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A stupid fan trying to help her, not knowing she's just a tracer.

Dog Bone also known as RainbowJokerHound is a furry scammer, tracer and art thief known for her incredibly detailed backgrounds. However, it was eventually found out that she steals photos and applies a few photoshop filters, without any regard for the original author. Not content with being a lying thief, she also charges extra for the backgrounds she claims to draw, because furfags are easy to milk for cash. Her poses are also traced from a variety of anime and hentai pictures. At this point, one has to wonder if her art isn't just stolen from somewhere else.


Dog Bone's amazing art is traced from several sources, and her backgrounds are stolen from google. Dog Bone, however, feels she is beyond reproach due to her (waning) popufur status. It is strongly advised to never buy a commission from her; unless you desire a traced picture likely stolen from another artist.

But that isn't all! Not content with charging hundreds of dollars for traced drawings and stolen backgrounds, Dog-Bone also recycles artwork to milk even more money from furfags, selling the exact same poses to different clients hoping they won't notice.

Stolen backgrounds and art theft


Being a popufur Dog Bone thought she could get away with it, claiming she could do whatever she wanted, even if the community soon grew tired of her egocentric antics. This hit its boiling point when several people began to discover the sources of her stolen backgrounds and traced poses. Being a bunch of ineffective, pussy furfags, the admins tried to reason with her, only to have their comments deleted. Deciding they'd finally had enough of her bullshit, Dog-Bone was banned from Furaffinity and her entire gallery of stolen art was deleted.

Current whereabouts

After being banished from Furaffinity, Dog-Bone was forced to turn to the [[pedophile|pedo] heaven that is Inkbunny; hoping to scam these few furfags still unaware of her reputation. When none of the sick fucks would bite she was forced to being drawing kiddie porn, and it's likely she will have to continue drawing it in order maintain her hipster lifestyle.


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