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They kill humans, billions of them, which is great for the environment.


David Hogg, answering the Reddit question: "What is a positive reason for mosquitoes to exist?".

David Miles Hogg (a.k.a. Bossy Hogg and Daisy Hogg) is a sociopathic "1718-year-old" crybaby, cyber bully, amateur Elliot Rodger impersonator and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student who was tragically not shot to death by Nikolas Cruz on February 14, 2018. Before the bodies of 17 of his supposed friends even had the chance to begin rigor mortis, David—who is a brainwashed liberal muppet and the unholy spawn of a Hillary-loving FBI agent—decided to abuse this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get himself on national television by demanding gun control along with several of his gay little friends.

Mere days after the shooting, Hogg was verified by Twatter despite the fact that they had supposedly shut down the verification process months earlier in response to liberals whining about the site verifying "Nazis" and other individuals who just weren't progressive enough in their politics. Some argue that this is proof that either Darth Soros and his Globalist Storm Troopers paid off Twitter or Twitter is just a liberal hugbox and Jack Dorsey is a fucking tyrant – both of which happen to be at least 100% true.

David has since gone on to order his Twatter followers to harass Faux News's Laura Ingraham and has started reforming the Hitler Youth in a way that appeals more to young millennials.



—Lauren Hogg, white knighting her brother all the way to FLOTUS Archive today-ico.png (archive)

In addition, Hogg has endeared himself to the American public by using his status as a minor as a shield, while (LOL he's over 18 now!) cursing in the following interview by some Internet rag called The Outline (which had to disable comments on the video). The video has 581 "likes", and "4.5K" dislikes, so you can bet this interview won't be removed at all.


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