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Degen, AKA Dante, is a basement-dwelling, acne-ridden, Wapanese, Australian camwhore, often to be seen on 4chan’s /b/.

He was known as Scott for most of his life but changed his name legally to Dante for egotistical reasons, in an attempt to make his life sound more impressive. Despite this publicity stunt he resides in the crap, isolated town of Bunbury, which fails even harder than Perth. When he isn’t busy camwhoring or hanging out on IRC he spends much of his time playing the world’s shittest MMO, Final Fantasy XI, where he feels right at home amongst all the furries and weeaboos. He also attends the occasional LAN Party.

Dante is a big fan of Heidi

The story

Some time last Thursday, Dante posted a photo of himself on /b/. Despite the negative response he posted a few more, hoping for some appreciation of his retarded, ever-changing hair styles. In general his posts ranged from a simple “Hai Australia, I’m feeling pretty”, to challenging people to physical fights in Bunbury; in true internet tough guy style, he claimed to be a martial arts expert.

Eventually someone from Bunbury recognised him, raided his Flickr account and posted the address, and lulz ensued.

A typical thread


Dante studies Computer Science at some shit university somewhere. This is due to its considerable population of dropouts and losers, and due to its awarding of useless degrees that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. As everyone in Australia knows, degrees in Australia are useless and "graduates" from certain areas can expect to remain unemployed for years.

Who the fuck is Alice?

Alice. Alice? Who the fuck is Alice? According to /b/ (the source of all knowledge), Alice is or was pregnant. She is often mentioned on threads relating to Dante, presumably because she's been cheating on her man.

Who the fuck is Alice?


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