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Dinosexx0r is an internet meme revolving around pictures of dinosaurs having sex. This is a particularly disturbing brand of furfaggotry. Usually humanoid in nature, most dinosexx0r images consist of insanely muscular carnivores having roidrage induced buttsecks. The images must be disturbing in a yiffy Taurin Fox style. Remember to post to children's educational forums for maximum lulz.

Its Like Paleontologist Porn!

In between running around the world having adventures and doing research, paleontologists give lectures and run television specials about dino-dongs. These scientific experts believe that all dinosaurs take it from behind. Despite the simplicity and total lack of importance of the topic, these researchers assure you that their interest is strictly professional.

Tyrannosaurus Sex- Dinosaur Penis

... And it all leads to an irresistible question- what about size?


This is irrefutable evidence that those researching dinosaur mating patterns are all really in it to satisfy some deeper personal desire to suck dino-cock. They may attempt to fill this need by having sex with a beast of comparable size.

The dinosaurs were used in order to scare off other alien races from coming to Earth, and also to kick out the aliens that were already living on Earth.


——Truthism.com,The Reptilians used Dinosaurs to scare off other aliens


The funny thing is that dinosaurs never existed. We know this because the Bible tells us so, and there aren't dinosaurs in the Bible. "Dinosaur bones" are really just lies created by the devil to trick believers into eternal damnation. Thus, be sure to tell your favorite liberal friend that dinosaurs don't exist, and reap the results:

You: Dinosaurs aren't real because Jesus says so.
pirat_ponton: You ignorant fucktard, it's Raptorjesus.

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