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The EDISP wins every time.

Lj-favicon.png dearasshole is a LiveJournal community in which people write long-winded letters to assholes that they will never send due to their overwhelming fear of other people and confrontation.


During the month of November, 2004, dearasshole went on a recruiting drive. Instead of just encouraging their members to talk about it or posting on Lj-favicon.png community_promo, they sent out large batches of membership invites to people who had never previously heard of the community. The resulting influx of people certainly bolstered the lagging community, but brought with it an inevitable dose of trolling.

Fireuzer and Kingdeadfish were but the first of many to post letters to the community and receive the vaunted "You're too much of an asshole" email from the moderator, with a subsequent ban. Over the following weeks this action was to be played out many times over, with the moderator later being reported as having claimed that the invites were the inside work of a troll and not dearasshole policy.

The community remained closed to membership for a long while, but is currently accepting new members on an approval basis, as if it's such a fucking privilege to be chosen for one of at least 100 angry-letters community on LJ. There are about two or three posts per month -- that's excitement, folks.

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