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Not a trap. Promised.

Delicious Flat Chests (commonly abbreviated as DFC) are as their title defines them to be. Because most normal men prefer women with big titties, flat-chested women are often ignored and isolated from society. Though rejected by many, flat-chests are often idolized by some men who prefer the younger look in women and also by men who happen to have a thing for unnatural women. From this, it is discovered that girls with DFCs are adored by those they reject and denied by the ones they want. Thus they either have a choice of settling down with a lolicon or become a feminist because of their undesired lower B, A, or even AA cup breasts.

Delicious Flat Chests got their name when a group of weeaboos felt they could no longer stand seeing animu chicks with sagging DD cup milk bags everywhere and no flatties. From message boards everywhere such as 4chan's /a/, these weebs felt their devoted love and appreciation for flat chests should not be looked down upon. For a more appealing term, they managed to spawn the title "Delicious Flat Chest" for their abnormal attractions. Therefore it was decided that it is delicious flat chest, and you must eat it.

The Anatomy of DFCs

The anatomy of a delicious flat chest is not too different than the anatomy of a 13 year old boy's chest. Unlike the chests of normal women, DFCs have no extra fat sticking out protecting them from harm. With this in mind, they must make use of what little womanly charm they have. Though generally most people assume that all flat chests are as flat as cardboard paper (and most of them are) there are plenty of different varieties of flat chests. Some examples include the pointy nipple type, the barely-anything-there kind, and more commonly the is-it-a-trap? kind. Although the results of having a flat chest can be typically hereditary, there are some cases of when the DNA can troll and decide to stop growing.

Though generally undesired, there are some traits that can be beneficial for a girl with nothing there. For instance, the chances of raep are usually lowered greatly for them. They also seem to have small areolæ and nipples of a normal, desirable size considering many women with much bigger breasts tend to have areolæ that cover the majority of their breasts which can be a complete turn off for many men.

Additionally, flat chests typically also have a lower chance for breast cancer and without the extra baggage in front of them, the girls with the itty-bitty titties can enjoy exercise a lot better as it is easier for them. Though that shouldn't matter because all women should be in the kitchen and making sammiches instead of the gym.

Sometimes, bigger really isn't always better...but it is for 90% of the time.

In Anime

In anime, Delicious Flat Chests are found wherever there are lolis. This includes magical girl animus or animes like Lucky Star or Boku no Pico with a targeted audience for men . Again, none of this is a surprise as Japan is full of lonely, perverted pedos that happen to enjoy shows that should be for little girls a little too much. In anime, the DFCs can be and usually are just as slutty as their breasts-so-big-they-sag-to-the-ground counterparts. In some instances, they tend to be hornier as it is a well known fact that all anime is full of fan service.

It should also be noted that DFCs are gearing towards immense popularity in the anime community as doujins are becoming mainstream. About 50% of doujins are catered to lolicons and the increase of them can pressure others into making more loli porn/animes. The moe genre is also skyrocketing in popularity, and those are filled with a bunch of delicious flat chests. Expect this increase to rise even more in the near future.

In contrast, however, some anime is directed towards Shota, which can be seen as delicious flat chest when they are crossdressing. However, the hottest DFC anime, Boku no Pico, is not actually Shota. It is, indeed, delicious caek.

Flat Chested Girls IRL

Unlike their bug-eyed animu counterparts, a lot of flat chested women IRL usually suffer from insecurity and an inferior complex due to their non-existent breasts. Without the extra fat on their chests, these ladies will have to be extra attractive to get any of the attention that the female race so desperately want. Having a flat chest is practically the equivalent of having an azn penis; they're small and provide no fun/pleasure. Though unlike the ronery azns, women with flat chests tend to actually get surgery to rid of their horrendous ailment. With breast implants, flat chested girls can no longer be shy of their cardboard chests now with their newly implanted boobs. Though for plenty of men, this can be a big turnoff as 99% of surgical breasts tend to look disgusting.

Though breast implants have solved the woes of women suffering because of the lack of their tits, other women usually have other alternatives for solving their flat chest dilemma. Because the female brain is puny compared to the much superior male counterpart, wimminz aren't too good at finding rational solutions (they rely too heavily on dumb women instincts and emotions). Some flatties (as well as other small-breasted girls) have commonly found their solution by stuffing their bras with old tissues that their older brother used and stuffed into the box after cumming to some porn. Some other girls have found the use of round fruits such as oranges or mangoes to suffice as well. Though these attempts seem to work at first, they always find a way to backfire eventually. Common unwanted results include raep, humiliation, consequences with daddy, or all of the above. It should be advised that these type of women who deceive men with their false breasts should be sued for false advertising.

And with every insecure flat chest, there are bound to be those with a major case of USI. These type of girls/women are usually in denial of their inferiority and make themselves believe that their delicious flat chests should be treasured and are special. So they strut down with what their mother gave them, knowing they are just as good as those other women with big boobs. It should be no surprise that these type of flat chested women (as well as the insecure type) are usually easy to persuade to have sex with and tend to fish for compliments when they insult themselves.

DFCs vs Big Breasts

As most men reject delicious flat chests and go for the bigger tits, DFCs have been known to have a couple of noteworthy advantages. With proper analysis, it may not be so irrational to chose flat chests over the nicer round melons. Below is a list that compare the pros and the cons of flat chests.


  • Flat chests do not sag
  • Flat chests generally do not have disgustingly large areola and nipples
  • If your girlfriend (if you're reading this, then you most likely don't have one) has a delicious flat chest, you can save tons of money by buying them band-aids instead of bras
  • (If you're a pedophile) Flat chests give women that young jailbait look
  • Women with flat chests tend to be less slutty and are more pure (Wait, how is this an advantage?) Some argue that she is less inclined to fuck your best friend... others just say it's more fun to rape unwilling females
  • "When a flat chested girl hugs you, she is holding you closer to her heart"
  • Women with flat chests have a much lower chance of suffering from back problems, thus one less thing for a woman to complain about
  • Flatties fit into more clothes so they spend less time trying on everything at the department store and finding out it doesn't fit
  • A girl with a flat chest and a nice ass is much better than the other way around. (Why settle for one or the other?)
  • Women with flat chests are less likely to complain about your tiny penis. That is to say, they won't voice their opinions about it as much as their well-endowed counterparts, but will still be equally disappointed


  • You cannot fondle flat chests like you can with ample sizing breasts
  • You can't have tit secks with flat chests (You can't have sex period.)
  • Sucking flat chests is just not the same
  • They look more masculine and it could be a trap!
  • They do not bounce

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