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Dodge cat beats Obama

Dodge cat is the name of a relatively common cat macro posted on chan imageboards and elsewhere on the nets. While not as well-established as other well-known cat memes such as Longcat, Limecat, Serious Cat, etc., Dodge Cat has spawned a plethora of amusing pictures due to its exploitability and potential for lulz. Dodge Cat's significance can best be summed up in the following quote; as a drunken /b/tard once postulated:

There are cats who became memes - they are the gods of /b/...

There are the cats who make their one stunning appearance on /b/, then fade into obscurity...

Then there is Dodge Cat. He has achieved demi-meme status, and lurks in the no-man's-land of the /b/sphere, uncomplainingly skiing, cooking, bowling, dj-ing, and hula dancing, knowing he will never be a true meme, but doing it all anyway. For us. Because he cares...



Dodge Cat's history seems to be a relatively straightforward one; his pic has been around the Caturday rotation for a few years, either in the form seen above or with the added caption, "Invisible Skis." It is unclear whether anyone actually knows what the original pic of Dodge Cat looks like (without the snow), and finding it has been likened to finding the Holy Grail of Caturday macros.

Dodge Cat awareness seemed to reach an all time high when a lengthy thread with many pics took place on 4chan's /b/ during 4chan's 5th 4 and 4/4 birthday celebration.

Moar dodge cat plz

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