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Demetri with his shopping list just before purchasing large pads.

Demetri Martin is an unfunny stand up comedian. He is known for making one liners on his guitar. Demetri Martin is notable amongst other comedians for not making jokes about media shit, poking at his race, stealing all his jokes or being dead.

Becoming a Comedian

Demetri claimed he was the funny guy in college. Without realizing that everyone in law school is an unfunny jew and so it's not hard to be funnier then them, Demetri decided to drop out of law school and become a comedian.

Demetri then became a broke, divorced, unemployed, loser until he decided to tell the world about his pathetic life in a stand up show called If I

Notice how the audience was hardly laughing.

Demetri then became writer for Conan O'Brien and The Daily Show. After deciding that being a writer for hit TV shows was undermining his talent. Demetri quit both of those jobs thinking he could make it on his own as a writer and comedian which evidently turned out to be bullshit.


Demetri made Important Things With Demetri Martin on Comedy Central. After 2 seasons of lame skits and terrible stand up comedy, Comedy Central canceled the show. Demetri then signed a deal with CBS to write and star in his own show, but they canceled the show before it even aired it's pilot. In a last attempt to keep himself in the media Demetri tried to enter the movie industry. Except he only got one or two scenes in a bunch of shitty films. Demetri just finished writing a book, realizing that he is not funny if people have to look and hear him. The book is also a failure thus proving that Demetri can't succeed in anything.

Trolling Demetri Martin Fans

Demetri Martin fans are constantly on the internet claiming they are smarter than everybody else. Despite the fact that Demetri Martin's outline is stolen from Steven Wright, Demetri Martin fans will call him the most original and smartest comedian today. Demetri's fanboys are so insanely in love with man that any mention of him being anything less than a genius puts them in full rage. A few ways to troll these morons.

  • Remind them that his show was cancelled.
  • Tell them that Carlos Mencia is the greatest comedian of all time
  • Call Demetri Martin a jew
  • Say that his movies and his book suck.
  • Say if Demetri drew a chart on how funny he is the chart would be blank

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