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Depression Dog

From Encyclopedia Dramatica

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Apathetically crawling onto the board 1st of January 2009, what was otherwise the most forced variant of the XYZdog saga quickly became popular, playing in part from the epic effort from the OP (who clocked over half of the images submitted in the first thread) and how every single one of these miserable things really tugs the heart strings of the common /b/tard. The odd and not at all depressed looking dog in the picture is actually Staredog - an older meme from a shitty week or so on /b/. Until this Jew fucktard made a necro meme from it, it was never actually funny. Oh, wait, it still isn't.

A good Depression Dog is made by using the given template and putting text above the head with the beginning of a situation (invariably a socializing exercise) and culminating at the bottom with a result that is less than pleasing and objectively resulting in depression.

Quite ironically, noone seems to like Depression Dog so much, other than BAWWW thread contributors and utter rejects. At first, it was somewhat a resort for dumped idiots crying because they can't get laid, which is gay. Nowadays, it's full of reposts, suicide contemplations and "my head looks like africa", which is not more straight than before.

Still, admit it - it matches to you and you cry about it.

Depression Dog's Gallery of BAWW About missing Pics

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