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Did he died is an hilarious meme originating from some faggot's Fail Blog video on YouTube. It was originally used to make fun of the concerned viewers, but at least 100 /b/tards found the comments lulzy, and reposted for the lulz. Like typical copypasta, it was funny the first few times, but it soon turned into another forgotten version of desu, and is now regarded as the biggest, funniest meme for YouTubers.
Originally, YouTubers looking for lulz would post this comment on videos where someone was injured or somehow harmed. This quickly spread into other videos which obviously contained pain, gore or potential lulz of any sort.

One of the lulzier use on JewTube of the term is the deliberate misspelling of the term, as it is known to attract more Grammar Nazis then a 1990's hip hop movie, becoming yet another version of baiting; given that you have nothing better to do with your life.


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