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CTV's advertisement-laden website for its teen drama series Degrassi: The Next Generation. The site was started last thursday, and although initially populated by well-wishers of Joey Jeremiah, who was the fag in the hawaiian shirt and fedora in the original show, the site soon became a haven for prostatots, camwhores, sufferers of internet disease, pedophiles(See Drake), and other sources of constant drama interacting with the greasy fanboy center. All of this drama is heightened by CTV's adherence to being Canadian.

The site is littered with posts asking for dates/meetings in secluded parts of the Edmonton mall, girls who have been pregnant at least 100 times and a selection of cutters, furries and 13 year old boys. Although the site is primarily inhabited by 16 year old girls, the occasional 8 year old attention whore has been known to post about her 27 year old ex-convict internet boyfriend in Yellowknife. has become an anorexia support group, a teen hotline for health issues, usually relating to cutting or pregnancy, and love of the boards' most powerful entity, a thirtysomething known as Vitch, notable for not being able to decide if he is a homosexual, a furry, or probably both. is notable for as much advertisement as a tripod site, and for being complicit in the Nazi movement.

It is notable that the forums or "clubs" suck ass when dougdafoe is not around.

The moderators have also been known to not let the word orgasm be included in user's handles.

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