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Ramblings of a Social Reject

Since the closing of Yahoo! Chat's User Rooms (she was originally a reg of Ask a Witch), Dearlight Dragon, a lonely spinster from Paris, Texas has graced Yahoo Paganism:1 with her presence. She comes into the room, at all times of day rambling in barely coherent text (Dearlight's I.Q. is only around 90 points, which means she is mentally retarded) about various maladies that she supposedly has. Dearlightdragon is a social leper

Is this what Leprosy Looks Like? Note The Look of Displeasure on the Cat's Face

and is unaffectionately called "deartard" by the other Paganism:1 users. Dearlight frequently complains of a wide range of illnesses ranging from various cancers to simple things as her breasts being too large (she has supposedly had 3 breast reductions to correct this). These maladies have supposedly been killing her for a few years now, but her impending doom is starting to seem contrived. Also seemingly contrived is Dearlight's husband "Richard" whom if isn't merely a fantasy has been cheated on multiple times. She also claims to have had an abortion in a parking lot (one of her so called friends told her this), with many people watching.

We don't have confirmation, but our sources tell us that "Richard" (who's always dying of the most terrible diseases imaginable) featured here is actually Dearlight's Brother and their relationship is indicitive of Dearlightdragon's Family's long history of incest

Overcoming Adversity

Despite the odds, Dearlight Dragon has made acquaintances that she thinks are friends, which she greets with a form of cyber violence. When you see Dearlight enter "kick so and so in the nuts" she actually, in her primitive way means "hello". I would liken this cyber violence to primitive caveman behavior. Often, though, this cyber violence is not at all well received by her friend/victim and she ends up being booted out of chat after which, she returns only to proclaim her hatred for chat and vows never to return. She also threatens to sue Yahoo regularly, claiming that she will have the chatrooms shut down, when she becomes angry with persons within the rooms. Your Venerable Author has seen this cycle played out a hundred times over, and has actually booted Dearlight out of chat himself. There is no end to the cycle in sight at the current time. She also likes to rant about sending evil spirits after people and that she's going to put curses on them.

Dearlight in Her Glory Days Before the Leprosy Hit

A Brief Rebuttal

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Satanists, All Hallow's Eve, and the Bloods

Dearlightdragon's life reads like a Lifetime Original Movie script. From tales of running with a bad crowd in highschool and being sucked into a Satanist cult where her best friend Karen gave herself to the leaders on "All Hallow's Eve" and unfortunately became their sex slave before being butchered so that Dearlight could get away; having her children stolen from her womb and being told they were dead, when she knows better--to being involved with the "Bloods"; Dearlight is a never-ending source of chat amusement.

Walker, Texas Ranger

Dearlightdragon, in one of the few truths she's ever told, was an extra in a Walker, Texas Ranger episode playing, you guessed it, a retard. Here is the clip and her one famous line that will go down in LULZ infamy: "RRUUHHH SALLY RRRUUHRHHH!"

Run Sally Run!

A Typical Conversation with Dearlight Dragon

dearlightdragon2002: crow youare worse then dead bitch i do knwo blood

dearlightdragon2002: fuck you bitch surge is my step father and he is coming after you he is fuck demon

dearlightdragon2002: hope your life is rotten cancer kills and i will fuck put you in hell

dearlightdragon2002: crow you are fucked

dearlightdragon2002: you are dead as a fuck door nail

dearlightdragon2002: bitch you ahve had it

dearlightdragon2002: ever see fuck 9 mile

dearlightdragon2002: if you where my friend you see i love richard an if you harm him ic ome after your asorrya ss

dearlightdragon2002: shut the fuck up greg you aid postive nerd

dearlightdragon2002: greg ever one HATES YOU FUCK CHILD MOLSTER

dearlightdragon76013: I do not think i can stand to be up longer right now i do not see why the bad dreams are get worse for me i do not see what to do right now

perky.skirt: § Dearlight you need some caffeine to stay up

perky.skirt: § 1, 2 freddy's coming for you

dearlightdragon76013: JAME SHUT UP AND GO WASH YOU FLESH ROT!


Her glory days


Dearlight's Lame Ass Yahoo Profile

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