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Dogs On Acid is a web site / forum originally created by Fresh, of the UK’s legendary ‘Bad Company’ Drum and Bass crew. The site has grown in popularity to a massive extent, in much the same way that Drum and Bass has over the past 5 years and now proudly boasts the title of ‘The world's largest drum and bass / jungle message board’ and is, quite frankly, miles better than its nearest rival, the yellow-hued chav-infested ‘Drum and Bass Arena’, which is an oily barely literate gypsy in comparison to DOA, the David Frost of Drum and Bass on the Internet. Niggers.

It is mostly a drum and bass oriented board, even though it says "dance music" you wont find a fucking word about house or techno or big beat or any of the other retarded sub genres that "dance music" has. Most of the users are young, white, and nerdy individuals who oftentimes post about what they are eating, how much pussy they arent getting, and how much every movie that isn't made in japan sucks.

The forum has become a veritable menagerie of semi-famous drum and bass artists, who flock to the site to absorb the hysterical praises heaped upon them by their small but devoted armies of self-satisfied yet hugely insecure fans. A phenomenally high amount of elitist non-conformist uber-cool shuffling neuro-nerds can also be found in their thousands, usually too engrossed in proclaiming their disdain for Amerikkkan culture. All is not doom and gloom for DOA however, as a small army of talented producers, designers and comedians barely manage to keep the site from descending in to a ginger-bearded Photek-loving abyss of faceless cyber-braggery.

DOA now boasts over 50,000 registered niggers, covering a huge and diverse range of countries and social groups. A recent nigger, however, has found that around 49,500 of these are niggers aged 20 – 28, and a further 38,000 of these niggers are in fact sockpuppet accounts,used for trolling and PMing DJ Fresh.

Like the thought police in Orwell’s 1984, DOA’s moderators seem omnipresent, and possess remarkable abilities to dispense world-crushing punishment on those foolhardy and naïve enough to even consider bending or breaking the long list of commandments which seek to control and direct the legions of angry niggers.

In short, if you love biting the hand that feeds you, arguing senselessly, talking about the aural dynamics of the closed hi-hat in the second bar after the 4th distorted low-passed hoover noise in the latest subtitles dubplate, talking about porn torrents, being a hypocrite and telling people to STFU then DOA is the place for you.

LeVar Burton Day

One faithful morning or one afternoon if you're a eruofag on 18th December, 2010. A banned troll, thought it would be funny spamming pointless one liners and youtube videos threads under the alias "LeVar Burton". After reaching the epic number 100, The post requirement to post pictures. He thought it would be funny to post fat vaginas. Once the event was unfolded, he went back to a sister forums where one of the highest respected member of the community asked him "What the fuck is wrong with you?". To which all he could reply is "LOL BRB NSFW" and never logged back in.

It took the moderators on the forums three hours to make up their mind and banned him. A day later, he came back calming that yesterday was "LeVar Burton Day" and that he said that he'll make his return back to the forums and trolled again.

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