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Colorbar created by Doc_Neuro himself. He seems to be quite proud of it as shown in this journal post. Also looks like fucking Jeff Goldblum.

Maintainer of the politicsforum community, doc_neuro is really jewish and therefore hates Hitler. He has been known to pwn anyone who talks out their ass on issues involving the Middle East.

Doc_Neuro sadly has to come and miss the point entirely of Encyclopedia Dramatica, by posting inane, boring, and self-serving articles about his latest obsession, synthetikmisery. Even sadder is that he got pwn'd in this discussion by the tag-team of Paigegirl and girlvinyl.

In this same dream world Doc Neuro is in college and fails to get any ass [1]. He may be the first ever. Doc_Neuro also happily supports the Chinese economy by buying Chinese bootleg copies of Adobe Photoshop [2], which he used to craft the WONDERFUL colorbar above.

Internet tough guy Alert

doc_neuro wields the Mighty Banhammer of Internet Justice, which finally makes him feel like a man (well, at least on LJ it does). Is there hope for him off LJ? Sadly, the answer is no.


Doc_neuro is politically centrist/pragmatist who leans more to the left on social issues and to the moderate right on foreign policy, but hates most "isms" with a passion. He has been variously accused of being a war monger and a terrorist loving hippie.

Useful information for stalkers

Doc_neuro is a student at Tulane University majoring in political science after switching from neuroscience after 3 years who according to his journal has a magical ability to get along well with all lesbians, even the ones who typically loathe anything with a penis. Doc_Neuro may get along with lesbians, but it has been outed that he is a homophobe and makes fun of those that are bi and gay.

He is well read in a wide variety of subject areas and able to go into some depth with professionals in those areas, but not deep enough to make any money from it. His main area of expertise is Middle East area studies (particularly Israeli studies), terrorism related issues, and playing on livejournal communities instead of doing his coursework. His knack for drawing on a knowledge base of many different disciplines and applying them in unique ways makes him an interesting addition to any community or journal.

One-Trick Pony

Widely considered a signature characteristic of his debating style, Doc_neuro's tendency to draw analogies to movies and movie characters has kept many a local Blockbuster Video in business.


His politicsforum community is popular with people of all political persuasions, despite the fact that as a half Israeli Jew he eats breakfast on a table made of the bones of Palestinian children with a nice tall glass of the blood of Christian babies.

Doc_Neuro moderates or co-moderates israelipolitics, israel_arab, israeli, all4israel, only the first of which he actually founded.

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