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Desmond hitting the runway at New York Fashion Week!This is pretty tame, compared to what he usually wears!

Desmond Napoles (a.k.a. Desmond Is Amazing, Desmond UltraOmni, Desmond Is Dying and Desmond Is Child Abuse) is a 12-year-old autistic boy from Brooklyn, New York, who would not be of any significance or importance and just be playing with his toys and other kids his own age if not for an incident (according to his official bio) when he was four involving him seeing his mother watch RuPaul's Drag Race instead of taking care of him. Mommy WendyLou and her deadbeat unemployed husband, Andrew, looking for a way to make cash with getting actual jobs, decided to make their son "The World's Youngest Drag Queen" and pimp him out to pedophiles in the name of "gay rights."

In reality, Mr. and Mrs. Napoles had planned this long before he was even conceived and had him conventionally born in June (Pride month!) at St. Vincent's (and is the reincarnation of one of the random fags who died there from AIDs in the 80s, according to WendyLou). Soon, Desmond was decked out in the tackiest outfits imaginable and shitloads of makeup, and was appearing in Pride parades and even met child slave master, RuPaul him/herself at DragCon. He is also the Grand Marshall of Brooklyn's Pride Parade. WendyLou, herself is a failed model/90s Club Kid who was rejected for being too ugly and fat, so she has decided to be the typical stage mother and pimp out and her child (even though she denies this).

Instant Fame

In December of 2018, a video of 11-year-old Desmond was leaked, showing him dancing in a gay bar, performing as a stripper, and grown men throwing money at him. Many were appalled and offended by this, especially on right-wing websites, but of course Wendy and her sock puppets just brushed them off as "homophobic bigots" and her son was just "being himself and doing what he loved" and that it's totally "not sexual". Desmond also appeared with his mother's "good friend" and his personal "role model" 90s Club Kid/convicted murderer Michael Alig in an online video where the pair seem to engage in drug use. This comes from the fact that Mommy WendyLou wanted to be a Club Kid so bad in the 90s, but now she's too old and ugly and has to dress her son up like Courtney Love and Gwen Stefani and have him lip sync and (awkwardly) dance in front of pedophiles and drug addicts in seedy strip bars, because she never got a chance to do that, or hang out with Alig (whom she stalked back in the day) and help him murder and dismember his drug dealer. Wendy, also fails to realize nobody in their right mind would still associate with themselves with the 90s Club Kids or partake in things like "Voguing".

Aside from this, Desmond is probably the most famous child drag performer and young LGBT activist in the world, because he has a page on TOW (which was clearly copy pasted from his official site and/or written by his mother) and made a film that was according to the poster (which was obviously made in Photoshop), a selection in the 2019 LGBTQ Short Film Festival, even though it's not listed on the official page! His account also boosts he is a professional model, a film and TV star and a published author (because WendyLou says so)! He has also (supposedly) started an adult-free dating site and a nightclub for other drag and trans kids.

Nothing wrong just a fat attention whore pimping out her child!

WendyLou tries to pass her son off as "brave" and "inspiring" in a twisted SJW sense of the way instead of what they are: "abuse" and "exploitation", when in fact she is no different from any other pageant/stage mom who drugs, starves and overworks her child, forces him to look like a washed-up drug-addicted supermodel from the 80s complete with a skeletal body and dead eyed stare, and forgetting that "drag" and "trans" are two entirely different things (not unlike "gay" and "pedophile"!). There's also an ongoing rivalry with fellow crossdressing prostitot "Drag child", Lactatia and his equally fucked up parents.

This is What You Marched For, Faggots

In fact, many of the "homophobic bigots" (as WendyLou and her white knights call them) who are against Wendy and what's happening to her son are actually fags, themselves, who don't think an innocent young child and his straight stage mom should be engaging in their affairs and representing them or sexualizing a young child, not to mention the fact that poor Desmond looks either sad, confused, or dead inside and out in every photo of him. Desmond's parents and fans fail to understand, the "haters" aren't upset that a little boy is wearing a dress and makeup, they're upset because he's being exploited, forced to perform as a stripper for sick fucks, and he's best friends with a middle-aged drug addict who killed someone and not kids his own age!

Also Desmond's older sister (who was taken from her fatass mom because she forgot to feed her, much like she is doing with Desmond now!) has spoken out about his abuse, leading her to be disowned by her parents. Ever since the videos of Desmond stripping for pedos were discovered, many reports have been filed to Child Protective Services, but no arrests have been made, proving that the NYC CPS is about as reliable as the moderators on DevianTART!

WendyLou says that "Desmond IS the Future!", even though he probably doesn't have a future, thanks to her! It should also be noted that WendyLou is probably reading this article and that she Desmond is going to write on Instagram and Facebook how the haters are mean to them!

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