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Like all websites on the internets, Death Note Online tried to exist just for the lulz. It was a noble cause, but like all things in life, all it takes is one sick fuck to screw things over. Death Note Online was a website made for the fanboys of the animu. The concept was simple. Write down someone’s name, and then write about how they are going to die in a funny manner. Soon, however, the website backfired. Badly. On November 15, 16, and 17 (of 2007), all hell broke loose over a small high school in northern New Jersey.

Death Noting

How to for shit-heads

A typical Death Note Online user.

In order to get onto Death Note Online, all yall have to do is type in “Death Note Online". Wow. Okay, now crack your fingers, jerk one off, and get ready for the next step. I want you to click on the open button. Deep breaths, move your hand steadily up and down. Fap, fap, fap.

Click view entries at the top, and gaze at all the others who have been here before you. A pen should pop up, and that is how you will lead yourself into glory. Cock in one hand, the other on the keyboard, now You can fail too.

DNOnline is currently 410:Gone

Lulz grows


People quickly get the point of the website. Put down a name, and make them die in a funny way. Genius, amirite? The beginning was great. It was all done for the lulz, and the best thing was, the entire website is anonymous.

Death Notes for Harry Potter: here, here, and here.

Brittney Spears: here, and here.

Naruto: here (omg, one for Sasuke too),

Paris Hilton: here, and here.

Mitchell Henderson: here.

J. K. Rowling: here, and here.

Michael Jackson: here, here, here, here, a good page.

Kirk Johnson: here

4Chan: here

Miley Cyrus: here

Good God, they even have Jesus.

Sick Fucks Fuck Everything Up

sick fuck who thinks Death Note Online is serious business
I was like, really scared. I had no idea that so many people hated me.


— Teenage concubine from Kittatinny

Word gets around to the quiet kids that the site exists. So they quickly got to work. Just in time to fuck it up for the rest of us. Like all the stereotypical quiet kids, they took out their vengeance against the popular fucks. Typing in names faster than masturbating, names quickly began to fill the Death Note. And their deaths were not lulz-worthy. Check out Megan Smith and Bennet

As it turns out, almost all of Kittatinny Regional High School is on the website. It’s more accurate than the yearbook. Soon, more and more names began to turn up on the website, names of camwhores, goths, and nerds poured in.

check out the only Dan!

Paige becomes a victim

Devyn becomes a sick fuck’s new twisted wet dream.

The school took action as soon as all the popular girls and boys began to complain, and many students were raided.

The Dust Settles

Anonymous Users Only

Fingers were pointed. Kids were crying. Names were withdrawn. All in all, Kittatinny was up in arms for about two days. For two days, all the popular coc– I mean jocks, couldn’t trust anyone. Especially those quiet kids that they made fun of maybe just one too many times.

Death Note Online is still up and running, but is getting more anti-lulz.

You can help by either raiding Death Note Online or KRHS. Do Your part and achieve the lulz.

As of November 21, 2007, the School Administration has believed that the "writers" of the horrible death notes have been caught and are getting punished.

As of now, we would like to thank all the anonymous students who helped us narrow down our search for the contributors to the horrible and sick website. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


— School Vice-Principal

It's obvious that the admins are still scared shitless, seeing as their names were taking up space on the website as well.

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