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Even h2g2bob can't work out if it starts with "D" or "d" (see "Dord", LOL).

If the Wikipedia is a pile of pelican shit, then Deletionpedia is a new kind of special wiki, a kind of strange partner site for Special Wikipedia. While Special Wikipedia's specialty is stupidity, Deletionpedia's is stupefying readers by picking up only the dullest parts of the birdshit that offended some system-gaming Wikipedo's PoV and so got deleted from the Wikipedia. One would think that this might be a lulzy practice, until one realizes that Deletionpedia's policies mean the pages archived there are 100% shit no one cares about.

Deletionpedia also serves as a weird vanity site for the many obscure sports teams and events, bands, batshit insane political theories etc. that TOW's cabal members and their sycophants didn't like, so with a bit of nattering in Wikipedese, cast them out from their set of articles on obscure sports teams and events, bands, batshit insane political theories etc.

Nobody can edit Deletionpedia, making it no real wiki at all. It doesn't claim to be a real wiki, so does have some kind of mild but creepy Wikipedian-troll value vs. the people who posted the articles (most articles are a mess) on TOW in the first place: HA, HA HA, you can't edit it on Deletionpedia, fuck you for making this crap. Strangely, there's less fantard fail than you might expect. The few deleted bits that aren't on Deletionpedia must all be "notable"! OMG maybe some of the rest is on this very site, like this article about pro "wrestling"!!1!

Deletionpedia does run on Wikimedia software, has AotN's and other wikifeatures (excepting lookup, most are useless because only the solitary sysop, Wikipedia administrator h2g2bob can use them). Some are pretty strange, like the login screen that outdoes Wikitruth by being open to just one person.

Deletionpedia should have been more closely watched early on, because the policies weren't always as fail as they are now. One sham wikicide from TOW whined about the site when nobody much was noticing it, possibly influencing the fail of Deletionpedia and drawing the ArbCom's attention.

Truly a festival of fail.


Deletionpedia was founded by Wikipedia admin h2g2bob (srsly Wikipedian, but a real neckbeard type, so not one of the worst) in April of 2008. It doesn't have any earlier articles—even if it did, they wouldn't be the good (deleted) ones.

Why it's up

Wikipedoes like to feel that what they are doing is very serious business, and most are showpony morons, point pushers, or a combination of the two, so they invented a deletionistinclusionist controversy as a technique to generate further drama within their cult.

Until a few months before the Essjay scandal, TOW still tolerated a lame but living series of pages called "Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense" (BJaODN), a relic of days when TOW allowed some sense of fun and hadn't been completely taken over by IRL bureaucrats and lawyers. The bureaucratic fucks never totally won the war over deleting BJaODN, but made endless AFDs, talked endless crap to try for it, and cut out most of the few really good parts.

H2g2bob made Deletionpedia to catch the deleted stuff and recapture the spirit of BJaODN and the many vandal histories once hosted on TOW, but found being Wikipedian more important than freedom in this case, so limited the catching to the crap. He was also way too late to catch any of the tiny portion of great bits from BJaODN because they were all deleted and the idea was frozen before Deletionpedia came to be. Only about 1% of BJaODN was interesting. TOW now has boring as hell archival pages. The spirit of BJaODN at its worst became unfunnypedia a few years back.

As a good little freetard, H2g2bob isn't willing to pay for any of this himself, so the site has advertisements.

What Deletionpedia is

The idea

The idea is to be a sop to extreme inclusionists ("my every thought and every place I walk by deserves an article"), people who have ideas well outside any mainstreams, and retarded folk, if any happen to make articles that are outside the TOW norms and then get deleted.

How it works

Deletionpedia undermines the fabric of space–time.

H2g2bob made a bot that checks for the deletion templates and uploads articles tagged with them. H2g2bob checks to see if the articles have really been deleted, and then checks the ones that have been deleted against his no-fun and politically correct policies, and probably with the ArbCom at times. This eliminates any chance of entertainment. Fact is, the bot can't run without permission from Jimbo and the WMF.

