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Waking the Cadaver: what all deathcore n00bs hope to one day become

Deathcore is a form of BR00T4L 666 [email protected] HXCX music with no talent and has either hardcore punk fags or metallic hardcore fags trying to play death metal or death metal kids trying to play beat-down [email protected] punk seeming to turn out as a big genre. Sometimes weird guys with Justin Bieber hairstyles will fuckin' join the bands once in a while.

How to be BR00T4L

  • Pig squeal, do Cookie Monster vocals or just growls ranging from low to dying cat shrieks pitches
  • Wear a black shirt of a band logo you can't even read
  • Have ridiculously big ear gauges
  • Jack off your arms and neck with tattoos
  • Listen to deathcore
  • Either do really retarded poses in your pictures, or just look at the camera or do an internet tough guy pose
  • Say words like br00t4l, h34vy, and h4rdc0r3.
  • Your favorite guitar tab is 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 or 1423131423523143212 since you're so fucking retarded you can't think of a fucking riff
  • Fuck pigs up the ass to hear an example of a pig squeal to support your stereotypical deathcore vocals
  • Do ridiculously weird fucking things and try to look all retarded in pictures, otherwise just look at that camera.
  • Fuck corpses
  • Keep pig squeals OUTSIDE THE FUCKING FARM.
  • If you want to shriek your growls, make a noise of a panther getting castrated.
  • Make your band's logo ridiculously hard to read and make it look like it was written by some molested baby on redbull
  • Downtune all 35976358632786325703135809879996590054322312111456 strings of your guitar very low.
  • Enjoy abuse of breakdowns
  • BE BR00T4L!
  • You got male!
  • Opens letter, HOLY SHIT I MADE $$$$$$$$$$$MONEY!


Learn to speak deathcore.

Typical deathcore band

Breakdowns are the new solos.
  • Vocalist- Some guy who pig squeals "BREE BREE BREEEEEEEEE SQEE SQEE CREED!!!1" in the mic along with other gutter growls and dying cat shrieks and/or cookie monster vocals. This guy USUALLY wears ear gauges. (Look at the frontman for Suffokate, MOTHERFUCKING SHIT! HOLY VAGINA!) They also USUALLY have a crew cut or short hair or shitloads of tattoos and a sleeveless shirt. It is an extremely important contractual obligation that every metalcore/deathcore vocalist always put one foot up on an elevated surface with the knee bent at a 90-degree angle in every performance, as it will be the band's Wikipedia article picture. Literally on every single goddamn motherfucking Wikipedia article about every single screamo/metalcore/deathcore-related thing ever, you will find a pic of the vocalisr making this retarded idiotic pose. We have no fucking clue why they always do that. It makes us so mad! If you don't know what this fuckingly retarted pose looks like, go to or then go find someone named Caleb Shomo and shoot his brains out!
  • Lead guitarist - Some guy with long hair usually down to like the shoulders or shaggy and he just does death metal riffs that sound like some 6 year old nintendo fan is having diarrhea shooting out his asshole like a military gun. Then they do HXCX breakdowns AKA THE MOST BR00T4L 666 THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST PART OF THE SONG!!!!111
  • Rhythm guitarist - Some retard usually with short hair, he just does breakdowns and weird ass chugging like a Palestinian man is tasting his own pubic hair.
  • Bassist - Has long hair if there are at least three guys in the band with long hair, usually has a crew cut or medium-short length hair with tiny-sized bangs or normal guy hair you see those fags at high school have. He just is probably pretending to play the bass, probably just records his dog farting in a trash can since that's what the bass sounds like
  • Drummer - Might have gauges or the other members. He has usually long straight hair just sounds like a Greek goatbanging high school whore on Redbull is getting her ovaries tickled with a feather by a 2 year old bitch.

Typical band member amount is 5 members. (USUALLY)


  • masturbating to the corpses, you betrayed me, I'll get you cunt, I'll watch you die in pain, you fucking slut!
  • Fuck you!! Fucking NiGer nigger! Prepare for death and soon to suffer!

