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Discrimination on RunescapeFag.com

"THAT'S OMG RACIST!" is essentially what, scios, Jews, wimminz, Mexicans, furries, fags, dykes, black person, emos, furries, otherkin, black persons and sozis, along with anyone who thinks themselves disadvantaged in society (especially black persons), will scream if they don't get what they want. Did we mention scios? Most responsible government officials running candidates promise equality to these social leeches, but only so that they can acquire the minority vote.

"Lequisha sure is a nigger, keep your kids away from her."

Typical Example of Implied Whining About "Discrimination"

The vast majority of professional, printed grammar books on any Indo-European language, for evolutionary and diachronic linguistic reasons, sort Indo-European grammatical genders in the masculine-feminine-neuter order. Butt-hurt on-line feminists, however, who give a flying fuck about reading linguistics books, feel the need to disrupt the order for anti-"discrimination" purposes, as they confuse grammatical gender with biological sex. An example are the retards of masterrussian.com with their page about cardinal numeral adjectives:

The numeral один agrees with the related noun by gender, number and case, as in:
одна ягода (feminine singular nominative)
один карандаш (masculine singular nominative)
одно окно (neuter singular nominative)

Typical Example of Explicit Whining About "Discrimination"

On Citizendium, the fucked-up sibling of that other wiki, a disgruntled hippie commie U.S. academic feminist dyke with a strange name (kike?, camel rider?) felt like complaining about the supposed dominance of "machos" on Citizendium, and called kike Sanger "racist" and "sexist" for forbidding a Citizendium workgroup on dyke "studies".


Who To Discriminate Against

Listen to Batman
  • Jews
  • Arabs
  • Women
  • Retards
  • Niggers
  • Wiggers
  • Honkeys
  • Azns
  • Furries
  • Social Rejects
  • Teh Gay
  • Everyone who's not you.

Getting Enjoyment from Discrimination

Discrimination is the national sport of Americans. If you are white trash and need an outlet for all your nerd rage then discrimination is for you. It's very enjoyable, especially the later stages of beatings, lynchings and stealing their wallets. Because those inferior monkeys aren't technically human it's legal, fun and socially acceptable to give them pleasure the only way they know.

Stages of Discrimination

  1. Verbal Rejection - Calling minorities black person. IRL Example: "Lequisha sure is a nigger, keep your kids away from her."
  2. Avoidance - Strategies such as taking alternate routes during your daily routine to avoid minorities you despise is the second phase of discrimination. Avoiding the middle eastern man's convenience store is also a form of avoidance.
  3. Abuse - Spray painting racist slogans, beating nigras and harassing the homeless are forms of violence or semi-violence.
  4. Extermination - Murdering the minority you despise is the final and most drastic step on the path to discrimination. IRL examples include Hitler's Final Solution and the KKK.
  5. Hilarity
  6. ????
  7. PROFIT!!!1111!1!

Discrimination Throughout History

  • Slavery of Jews in ancient Egypt/Babylon/Persia/Sumeria/Wisconsin/Greece
  • Enslavement of millions of Africans across the globe.
  • Sister Souljah in 1992
  • Harassment and abuse by 'the white man' to Native Americans.
  • Theft of 'the white mans' diseases by aforementioned Native Americans(bastards).

A modern example of discrimination is the skewed world view of all Apple users. They think they are superior because their system is easier to use than Windows. What these nonsensical cunttards fail to realize is if Windows is so hard to use that an easier program is necessary, they are so dumb that they need to be banned from all computers and raise up off the Internets.

Typical result of a form of discrimination

Forms of discrimination

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