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I'm totally not gay!

Dictate (Jack Ryman-Wilson) is an ugly, mentally incompetent homosexual child turned 1337 hax0r. Like all other script-kiddies, Jack hails from the Xbox community. Soon he would meet so-called "friends" over Xbox, Skype, etc. These friends would prove to be bad influences on little Jack. They got him interested in how to be a hacking God. Jack would soon go register on Hackforums and other shitty forums like all the other little autistic boys. After learning some public social engineering methods and how to dox, his preposterous rampage begun. Jack joined Clan Vv3 and went on a doxing spree, conspicuously doxing anyone he came across for no apparent reason. He most likely suffered from his Assburgers and ego. Jack soon became the most feared "hacker" on Twitter.

Dictate and Phobia knew the flaws of the web.



Jack's school being evacuated.

Before Jack was even into Xbox, he seemed to be into making custom action figures called "fougals". Noone knows what kind of eight year old makes toys and sells them on the internet like so, but hey, whatever works. He made these action figures with his IRL friends. Predictably, they didn't even sell one, considering the group of stupid children couldn't even count to twenty at the time. He would use the name of his own "prized possession" fougal, "Razerbyte", as his internet alias.

Aron Szigeti And Jack Ryman Are Currently The Only Ones Who Have Special Characters. Aron Has A Barbarian Named "Tuckuss." Jack Has A Soldier Named "Razer."



Jack was an avid gamer. He liked playing low-quality, shitty computer games. One of these games included Minecraft. Jack would spend all day being a little immature kid, staying at home playing video games. He would soon divide his time between this and being an abject failure of a social engineer.

Me and Sarmas both apologize that our having of a life affects you and your virtual world.



Jack joined Clan Vv3 awhile ago. Vv3 is a group that specializes in hijacking celebrity accounts on sites such as Twitter and YouTube. Vv3 has hijacked many celebrity accounts, but the most notable that Jack did is the hack of YouTube star Jenna Rose. However, Jack hacked into both her stuff and her dad's stuff. Basically, he got into everything they owned. Many fans of Jenna were sad that this happened, although Jack didn't give a shit. Jack also liked to harass two trailer park hillbillies known as the Kinnison brothers, probably because he liked their reactions. Whenever Vv3 would do something to the group, the brothers would make a video on YouTube raging and bitching about how they were pwned.


Raging Rob
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