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Dodedo and Bandit one in the same.

Dodedo/SJ "bandit" Laidler is a self hating furry artist who uses her skill to part other furries from their money. There is no question furs will buy her furporn and cum all over her "art". Her favorite hobby is creating and deleting her galleries and then over charging for furry porn she draws in OpenCanvas. She has mastered the furry supply and demand laws and people collect her art as if they're rare jewels. Her second favorite hobby is posting her own stuff on Fchan as a way to boost sales.


Her popular furfaggotry.


  • [1] Abandoned FA
  • [2] Abandoned Y!Hosting
  • [3] Abandoned Deviantart
  • [4] Furbid Info
  • [5] Information Page
  • [6] Fanart page
  • [7]Old forum profile
  • [8] Small art gallery

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