Typical deathcore song

Fans and Image

Typical deathcore fan. It's quite the hardcore type.

Fan Behaviour


A good breakdown

Fans tend to be teenagers who love pogo dancing and moshpits and they just do karate wankery kicking each other in the vagina. They're like 8 year old karate novices running around the school naked as a celebration of how much of a black belt they are, just because they punched a 2-year-old girl and she just kept walking. Some also are weird ass chubby kids or wiggers with baseball caps in their Emmure shirts yelling JUMPDAFUCKUP!! TURN THAT SHIT UP! and then stage dives and kills his friends. They swing their arms around to show how hardcore they are. They are also usually very Liberal and tend to smoke a lot of Marijuana.


  • Long hair (usually down to the shoulders or somewhat messy or something.
  • If they don't have long hair they'll have a crew cut or wear a baseball cap like a wigger
  • Shitloads of tattoos on the arms and neck (especially on BR00T4L vocalists)
  • Black shirts with a deathcore/death metal/hardcore/metalcore/screamo band
  • Ear gauges usually making the ears viciously huge as fuck
  • Jeans or shorts
  • Hoodies with some band logo you can't even read

How to Troll Deathcore/Metalcore Fans

  • Make fun of Tom Searle’s or Mitch Lucker's deaths.
  • If they like progressive deathcore like Veil of Maya, After the Burial and Born of Osiris then tell them that their favorite bands are simplistic/easy.
  • Say that deathcore is scene or emo.
  • Make fun of their ears if they wear gauges.
  • Say Evergreen Terrace's newest album is their masterpiece.
  • Tell them the original song "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi was much better than Atreyu's shitty cover.
  • Ask them if the vocalist in their favorite band (Bands like Carnifex and Despised Icon!) is a pig hired to do vocal duties.
  • If they are a fan of Emmure, Here Comes the Kraken, Catalepsy, etc then call them a wigger.
  • Say that Emmure are hip-hop.
  • Say that deathcore and metalcore are NOT brutal.
  • Make fun of the ears of Rick Hoover from Suffokate.
  • Tell them Psychostick is not funny.
  • Tell them BMTH's 2015 album was their masterpiece.
  • Tell them music with screaming in it is NOT music
  • Tell them to move to Russia (all music with screaming is banned there!)
  • Say the famous quote, "Music is like an apple; always throw away the core."
  • Make fun of Austin Carlile's medical condition. Even better, say you hope it's life-threatening.
  • Threaten to assassinate Caleb Shomo and nuke the state of Ohio
  • Go to the YouTube channel named KillrBuckeye and write troll comments on his videos.
  • Show them PMRants's video on the definition of music. (But to be fair, he also sucks)
  • Say the new A7x beats the old A7x.
  • Tell them Rock Band is superior to Guitar Hero.
  • Break the legs of the band's vocalist so they can't make the generic overused cliched pose in performances. Don't know what that pose looks like? Go to
  • Ask Parkway Drive fans how often they have buttsex with kangaroos and make out with venemous spiders.
  • Go to an Acacia Strain concert, and yell at the band especially the singer calling them deathcore.
  • If you see Vincent Bennett, call his band deathcore and/or call him Vince. (Difference between "Vince" and "Vincent")
  • Wear an Emmure shirt to an Acacia Strain gig.
  • Wear an Acacia Strain shirt to an Emmure gig.
  • Tell them Sam Carter dresses like a fag.
  • Tell Vincent Bennett how a lot of the bands he tours with are deathcore.
  • Say that Here Comes the Kraken are spics/beaners especially at the band's fans.
  • Go to a Here Comes the Kraken gig and yell "BEANER!" or "SPIC" at the band
  • Go to a We Butter the Bread With Butter gig and yell "NAZIS" or "HUN!" to the band.
  • Go to an Oceano concert and yell at the singer calling him a "nigger".
  • Say that Pablo Viveros is a terrorist/sand nigger.
  • Call Pablo Viveros a terrorist/sand nigger loud at a Chelsea Grin gig if he's there.
  • If you see former guitar of Chelsea Grin named Michael Stafford, call him a gook.
  • Say that Michael Stafford is a gook.
  • Say that The Black Dahlia Murder are deathcore.
  • Show them this article.


