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Dead Frontier is a free browser Survival Horror MMO created by a british cuntbag called Neil Yates (AdminPwn) and his retarded brother (Xaelath) in Neil's basement. And just like most browser-based games that has zombies in it, you can buy premium crap and spend your money like a dumbass on their brand of magic game money called credits, which is a waste because you can buy them with in-game money, too. There's also the failure of a barter system where you would pray to god that you can find someone who won't trade you a fork for a minigun, this is considered to be a pointless system since no one wants to give away their shit. It also has a a gay forum where underage dweebs talk about their uninteresting life and cry how it's unfair that the items are too fucking expensive, it's notable that more people spend their time on there than the game, mostly due to the fact that they are lazy shits who can't go exploring in the game. The reward for getting to the top of the leader boards is having access to a special shop that sells expensive shit that would be impossible for you to buy with the game money, so you have to buy credits to get more money, it is believed that the creators of the game did it on purpose to get more jew gold.


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You kill zombies with guns, steal from dead people, get raped by invincible killing machines disguised as challenging bosses, repeat. Now go play Killing Floor, n00b.

Starting Classes


You will never get this gun. No exceptions.
Dog food is an actual item. You fucking eat it.


Burning Zed IRL.
  • Regular Zed: A newfag zombie.
  • Fat Zed: Eats food like you;.
  • Burned Zed: A newfag pyromaniac who became a zombie.
  • Radioactive Zed: A zombie that pukes acid all over you; It wants to give you a blow job whenever you come near it.
  • Burning Zed: A successful pyromaniac who was infected; counts as a newfag boss.
  • Leaper: The only mutant that can pwn you with one hit.Seriously.
  • Spider: Leading cause of FFFUUUUUUUUU-.
  • Bloat: Fat Zed with a bigger mouth to suck big cocks; then it will vomit on you.
  • Bone: Common mutant on drugs.
  • Reaper: Has a bladed arm with a 100 foot range; it known for sticking it's blade up your ass.
  • Tendril: Reaper in loli form plus negro speed; It's known for wanting to stick it's multiple cocks up your ass.
  • Siren: Emo that's horny and wants to give you a blow job and screams; this alerts everyone in the area to rape you in the ass.
  • Brute: Fat zombie, add 1000 lbs. and explodes on death.


  • Titan: A Bone with a ridiculous amount of health. Oh yeah, is like 16 feet tall and it wants to give you a blow job. Can bitch slap users with a good amount of force.
  • Flaming Titan: Guess what; this one's faster and can bitch slap users even moar harder.
  • Mother: Probably the most fucked up enemy in the entire game. A pregnant lady who's baby is now fused into her stomach and throws up everywhere. Bravo, Neil, you've created vaginal goatse.
  • Flaming Mother: ready for round 2?
  • Giant Spider: After being killed countless times by Spiders, good news, now they are bigger AND faster.
  • Flaming Giant Spider: This just in, the giant spider is now stronger than ever ^_^
  • Wraith: A jailbate Tendril. You'd hit it, sick fuck; be aware as she has multiple cocks that are bigger than yours that will be stuck up your ass.
  • Flaming Wraith: Guess what, this one is stronger, so brace yourself for penetration XD
One easy step to combat these. Step one, kill yourself.

Halloween Bosses This is temporary

  • Pumpkin Zombie: Same shit as the newfag boss except it gives out some prizes.
  • Slender Man: Copyrighted shit; has a ridiculous amount of health and a almost one hit kill.
  • Black Titan: A nigger version of a titan; ultimate cause of rage.



Dead Frontier Hacked Game Play
You'll be running backwards the entire game
Dead Frontier 3D Fort Pastor Mission Save The Data BUG (FAIL)
DEAD FRONTIER 31 - Epic Fail Time!

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