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Homer Simpson bow tie.jpg Nobody has heard of this person, but whoever they are, vandalizing this article only makes us want to learn more...

The only known picture of him/her.
Their bestest ever piece. Isn't it beautiful?

One of the self-proclaimed best Pokemon artists on deviantart, Delthero is a whiny, shitty artist who thrives off of others to make their sorry self feel better.

They joined deviantart to supposedly "make friends", "become a better artist", and "to view pretty, pretty mudkips". However, all they have done is cause dArama, bitch about their oh so horrible life, and mooch off of others for fame and money. You can even buy their art for $35! Wow! I bet loads of people will line up for a chance at getting such amazing art.

We are referring to Delthero as 'they' because we are unsure about their gender in the first place. Take a look and see what we mean.

dArama Galore

Delthero often posts journals on how much their life sucks and how everyone keeps stealing their oh so wonderful artwork. Of course, their brainwashed followers always come to suck up and tell them their art is the bestest evar!!!1 so their pitiful feelings won't get injured and their e-penis will continue to grow.

I'm really depressed and I can't really trust myself right now, so I tried calling in to work sick (technically I am sick... it's just in my head though)...


Delthero showing their mental illnesses on their journal

This is a common example of their ranting. Note the poor descriptions and emo bawwing about their life. Another example of when they force their followers into taking care of nonexistant thieves. This shows that Delthero is nothing but a silly weeaboo with no confidence to actually confront problems about anything. Baww.

They even created a boyfriend for themselves so it would look like they weren't so much of a stupid nerd. Nobody could love a weeaboo, so this is all lies.

"My art sucks baww"

Delthero constant spouts crap about how much their art sucks, because they will never be as good as their friends and other nonsense. That is because they are a 12 year old girl who mooches off others to make themselves feel better.

Their Pokemon shit even got a Daily Deviation. And they still baww about how much their art sucks. If that can't please someone, nothing can.

In short, Delthero is a fanwhore who doesn't deserve the popularity they have.

Let's see if we can push their shitty self off of deviantart, along with the rest of the so-called 'artists' on the site. Edit with shit after researching their site, it will cause major lulz once they find out.

Fun Facts

  • Delthero gets butthurt very easily, so they are naturally the target of many trolls. They always baww and cry and wonder what they did to deserve such a thing, while their fans kiss their ass in an attempt to make their godly favorite pokeyman artist feel better.
  • Delthero's mum often ass-raped them as a kid with her giant cock. This led to Delthero's gender confusion, and they view themselves as a tranny.
  • Because they are friends with many famous people on deviantart, they secretly think they are better than everyone else. Yet they still say their art sucks. Drama llama, anyone?
  • Delthero is secretly a 40-year old virgin guy with no life who still lives in their parents basement.
  • If you insult Pokemon in front of them, they will baww and rant how much you suck. Even though Pokemon is outdated as fuck and only 12-year old boys can enjoy it.
  • Delthero claims to not be a furry, yet their art speaks otherwise. If this isn't furry, then I'm a duck.
  • If you insult their characters, Delthero will baww. If you insult Pokemon, Delthero will baww. If you insult anything related to Delthero they will baww. More proof that Delthero is a faggot with no fucking life.

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