Anti-lulz Policies

The Deletionpedia has five DO NOT WANT policies, ensuring it does not host the pick of the deleted bunch.

  1. No copyright violations even if it's fair use
  2. No attack or libel pages
  3. No pages with revision history still owned by Wikipedia or other WMF sites
  4. No pages that might offend someone.
  5. No docs

Why they suck

  1. This sucks because it undermines a good principle (fair use).
  2. Part is reasonable for a site administrator but define "attack". Public figures are fair game at times. Political correctness and what Wikipedia Jews want people to believe usually dictate what is not acceptable in the WMF world.
  3. This is only reasonable if the revision histories on the WMF sites produced a better result.
  4. Utter fail. Some of the batshit insane political-social articles that are on Deletionpedia would offend some people. Then again, just about anything you find will now have some moron revelling in "I am offended".
  5. This should depend on how avidly the person is self-publicizing

Why Deletionpedia doesn't host Chris-chan's Wikipedia page is a mystery, probably a combination of two, four and five, but none of them apply since Chris wanted the page.

Deletionpedia gets about 2/5 for policy.

More limits

Deletionpedia has two more de facto policies because of the bot's limitations and a do not want to solve them due to the other five: not necessarily any images, and no discussion pages. H2g2bob claims to be working on grabbing the discussion pages to get moar Vespene gas and win at Starcraft (right now, TOW is pushing Deletionpedia as an offshoot into a license violation by changing the terms mid-stream with no consent from users, eliminating the need for discussion pages, but h2g2bob will probably still think about this and try to do it).


Interestingly, h2g2bob escaped from the neckbeard game long enough to make a detailed article about Warcraft weapons for a single team into one of the few triumphs on Delepee, carefully extracting all of the lovingly hand-made sketches of weapons some lolcow drew for the WMF under the GFDL with no thought of value. As of June 2009, there are a few hundred pictures on the site. Some will be of interest to lulzers.


Most of the pages on Deletionpedia were made by simpletons and never much cleaned up before they got baleeted, so reading them is pretty excruciating.


Deletionpedia grew explosively for a while, going from fewer articles than ED in early May of 2009 to almost 70,000 in mid-June of the same year. The Wikipedia's roving anti-lulz agent Alison noticed the site during this phase, then started whining about it to H2g2bob, her buddies at the ArbCom, and a bunch of lame obsessives who welcome her fellow bureaucratic fucks. Site was cleaned up and frozen shortly thereafter. Dates are hard to calculate exactly because H2g2bob created an offset to 2012. Its 63,074 article pages (and total of over 120,000) are likely all it will ever have.


Fail as it is, Deletionpedia has a few oddities and even some articles in the range of ED interests. This is a pretty random list

What Deletionpedia does and why TOW supported it

Until Deletionpedia, TOW administrators giving out copies of deleted articles was acceptable in theory but in practice this depended on who gave what to whom.

Still, it happened, produced occasional bans, requests by email were alright, the results were lulzy on occasion, and the Wikipedia was totally inconsistent about who could or couldn't do it (except that it was and is always OK for Wikipedia Jews). Classic whiner Everyking, a former TOW admin who gave out shit no one cares about, spent almost three years in butthurt whining about his very brief ban for giving out a deleted article on the Wikipedia Review, even though he was still able to dump his load on the Wikipedia over most of that time.

With Deletionpedia, the cabals were briefly able to say "Want a deleted article? They're all on Deletionpedia. Except the ones that were fucked or we just didn't like." H2g2bob doesn't seem like the kind to knowingly go along with it, but this was an effect of Deletionpedia and the reason he got permission to run the bot and make the site for a little while.

Would you like to know more?



Also see a load of articles with links on digg and digg-like sites, newspapers dazzled by the Wikipedia and similar shit that might be worth printing out if you want to use the pages as toilet paper.

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