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A summary of the entire blog's userbase.

As you can probably tell, this blog focuses on all the drama that devianTART brings.


—DeviantartTART's summary of the entire blog's content

After their Tumblricon.png previous blog was fucked by Tumblr itself, the remaining admins were not satisfied with the lulz created just yet. Thus, Tumblricon.png DeviantArtTART was created last Thursday for the sole purpose of being a cesspool of retards whining about people they don't like. The creators are ingenious, having gotten this blog enough popularity to have a constant stream of lulz coming into their blog about why so-and-so did A Thing We Do Not Like™. It is likely the blog owners are laughing at the constant expense of dozens of deviantTART users.

The blog is the centre of white knighting for all deviantTART users to begin their crusades against offensive people, who post jokes that don't suck, and art thieves. They also attempt doxing, but tend to fail at it and fumble over themselves like a mob of schizoids on cocaine. This is unfortunate for Encyclopædia Dramatica, however, as these people write sub-par articles for people no one cares about. Aside from a that, it's filled with the erotic dick-sucking of the owners of the blog.

Fucking with DeviantArtTART's Fans

  • Make jokes about rape.
  • Make jokes about suicide.
  • Tell them that triggers are just them being pussies.
  • Talk about how the mods aren't god. Everyone will fight with you that they are, except for the mods.
  • Let them know that retards aren't deserving of the title "human".
  • Agree with someone they don't like.
  • Make good art.
  • Show them this article.

Blog Owners

Never prosecuted since they are surrounded by a wall of 16 year-olds, the blog owners sit in a position of slight internet power. Which still isn't much better than working at McDonalds. Other than mod man or Vergil, they don't show much personality, and aren't funny.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png Kuny - For all of your generic furfag needs.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png 420 - Less generic furfag art. Probably too busy smoking weed with their hipster friends to do anything.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Mod Man - At least knows how to hold a pencil. Only draws cats.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Vergil - A general asshole who wastes his talent on edgy stuff and Homestuck fan art.


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