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The internet police responding to a disagreement.

Disagreeing with someone's opinions the internet is one of the most egregious and rampant forms of cyberviolence in today's societySome argue that disagreeing with someone is a heinous crime (akin to rape, murder, genocide and Grand Theft Auto) while others disagree with this assessment and believe that disagreement is a protected form of free speech.

What to do if someone disagrees with you

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Can you spot the gay paedophile rapist in this image?

Always resort to the following tactics during a disagreement.

Never do the following.

People you should always disagree with for the sake of the lulz

Noone can agree about this shit.

If you agree with this page

You are a faggot and you are wrong.

If you disagree with this page

You are a faggot and you are wrong.


This is considered a form of terrorism in Britfagistan.

A typical reaction to a retarded Tumblr disagreement.

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