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Moar info: Deeker.
Deeker, a 38-year-old "adult kid," runs a terrifyingly thorough site that contains all the information any sane person could want (plus much, much more) about "boys of all ages (up to 17) who wear diapers for any reason." Because of the angry-mob-attack risks inherent in such a pursuit, he prefaces his home page with an elaborate disclaimer explaining the pure intentions behind his infantalism, though his guileless advocacy for having children visit the site ("Kids, especially boys, love anything that has to do with stinky, poopy butts, so who is to say they should be forbidden from taking it to the next level and adding diapers to the mix?") probably only enhances his status as a firebomb target. Technically, I guess, this isn't gay pedo scat porn, but if the diaper fits, pin it on.


Something Awful, [1]

I remember from as far back as age three that I loved my diapers. I distinctly remember having erections every time I looked down at my thick white diapers bulging out from between my bare legs and I indulgently felt the poop in the back of my diapers and savored the naughty smell.


—This is despite the fact that toddlers can't recall that far back, and are usually in Pull-Ups by age 3

Because of my messing accidents, sometimes I would wear eight or more pairs of underpants at a time to serve somewhat as a "diaper", in case I didn't make it to the toilet, though I was still expected to use the toilet. I was often embarrassed about this situation, especially with two older sisters who liked to tease me about my accidents and my "diapers", especially since that was all I would be wearing at bedtime. While it was embarrassing for my sisters and their friends to acknowledge my "diapered" condition, I secretly enjoyed the attention and I liked how I looked, imagining that I was in real diapers.

Naturally, these early childhood experiences were very instrumental in further developing my interests in diapers. The accidents decreased at about age ten, though I continued to put my underpants on in multiples at bedtime. At about age twelve I hit puberty and I had my first ejaculation in my "diapers." I was often tempted to try pooping in them, but I didn't want to risk getting caught.



When I was about thirteen I tried to tell a friend about my interests in diapers. I let him see me wear my underwear the way I did and even put them on in front of him. My hope was that he would understand and perhaps participate. The least I wanted out of him was some kind of support. All he said was that I was weird, and the issue was dropped. I feared that he may sever the friendship and tell everyone at school, which would have been the ultimate betrayal to me since he was the only friend I had that I trusted enough for him to know. We are still friends today. Whether or not he remembers what happened, I don't know. I'm just glad he didn't hold this "weirdness" of mine against me.


[3], Fortunately one day someone would invent the internet

My biggest concern was having friends or my mom see any of this. I know my Mom saw it, so she probably knows about my interest in diapers, but she never said anything. She's always respected my privacy.


Parenting of the top form, [4]


File:Dancing sister.jpg
There is no caption I could add to this that would make it funnier
While the information contained in this document is a serious work and all of the ideas expressed in it are a genuine reflection my true feelings about the roles Girls should play in the lives of diaper-wearing boys, it is not expected for anyone who reads this information to actually put all or any of these ideas contained herein into practice. Many of these ideas would require considerable expense and parental approval, and would likely represent significant changes to a family’s lifestyle. The ideas presented here would be best implemented by families with an existing infrastructure that allows for the use of diapers by the boys in such families.


—Deeker, Girl's Guide to Deekerianism

If you do burn, shred or otherwise destroy his pants, make a formal ceremony of it. Have everyone in the family present. Invite friends as well. Gather up all of your brother’s pants, and be sure to also get his shorts, swimming trunks, underwear (white briefs excepted, the reasons why will be explained later on) and pajama bottoms, and carry them in a bag to the intended location for their destruction. Do not let your brother carry his own pants; you and/or one of your Sisters should have this honor instead.


—Invite his friends. Why not some reporters as well?

If you are a young female visitor (under age 12) I would especially like to welcome you to this web site. You are at a highly formative and impressionable age in which you are more apt to formulate strong opinions and perceptions towards diapered boys.


—Deeker, Information for girls

there is likely to be nothing of interest to anyone looking for stories exclusively involving girls who wear diapers.


—bros before hoes, [5]

As this site only accepts stories and other submissions about boys, it likewise excludes any and all materials where boys are described as being treated in a girl-like fashion. This primarily includes the use of dresses, pink clothing or anything that is patently feminine, but worn by boys and accompanied by the use of diapers. Just as I recognize that there are natural-born girls who wear diapers for the same reasons as boys do, I also recognize that there are natural-born boys whose experiences and/or feelings about diapers cross over the boundaries of what is appropriate to their own gender. While such materials not only fail to interest me, I am personally disturbed that there are boys who have had such experiences and are treated in such a manner because they exhibit an inability to contain their bodily wastes. This flagrantly violates many of my deeply-rooted philosophies about diapers as they relate to gender differences. Moreover, the notion that boys who have difficulties with retaining their wastes are to be treated in an effeminate manner, is factually inaccurate, as it is boys who are in the majority of such difficulties such as bedwetting, late toilet training and especially encopresis.


—I'm into being humiliated by my "sister" as she cleans my waste, but no gay shit please., [6]

[...] or if you just like diapers and feel that boys are the most appropriate subject for wearing them, I welcome to you sit back, relax and stay awhile as you navigate the various sections and offerings of the site.



The reason I say that the Deekerverse only applies to “select boys” is because I recognize that if all boys went around in diapers all the time then they would not be recognized as being different or special from the ordinary boys.


—Deeker on "The Deekerverse"

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