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Not even internet disease can improve a pumpkin head like this one.

Demonista is the batshit insane pseudo-intellectual feminazi and admittedly bisexual in denial FTM hell bent on wreaking havoc upon all those who have the tenacity to oppress her by changing their sex. Despite having a phantom limb hard on for the trannies of The Manic Street Preachers whom she goes so far as to write slashfic about anyone other than them is only, in her words perpetuating gender roles by changing their sex.

As with all ugly girls Demonista's has an unquenchable jealousy and hatred for those blessed with good looks. She persistently raves about how fucking unfair it is that the pretty girls get everything and she gets nothing.

oh, yeah, i'm so jealous. it's my secret dream to be photographed in so-called "hooker gear" (i don't intend to offended [sic] prostituted people) and have said photographed [sic] displayed everywhere. i'm [sic] so ENVIOUS that some hot shit multinational corporation wanted to use her to make money.


—Demonista, on being ugly and butthurt


It is very common for closet FTMs to be insane feminists in the same way it is common for closet faggots to establish the Westboro Baptist Church and Demonista is no exception. As a rampant member of Lj-favicon.png Feminist you will never hear the end of her bitching and moaning about women's suffrage. Despite the fact nobody has taken feminism seriously since the time it was actually useful Demonista is fundamentalist about it and she was actually friends with notable feminazi BitingBeaver long before ED knew of her.

Clitoral stimulation to orgasm should be emphasized, not "penetration." People: quit watching porn! I myself admit a lot of my desire for or feeling I should be entered is culturally induced, esp. through porn and hell, mainstream and queer society.


—Demonista, on why women want men and entirely wrong on the whole sexual intercourse process.

War on Trannies

While it is not uncommon for almost everyone to hate trannies it is quite fucking retarded coming from someone who has admitted to seriously considering a sex change in the past. It is fucking excruciating trying to find logic anything this bitch says.

Demonista is known to troll trannies as in spectacularly hypocritical fashion until the drama bomb finally exploded in this epic thread where she was finally called out on the bullshit from this epic thread. The two following comments summarize the TL;DR nonsensical bullshit she spewed forth.

Demonista Transsexual Critique.JPG Demonista Transsexual Surgery.JPG

She later went on to admit she herself was transgendered but had never done anything about her desires reducing all her previous transphobic garble to a pile of shit.


Demonista is apparently affected by ZOMG TRIGGERS. No news on whether she has been almost raped while eating out of trashcans.

Here, she e-mails the mods of feminist with her whining.


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