetic response and a deeply moving explanation: "YHBT".

Trolling Redux

With the sounds of butthurt still loud, Cerny proved his trolling prowess further by rubbing salt in the wounds and admitting that none of the other 26 sculptors actually existed, their biographies and quotes were all made up by him, he was the designer of all the sculptures, and he pocketed all the millions of Czech dollars that the sculptors were supposed to share. This time, however, Cerny managed to suppress the flames and avoid causing further outcry by admitting: "I did it for the lulz".

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