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Our illustrious Chinese overlords have once again trolled the moralfags of the United States. Shock and horror abound on yon intertubes about the poor, helpless 21 dead baby corpses that were rather unceremoniously dumped in a river. Mouth-breathers shriek at the idea that these poor helpless children likely died at the hands of the evil chinks, but moreso because they did not announce what sex the bodies were! Apparently, baby corpses are only okay if they are male. Because as everyone knows, the male genitalia is cause of all of the evil in the world. This is why Catholics must "Lay on Hands" their altar boys to "exorcise" the demonic spirit.

China vs. the "Civilized" World

The other white meat.

The civilized world apparently can't pick up a dictionary to look up what the fucking word "agrarian" means to know that it has jackshit all to do with the 1 Child policy of an entirely overpopulated China. Dipshits in civilized countries seem to forget that not everyone is born with a silver dildo in their ass and as such, they tend to have a rather high mortality rate. When you LIVE OFF THE LAND without the luxuries of things like KFC and penicillin, you tend to have a fairly high death rate. So having say, twenty children and only having two of them survive lends you to not really giving much of a fuck if one ends up dead or not.

Our Chinese overlords do not view dead babies with the same reverence we do. They view them as bad luck and a bad omen. This superstitious drivel is of course, lamented by the crucifaggots who will undoubtedly kneel at the foot of their bed tonight and ask their invisible man for some arbitrary bullshit that means nothing to anyone. Superstitious beliefs are only relevant when they are your own after all.

Well America is not far behind China, we have a president who, when he was a governor he passed a law that allowed a baby to be aborted up to the last trimester, meaning nine months of pregnancy? I wonder which country really believes in God?


—Some faggot.

Those responsible for this devilish act will never go unpunished before their death. What a wicked way to bury the little angels. The world must rise and fight against this heinious act..


—Yeap. Every baby is an angel. Every woman is a princess. Every man is scum. AMIRITE.



—They were dead. Not alive.

Parallels to Obamacare

Good news. The Neo-Fascists of the right wing who can't be bothered to use grammar or a fucking spell-checker have latched onto this story as a prelude to what Obamacare will do to the good ol' United States of Americunts. They are not the only ones afraid of what could possibly befall us by having a public option for health care. But then again, some people also know the difference between a DEMOCRAT, a SOCIALIST, and a COMMUNIST. IE Not you.

Well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck.. then it must be a socialist!



Shut the fuck up. You couldn't recognize a socialist if he sat on your face being that you don't know what one is.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dead babies of all ages; we are on the cusp of obliteration at the hands of Obamacare. You too shall soon see piles of dead baby corpses without pre-determined causes of death whose families apparently paid some mortuary workers for their disposal littering your rivers. As we all know, dead babies are the natural result of a health care system. The fucking horror.

There goes socialist healthcare at it finest.


—Another idiot who hasn't looked up the word Socialism.

I guess when your country has universal health care you have to cut corners somehow


—Like killing you.

China is a Socialist country, the same type of country OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS are trying to turn America into. One more reason to run from Obama and the Democrats. By the way, Obama and the Democrats are pro-abortion also, soon America will have babies floating down the Potomac River.


—Zieg Obama! Oh wait.

Babies Need to Die

Where dead babies go when they die.

We at ED stand behind the notion that babies need to die. There is a finite amount of fresh water and natural resources on this planet. You miserable faggots that think life is some sanctified bullshit need to pull your heads out of your asses before we all die. Oh yes, it's fine and good to send your .99 cents to Sally Sluthole in Nigeria to support some nigger baby for five lifetimes or what the fuck ever. A nice slow, painful death at the hands of a warlord with a machete will be much better. Or better yet when that child is no longer a child and still has no fucking food or water. Two weeks of starving to death is much worse than 15 years of starving to death.

All life is not precious. All life is not worth it. The population problem could easily be solved by rounding up all Pro-Lifers and sending them off to camp.

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