YOU GOT $$$$$$$$$!!!!!

Bands Tagged as Deathcore

If you're looking at BMTH, or if this how they define the genre.

Below is a list of all bands considered to be deathcore. Keep in mind that there exists a very similar shitty musical genre known as metalcore, but since metalcore doesn't have its own ED page (yet), feel free to add some metalcore bands to this list too. A lot of death metal bands tend to use deathcore/metalcore elements, so you can add them too.

  • Attila - PARTY!!! YEAH SHAKE YOUR EARS WITH THOSE EARHOLES AND EARANUS. Fronted by the colossal faggot Chris "Fronz" Fronzak, who used to be a fat neckbeard before transforming into an obnoxious skeletally thin internet tough guy who pens thoughtful lyrics like "I'm a bad motherfucker, not a fucking role model," "suck my fuck" and "if you hate gay people you should get your ass beat, you're a closed-minded faggot bitch kiss my feet." They're pretty much the new Brokencyde.
  • Whitechapel - BREE BREE!!!; Few years later- Can't tell if death metal or deathcore. If you criticize this band, its butthurt fans will claim they know how to write a guitar riff, which is false because they still succumb to overuse of breakdowns because it's the only way to get 13 year old boys to listen to their shit).
  • All Shall Perish - Prepare Uranus
  • Opeth - they were featured in a documentary on this shit.
  • The Agony Scene - they burned down a barn
  • Vile Regression - they’re just a bunch of fat drunk Irishmen.
  • Milk Lizard - they insulted two great animals we love. That's just fucking depressing.
  • Dead and Divine - fuck your tatoos and fuck your gay emo hair.
  • Chunk! Oh no! Captain Chunk! - They definitely ain't the sharpest tools in the shed. In fact, they're the biggest retards of all because they covered the theme song of the aspie god. Fun fact: a large percentage of the deathcore/metalcore fanbase is autistic.
  • Avenged Sevenfold - believe it or not, they started off as metalcore/deathcore. Listen to their first two albums and you will see it. They later came to their senses and shifted to regular heavy metal without the god-awful screaming shit.
  • Beartooth - just seeing pictures of these bands performing makes our blood boil. Someone find this band and kill all its members! Caleb Shomo and Austin Carlile need to die! Fuck them to hell! All the typical metalcore/deathcore cliches are present in all pictures of them. It makes us so angry!
  • Heaven Shall Burn - like what happened in the Zelda CD-i games!
  • As Eden Burns - they copied the band above
  • Psychostick - a self-loathing metalcore band that makes fun of the genre, but still sounds like shit.
  • Shadows Fall - oops, they're more thrash-death. But they're close allies with lots of deathcore bands.
  • Fear Factory - they are one of the earliest examples of metalcore/deathcore, formed in 1990.
  • 3 Inches of Blood - the only reason these assholes became famous is because of Saints Row 2.
  • Lamb of God - they ask who gives a fuck in their most famous song. We definitely don't.
  • Miss May I - one of the usual headliners at the clusterfuck known as Warped Tour, an entire festival dedicated to this shitty music.
  • Fit for an Autopsy - they wrote a song about a live televised suicide.
  • For Today - someone please crucify these jerks!
  • Falling in Reverse - like we really need a reminder of Stewie Griffin's sexual confusion in the 200th episode.
  • War of Ages - We hope these fuckers get drafted and blown up by nuclear missiles.
  • Machine Head - we will never forgive the Guitar Hero series for making these fuckers famous.
  • Parkway Drive - What HowToBasic probably masturbates to.
  • Dead by April - we wish they were
  • Forget my Silence - they love making sexual poses in their music videos.
