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What's more, it's magnificent and jaw-dropping.


Kami no Shizuku

Decantering is a corruption of the word "decantation" (from the verb "decant"), which is the process of removing solid sediments from wine. It involves pouring wine from the bottle into a flask-like vessel known as a "decanter". Normally, making and working with wine wouldn't be exciting, but a manga artist decided to create a manga about wine anyway. The end result is Kami no Shizuku (fr: Les Gouttes de Dieu, en: Drops of God), which is a dramatic manga about a son trying to claim his inheritance through a wine tasting contest.

The silliness involved in creating a manga about wine attracted the attention of /a/, and an old meme was born. /a/ was amused by the fact that protagonist Kanzaki Shizuku is able to dazzle everyone in a restaurant by decanting wine from such a height.


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