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Lj-favicon.png djna, aka thatsenseofpar, is currently Josephthelover's gay lover.

The completely irrelevant history behind the Djna/Josephthelover cat fight is currently unknown, due to sockpuppetry and POV drama. However, according to popular belief, Djna seriously pwned Josephthelover when he left over a hundred messages on every LiveJournal post of his he could find. Things went on like this for over two months before Josephthelover finally declared open war against Djna.

Lj-favicon.png Josephthelover, the world's second-worst sock puppeteer, launched a full scale attack against Djna. Using his unlimited disposable income and his Internet stalking skills, he managed to find out Djna's IP. With that amazing discovery, Josephthelover proceeded to create an ED article about the results of his research and to gloat about it in a comment at Djna's LJ, using a cunning sock puppet. He claimed that he had successfully salted the earth for Djna, hoping that he would have to delete his LiveJournal and leave the Internets forever.

However, Josephthelover's cunning plan was foiled by the dramacrats at ED, who ruined his whole life by pointing out his lame attacks against Djna. The upshot of the whole ordeal was that, after a lot of confusion on the talk page, this article was protected -- a state which lasted for over two years, because after the drama died down everyone forgot these faggots ever existed.

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