  • Architects - these fucking Britfags deserve to be waterboarded with boiling hot tea until they drown. The former guitarist Tom Searle died of testicular cancer, but unfortunately the band stayed together and the evil grotesque abhorrent fiend vocalist named Sam Carter wrote a shitty tribute song with an even worse music video that features him making the pose of evil just like in their Wikipedia page. Someone please replace that picture now!
  • Design the Skyline - nothing special
  • Bermuda - an obscure underground band whose logo looks like bananas raping each other
  • As I Lay Dying - the vocalist got an IRL banhammer for his role in a mob operation. Look it up.
  • As It Is - obese emo bitches like to perform vocal covers of their songs.
  • Underoath - they finally took the hint and disbanded!
  • In Fear and Faith - Not to be confused with the International Federation of American Football.
  • Demon Hunter - Demonic possession is present in Super Mario Bros. 3, not this deathcore shit!
  • iwrestledabearonce - A bunch of anorexic crack addicts who write songs with 40-word-long titles that make no sense at all. Not to mention they have a female vocalist who looks and sounds extremely masculine and probably never takes showers or shaves her body hair.
  • Veil of Maya - Guitar wankery
  • Trivium - would you believe some people compare this crap to 1980s heavy metal?
  • Protest the Hero - it's about respect. Or is it?
  • Breakdown of Sanity - a good reason to invade Switzerland. This band has a song used in a Shrek YouTube Poop. Yet another reason why YTP is overrated shit.
  • Motives - a shitty underground band from Cleveland that probably gets mugged every night.
  • Killswitch Engage - is it possible for this crap to be mainstream? Because it seems like this band is.
  • All that Remains - 13-year-old boys fap to this shit. This is the #1 band that most LOVES overusing the extremely high-pitched dying cat shrieks. It's a contractual obligation that their disgusting 50-year-old bald vocalist do at least 11 high-pitched screeches in each song. This band comes from Springfield, MA, which is the holy motherland of screamo/metalcore/deathcore music.
  • Becoming the Archetype - why rainbows are banned in North Dakota.
  • Throw the Fight - why gambling is illegal in Japan.
  • Of Mice and Men - Who names a deathcore band after a 150-year-old book? Their shitty evil gay fucking retarded faggot vocalist has a rare condition known as Marfan Syndrome. We hope he dies from it and burns in hell. Feel free to vandalize his Wikipedia article here:
  • Cryptopsy - First are tech-death, then sell out into deathcore, then go back but try to be MOAR TECHNICAL and BR00T4L
  • Dr. Acula - A seven piece band full talentless wiggers that want to have sex with 16 year old girls.
  • In Flames - They might be classified as death metal, but they sound extremely deathcore because they constantly overuse the high-pitched dying cat shrieks and emotional lyrics. Unfortunately this shitty band has a massive fanbase, so you can definitely expect this page to fall victim to butthurt editing.
  • The Browning - The name says it all.
  • Amon Amarth - very popular with mad scientists.
  • Emmure - Wiggercore
  • Novelists - French band whose lyrics promote child rape.
  • Children of Bodom - another fake death metal band
  • Dillinger Escape Plan - they're classified as "mathcore". We have no idea that the hell that is.
  • Divine Heresy - A perfect reason why we REALLY wish Encyclopedia Dramatica had a page on metalcore.
  • Autopsy - Used to be a death metal band, but then suddenly decided to start using the generic overused clichéd "eYAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" screams in all their songs, so therefore converted to deathcore.
  • The Faceless - Began as deathcore, then sold out and tried to be a tech-death band. Fans get extremely butthurt when you call them deathcore.
  • Bring Me the Horizon- Emo-hair guys who eventually left the sound and went on to metalcore and sold out to hipsters.
