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Not to be confused with Grammar Nazi – which is much rarer on deviantART.
You wouldn't be fapping anywhere near as much if she was dressed as a nurse.
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Gay Nazi = a camp death
The world of a Nazi fangirl is full of sparkles and joy! ^_^.

Godwin's Law is a prominent principle of Internet discussion(s) that is frequently demonstrated during spirited disputes that inevitably lead to one of the participants making a comparison between their opponent and Hitler. Debates of this sort are usually partaken by teenagers who know slightly less than fuck-all about history.

But wait! The tables have turned! Nazis have gained immense popularity amongst 16 year old girls and they are proud to declare their beliefs in the face of fundies who dare to oppose them. While deviantART in the past has been the center of much eyerape and soul torture, they have reached a new standard by combining their worst fandoms into a new genre characterized by depictions of furries in incestuous and/or homosexual relationships with a swastika splatted somewhere in the picture.

The Nazis of devianTART

The most famous Nazis are usually the power-hungry mods such as Realitysquared, Chix0r and Guruubii. Ironically, it should be noted that while they may admire Hitler for his swift retribution for those who deserve it – they will also gleefully ban both these fascist fangirls and the users who follow them around with the desire to throw them in an oven.


In order to prove that they will not be bullied into submission by the oversensitive sheeple who live under the delusion that the Nazis were naughty men (and not in a good way) most Nazi-lovin’ tartlets like to distance themselves to prove that they are unique. Here as some common traits.

What Is Acceptable

These will generate responses of OMG KAWAII!!!11!one and have hundreds of favorites and comments commending the owner of the picture.

  • Drawing cute furry characters in Nazi uniforms
  • Drawing cute anime characters in Nazi uniforms
  • Drawing mythical creatures in Nazi uniforms
  • Dressing in Nazi uniforms – but only if they happen to be anime characters
  • Drawing gay pictures of Hitler
  • Photographs of naked chicks with swastikas
  • Photomanips of Bush as a Nazi
  • Photomanips of the Pope as a Nazi
  • Suggestions that the Nazis weren’t THAT bad

What Isn’t Acceptable

On the other hand these pictures will send the tartlets into a rampage on the evil of WWII either directed at the people in the picture or at the user stupid enough to post it.

Persecuting the Persecutors

Ve at deviantART do not approve of zis article...

Nazis on DA tend to believe that you should have to put up with them and not get offended at their Nazi-isms all around deviantART. Saying that you take offense to a Nazi hating Jews, Niggers or Mexicans will get responses of "ZOMG POLITICAL PERSECUTION." No seriously. The concept of Jews getting offended by swastikas is completely foreign to them. It simply does not compute.

Trolling Nazis is considered rather easy on DeviantART. Although they typically defend their sick fetish to the death with millions of words they hardly understand (just like every other person on the internet), the Nazis always fail to realize that they have dug themselves in a hole when it comes to debating. This is due to them constantly asking for more freedom with their beliefs, but fail to see that their beliefs restrict freedoms.

Escape media camp

Some deviants that have been banned, try to ED's attention. We find YOU again! This list could continue; Keep adding:

Deviantart-favicon.png Shandi the shemale - Her current page. Follow her (him now) around.

Deviantart-favicon.png Tobi501 - Has started a (sex) circle with the herm above,and meets with it on weekends for an orgy.

Deviantart-favicon.png utico - Thought we wouldn't find you?


Such is the case with the avatar of Deviantart-favicon.png nihilSS (Shown below). nihilSS paraded around deviantART with that avatar for the better part of 6 months. Finally some kike named Deviantart-favicon.png OuroborosCobra publicly stated in the Complaints Forum that her avatar offended him. He retaliated by making an icon just like hers only with a Star of David instead of the swastika. the result of this was one of the most lol worthy forum wars on deviantART in recent history. 16 year old girls who fap over Obama and any other day would have chewed you out for making a racist joke joined the side of Nihilss because she is such a "nice Nazi" and all of the Jews and faggots and such joined OuroborosCobra. This forum war got so heated that they actually packed up all of their threads and moved and created a totally new complaints forum (BALEETED!) where they could spout all the propaganda from a 90 year defunct political party they want without being oppressed by deviantART. nihilSS ended up getting banned for unrelated reasons, as can be read in her totally tl;dr LiveJournal entry, but she has left a legacy of Nazi icons that will almost certainly be seen long after her stupid drama is forgotten.

NihilSS.gifAvatar of Deviantart-favicon.png nihilSS, a banned DA Nazi.
Mangachu.pngA combination of nihilSS and OuroborosCobra's icons.
Kombat-unit.gifDeviantart-favicon.png Kombat-unit's icon.


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