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Holy shit so hot!

Deviantart has no shortage of asspies, furries, fetishists, and asspie furries with fetishes. As what tends to happens with most asspies, furries, and fetishfags, there's a never ending supply of amusement to be had at these strange, strange people. One group specifically ripe for laughs, funny enough, is the tickle fetish community. But the Deviantart ticklefag is a special kind; while most would be satisfied with fapping to foot/molestation porn without drawing much attention to themselves to avoid unwanted consequences, these choice individuals have done the opposite and gone the furry route, becoming fetish celebrities. This end result was pretty much what you'd expect.

Nancie Cruise; Tickle Fetish Troll Queen


The loudest and most obnoxious, self proclaimed autistic Nancie Cruse (aka NancieAnimeLuvr/NaChan69/Queenie2293) has become one of the more vocal of DAs ticklefags. Notorious for being a massive whale while making herself the star of many graphic drawings, Nancie also fancies herself quite an epic troll, and when not busy drawing one handed masterpieces, she's eager to show off screencaptured commentaries of trolling victims she's racked up, cultivating in the incredibly popular "Deviantart Anti-Weeaboo Club"! Nancie the epic troll had not only mastered the art of trolling, but made it a mainstream pastime, of which she was coach.

This legendary persona she awarded herself has affected her mind greatly, as she finds herself quite untrollable. Provided you're 14....

The Troll Queen Gets Trolled

As fate would have it, somehow announcing what an epic troll she was didn't negate the effects of being a loudmouth, selfhating weeaboo. Recently, Nancie found herself in a little 4chan related shenanigans. Nancie, as it turned out, had been to several tickle torture related forums and websites that weren't exactly keen on herself glorifying, furfag shenanigans and prompted informed her of such. Troll queen didn't take this so well, and has had a burning grudge against these establishments for ages, which she shared with 4chans /d/ board, taking it upon herself to derail everyones faptime to rail against various tickle torture forums and websites that weren't as keen on her. She was found out instantly and became irate, going on rage-fueled tirades against anyone paying her a friendly 4chan greeting. Nancie attempted to deflect the attention, posting under the guise of some random, lurking Anon while ""suggesting" attention be diverted away from her to someone she had a fued with on DA and posting hideous furry art that only a sperg from DA would think was cool to share with everyone (which itself was greeted with a wave of her butthurt once it was pointed out to her that there were establish "No furfaggotry" rules on the board)

Her rage only intensified, as she would promptly derail the rest of the threads, which had long since ceased giving a shit about her and her insanity, with walls of "You'd guys better not derail these threads and call me Nancie! I, random Anon 2457, am totally not Nancie, and you'd better not say I am god dammit!" without warning or provocation. Her posts only became more and more erratic, as she would madly flip between insulting herself in a desperate attempt to throw of heat, only to then proclaim that "I showed this to the real Nancie, and she and I agree that she's epicly trolled you all!". All of which probably would have worked, provided her internet boyfriend not unwittingly announced she and him had been lurking all of the threads, fully aware they were being mocked. Awkward.

When it became obvious that everyone realized it was her and her friends ruining a perfectly good fap thread with autistic temper tantrums, Nancie made a last ditch attempt, she tried declaring "Nancie is now a meme!", and that people on 4chans tickle threads should just start randomly calling each other Nancie. Which she proceeded to do repeatedly.

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Hai ladies...

kusuguruketsu777/Ticklish Puppy/Yumes is Nancie internet boyfriend and lapdog. While not fancying himself a troll as his landwhale significant other, Kusuguru does like to think he's a celebrity of DAs tickle niche; kissing the ass of any and every artist of said fetish art and begging them for gift art featuring him. While completely faggy, it's paid off, and he finds himself very popular among the community. this allows him to pay more attention to every other woman on the site than his "own" woman. "Groomin'" Yumes likes to indoctrinate the girls into his cult of ticklish licklish puppy play early, routinely finding girls as young as 13 and encouraging them to join in his retarded foot fetish roleplaying. All of whcih done from the perspective of him being a dog. Seriously.