  • Suicide Silence - Mitch Lucker died of drunk driving. Their fanbase used to be a bunch of 13 year old boys who only liked them for their br00tal t-shirts at Hot Topic, but after their vocalist Mitch Lucker died by being a stupid drunk motherfucker their fanbase suddenly turned into over 9000 16 year old girls mourning the fucker's demise despite the fact that they've never even listened to the band. Anywhere that Suicide Silence is mentioned, expect to see emo jailbait crying over Mitch Lucker as if the entire band was all about him.
  • Carnifex - Typical Deathcore
  • Chelsea Grin - The joker fags who got mutilated with a chelsea smile at the age of 4. Probably the band with the least "tr00 metal cred" because these guys don't even pretend to like "real death metal" bands and wear skintight Necrophagist shirts or whatever; they just play over 9000 limp-dick breakdowns so that kids with overly flatironed hair can flail their arms around to it like Down's syndrome patients.
  • Suffokate - Vocalist with viciously huge ear gauges. He decided to grow the fuck up and cut off his lobes to look like a normal human being.
  • The Acacia Strain - THEY'RE NOT DEATHCORE. Or are they? Vincent Bennett: "GOD DAMMIT!!!!! WE ARE NOT DEATHCORE YOU FUCKING NIgERS!!!!" Some "real metalheads" like them because OMG THEIR LYRICS ARE SO HATEFUL AND MISANTHROPIC but really these guys are just a bunch of fat old motherfuckers who are the epitome of internet tough guys.
  • Black Dahlia Murder - Oops, they're more melodeath. But still are gay
  • Motionless in White - A bunch of Marilyn Manson look-alikes who pretend to be dark and gothic and sinister by dressing like a Norwegian black metal band and writing songs with Satanic themes and keyboard riffs, but they sound just as generic as your typical metalcore shit.
  • Despised Icon - The pioneers of this shitty genre
  • Oceans ate Alaska - The most high-pitched ear-raping shrieks you can imagine, like an alarm going off during a tsunami in Alaska, which means their dumb name is fitting.
  • Woe is Me - An extremely gay blend between deathcore and screamo. The fanbase is mainly composed of obese emo bitches who cut themselves and have their grotesque-looking boyfriends insert their dicks into the flesh wounds.
  • Winds of Plague - A bunch of 400kg rednecks who at first might sound like real death metal, but then the pig squeals come in and you realize they're just as emo as any other deathcore band.
  • Job for a Cowboy - The vocalist who did a scream cause he got castrated at the 25th second of their song Entombment of a Machine, in 2007 they go to death metal only but still fail
  • Waking the Cadaver - WHEAT SHREDDED WHEAT!!! One of the first deathcore bands to get popular because they posted a shitty song on Myspace and apparently it was the first time pubescent scene kids heard death metal because they thought it was OMG SO BR00TAL!!! xD and this shit caused deathcore to spread like the fucking cancer it is.
  • Here Comes the Kraken - Some nu-deathcore band full of beaners and come from Mexico.
  • Oceano - Click the link on the left and you'll know what the frontman is!
  • We Butter the Bread With Butter - Some shitty electronic deathcore band full of huns who beat off to Hitler's one and only one testicle.
  • Attack Attack! - they think they're being cutting edge by combining screamo with electronic music.
  • Evergreen Terrace - they come from Jacksonville, a city that serves no purpose other than taking up space.
  • We Came as Romans - since when are demotivational posters used as lyrical themes?
  • Bullet for my Valentine - they pretend to be death metal but fail.
  • Hatebreed - they claim to have been inspired by hardcore punk, which we don't believe.
  • Abandon all Ships more electronic garbage.
  • Atreyu - more death metal posers.
  • Raised Fist - Swedish communist band.
  • Hacktivist - damn libertarians.
  • Crown the Empire - they probably time travelled back to 1963 and shot U.S. president Kennedy.
  • Like Moths to Flames - Ok, the city of Columbus is officially the screaming music capital of the world.


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