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Typical natural habitat of one category of /b/tard.
Typical Wapanese faggot /b/tard. Hell, is that a 404 girl figurine there?

A desktop can mean one of two things: your computer (which it's keyboard is sticky) desktop, which is actually inside your computer operating system on the screen, or the physical desk you rest your computer on. Often on 4chan's /b/, there are threads requesting that pics of both types of desktops are posted, resulting in some rather lulzy observations and discussion, and providing an insight into the conditions in which /b/tards are living, although that depends if it's the cluttered Windows desktop full of shit program shortcuts, or the cluttered conditions in which these slobs are living (although you can sometimes see the computer desktop and the actual desktop in the same pic, lawl).

Conditions that /b/tards live in range from the haunts of alcoholic slobs to the dwellings of pristine, clean, faggoty stylish metrosexual cunts who are cleaner even than most women. Neither of these conditions are ideal for getting laid. While your average girl will be disgusted with the rats and maggots to be found lurking in the former, they'll also be kinda freaked out by the anal retentiveness of the latter. The best compromise is to get your woman to do all your fucking housework for you, because not only do they enjoy that and having all three of their major orifices used as holes for which to stick your penis in at any time you feel like, it allows you to get on with moar serious matters.


Typical boring Windows desktop. Admit it, the voyeurism of looking into other people's living conditions is over 9000 times more pleasurable than looking at this crap.
Someone is not man enough not to take alcoholic drinks that don't have 10 tons of sugar added to them. Also, note the shitty music taste.
Every /b/tard's best friend!
Internet tough guy Jéské Couriano once described /b/ as a "rat's nest".

My apartment in the city is a LOT worse than that. Im totally serious. There are at least 70 beer bottles on the floor, full of ashes, there are chinese takeaway containers and pizza boxes everywhere, and most of it has blue stuff growing on it.

Im at my parents place right now so cant take a pic, but im dreading the smell when i go back there. I also have to clean it soon because my gf is flying over to see me in 2 weeks. FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK




when i met my gf i wouldnt let her in my room i was having a house party and she tried to go in i barricaded it i tidied up the next day cause i though i might get some ass soon 93 beer bottles and 20 plates



/b/tards are slobs amirite?

keep up the good work!


—A newfag


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