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Armed with over nine thousand airsoft guns, a few real guns bought by his sick fuck parents, and body armor, Dillon Cossey (alias: Shadow19462) was planning to go columbine on his Pennsylvania school for great justice. He was ratted out and discovered by authorities before he could carry out the attack, which caused a lot of drama online; namely, on youtube with his "friends" Tanascheel and naturalselector89.


"Acting on a tip from a high school student, police found a 9mm rifle, two other firearms, about 30 air-powered guns, eight knives, five swords, two 16-ounce bottles of gunpowder, a bomb-making book, videos of the 1999 Columbine attack in Colorado and violence-filled notebooks, a ski mask, a poem Cossey wrote about a school shooting, and seven grenades, four of which were live in the boy’s bedroom." Apparently, this fat fuck named his 9mm rifle "Reb", in honor of one of the faggy columbine killers.

Dillon Cossey Apprehended

The obese 14 year old was exposed on the same day as the SuccessTech shooting. His attempt to recruit another boy backfired when the boy snitched him out. They were both suspended. Afterward, said snitch was rewarded greatly by the president and media for his honesty. Much lulz were had when aforementioned snitch and friends attempted to rob Dillon's house while he was in jail. President was butthurt. Film at 11.

Pekka-Eric Auvinen Connection

After his arrest was discovered, Pekka's circle of associates on Youtube held massive infighting after it was discovered that Shadow19462 (Dillon) was one of their friends. Several people flooded the channels of Pekka's contacts such as the whore Tanascheel, in which she disabled channel comments and deleted as many of Dillon's comments from her videos as possible. Pekka met Dillon through Myspace, when they met in some shitty Columbiner fan-clubs called "RIP Eric and Dylan" and "Natural Selection".


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Interview with him after he escaped prison

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