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Warna Brotha! FACT ALERT:
Dncingmalkavian is Swahili for "Dancing Walrus".


Goth walrus lawyers.jpg

Lj-favicon.png dncingmalkavian is a woman who prides herself into being one of a multitude of talents. Her talents range from being a legal expert, a model and last but not least, a musician who writes such decadent and insightful EBM music. Dncingmalkavian takes herself too seriously, and this is due to certain factors : She's a wannabe artist and the internet is serious fucking business for her.

Be careful, don't make a macro of her, or she'll report you to LJ Abuse, thus resulting in your beloved community getting fucked up the ass.

When she's not recording crappy music, or obsessively searching for macros of her photos, she's off doing "photoshoots" with the photographers in the Olan Mills Portrait Studio at her local Wal-Mart.

dncingmalkavian's Origins

There are some speculations about her being an Amazonian, but it has been recently discovered that she is, indeed, a LOLrus, hence her OceanBorn Muse moniker in which she performs her shitty music under.

Both her and her pal Zigamorph are notoriously known throughout the Livejournal Goth Scene for taking communities like Lj-favicon.png goth_macros and Lj-favicon.png gothic_tards too seriously, both of where they were mocked ceaselessly, and both were completely responsible for their grisly demise.

together, they both create music under the OceanBorn Muse moniker.

Her Rise To Fame

The macro that started it all by clintiskeen

"On April 25th, 2008, the livejournal user dncingmalkavian entered into a whole world of butthurt and infamy. Someone found a series of pics of her on the [Gothic Babes] camera-whore community. Initially, dncingmalkavian "claimed" that she was being a "a pretty good sport about this whole thing" until the infamous livejournal user clintiskeen posted his walrus macro, unleashing the wrath of a Gothfatty." -- Quoted from the Goth macros article.

Proof of her law school degree : Legal decree.JPG

Her getting royally PWNED : Dncmowned.JPG

Her groupies

Tcj dm.jpg

In one of her more amusing encounters with Goth macros, a groupie of her's, Lj-favicon.png curlyjester chimed in and told everyone to "go shit in a teacup" After many, many lulz were had, it was later uncovered that he is just an angsty kid that, just like any other gits his age, hates his parents and has a self-diagnosed condition of Bi-Polar :

Screencap in case he Deletes everything : Curlyjester dncingscrncap.jpg

Some famous macros that were made of her

dncingmalkavian vs. internets About missing Pics
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Lj-favicon.png dncingmalkavian vs. The Internet



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