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ilu katie <3

Djdlikesxbox is a 13 year old boy from California who got trolled to the point of butt-hurt.

The meeting

l4wl was in a random IRC channel and got ASLed. After using his standard 14/f/cali response, he was met by a "15/m/ca" followed by "where do you go to school?". l4wl responded "i go to centennial HS in riverside". Seeing the opportunity for lulz, l4wl quickly said his name was Katie Johnson. Eventually in AIM this turned to epic proportions when DJ fell in love, sending pics of himself holding signs saying that he loved Katie and drawing all over his hand. DJ's awful grammar made typical IRC conversations seem like classic literature.


The narrated and annotated conversation can be found at djdlikesxbox/Convo


PROTIP: Read djdlikesxbox/Convo
  • l4wl met him in an xbox chatroom.
  • Falls in love with Katie, or l4wl.
  • Claims to have large penis but then later says he guesses it's 6".
  • Knows nothing about sex, denies anything of the sort when someone calls him on it.
  • Has moobs
  • Would meat you tomorro moning but he needs moar tutering
  • Fucks toilet paper to practice
  • Has never kissed a girl, except for his mom.
  • Knows various sex techniques such as "do it" and "do it harder".
  • Does not know how to "do it" and "do it harder".
  • Is on the wrestling team.
  • His parents are "anle".
  • He's strat out of "da hood".

The call

Romantic, lawl, and wattage came together to bring an end to the monster. Chat transcript

Download 5.2mB - Official ED download link | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


  • Wattage is John, Katies older brother, the person who makes the call..
  • Romantic is Alex Johnson, Katies father.
  • John discusses with DJ's family that...
  • Katie turns out to be 11, instead of 14.
  • His parents know that he is dating katie.
  • His parents are unaware that katie is 11, and that they have never met.
  • His parents are unpleased, no moar computer. :<
  • Hilarity ensues.

The 2nd Phone Call

Romantic, lawl, and wattage came together again to get DJ in more trouble. While it fucked up towards the end, it was still hilarious.

Download 4.0mB - Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


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