Don't worry though, there's nothing at all sexual about it. Just ignore all those pictures he's requested involving feet and his wang dripping like Niagara. That's non-sexual cum, and clearly you're the weirdo for thinking otherwise.


Penguin Army AGAIN by candlegirl.jpg

But not all of DA's tickle torture community is an angry at the world failtroll or deviant child-feet licker. Some are just your run of the mill psychotic, depressed furfag! Beth Kendzejeski has taken sexualization of cartoon characters to an insane degree. Her victim of choice being the candelabra man from Beauty and the Beast. And by victim of choice, we mean Beth draws the candle man and only the candleman. Dozens of times. for nearly a decade. Wrapped in bondage and tickled, somehow.

In true furry fashion, Beth has taken both a staunch stance that she enjoys doing candle torture art and will refuse to deviate from that preference, while simultaneously complaining that not enough people are enjoying her incredibly specific and fairly offputting psuedo-porn. Indeed, any and all criticism brings Beth terrible agony, so be sure to stop by her page today and let her know how you saw her collection of candle bondage and fapped a dozen times to it.

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$10 gets you all this and much much more!

Satur1n nabbed a bit more infamy than your average DA ticklefag. Gaining noteriety for being marginally more talented than the usual batch of weeaboo pandering fetish artists on DA, R1n made up for his ability to draw a normal looking pair of feet with a socially crippling case of bi-polar disorder. Unlike other DA ticklefags, R1n initially raged against the personality machine of the Yumes and Nancies of the scene. When he decided to pretend to be a girl, however, Yumes was on the prowl. And like most e-whores, R1n immediatly abandoned that whole "I see right through you're nasty, e-sexing gimmick" thing of the past and delved headfirst into the clan.

A funny thing happens when a medicore artist ventures into the world of fetish art. On the one hand, an instant fanbase of ego stroking tickle connoisseurs frequent your page. On the other, they care little for the rest of the samey, subpar, not fetish art. R1n, being the little psycho he was, had decided he wanted all the fame of hocking psuedo porn, but without being obligated to actually draw it . When it became apparent that yes, in fact, his popularity only did come from the fact he drew tickle porn, R1n lost his mind completely, ripping the fetish material from every account on the internet and decrying his fanbase as "perverted vultures" and pigs that had killed his artistic drive due to only wanting porn and celebrating e-whores (oddly enough, not entirely unlike the group of people she had literally just joined). An entire hour later, R1n decided to play savy businessman, offering fans the ability to pay and recieve the same artwork they had just seen for free prior to meltdown. But only 4 pictures. For $10. R1n was enraged when not only did nobody feel moved to spend money on weeaboo feet porn, but it was later pointed out that the service R1n chose to distribute his material was used incorrectly, and the "pay link" distributed said pictures without requiring payment. Naturally, this was everybody elses fault.

Our R1n also has a habit of hiding comments that make him butthurt. If you post any lulzy comments and it spikes a reaction, screen cap the hell out of that shit.

Curious Case of the Ticklish Tranny

R1ns true and honest gender has been the subject of many questions, as some recall a time before he started roleplaying as a Japanese schoolgirl on DA (and thus getting any attention). Despite totally not being an attention whore like the rest of you vulture pandering pleebs on DA, at one point R1n had actually posted a 12 part series of foot centric shots. Chunky hooves of a bi-polar tranny, or the soft, padded peds of a fetish art savant? We report, you decide.

HAHA NO! it's definitely a man.

Unofficial members

Others have gotten into ticklish situations on DeviantArt, such as;

  • Sketch Dalmatian famous furfag turned foot fucker
  • DBoyWheeler was also a fan of tickling the little girls via DA
  • Caseydecker a furfag who is well known to be pedophile that also draws 12 year old furries and under getting tickled
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